Those strange cold knowledge after pregnancy

Mom is the greatest role in the world, and will suffer a lot of sins from the beginning of birth.

Pregnancy: Do not eat rabbit meat, mutton, carp meat (break the feudal thought)

The older generation always said that she could not eat rabbit meat when she was pregnant.I don’t know where the old thoughts came from. The rabbit lips were caused by congenital deformity. It has nothing to do with eaten rabbit meat.

Don’t eat lamb!Be careful of children in the future?What? Is epilepsy related to epilepsy and not eating lamb?Is my less study?Or is it so feudal now?

Do not eat carp meat. In the future, children will spit fish bubbles.What kind of ghost logic is this?It has not been confirmed in shape. What kind of ghost is this spit fish bubble?

How can I be happy during pregnancy (who said I can’t eat ice cream?)

The pregnancy vomiting in the first three months made you doubt your life.Back pain in the next three months, pubic pain, frequent urination, chest tightness and asthma caused you to collapse.

Should I not taboo during pregnancy?Should!MSG chickens should be eaten less accurately, which will affect the fetal brain development.Fruits such as litchi and longan are still away.Watermelon and grapes should be eaten less, and the sugar content is too high!It is easy to cause pregnancy hypertrophic, and the fetus is too big to develop, sisters.

Occasionally, you can also eat ice cream, barbecue, milk tea secretly.Pregnancy is already very hard. If you have been avoiding your mouth, it will affect the mood of pregnant women, and the pregnant woman is happy to be happy.

The inexplicable changes during pregnancy (the glass heart after the mother)

After pregnancy, the nose will become larger, the feet become larger, the feet will be swollen in the third trimester, the stretch marks will be president, the neck will turn black, the belly will grow hair, the chest will become larger, the butt will become larger, it will smell, and will inexplicably want to cry.I will want to hit people inexplicably.It will become particularly good, burn heart, and swell.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceDon’t worry, these are caused by hormones after pregnancy, and everything will be recovered slowly when you have a baby.

The most important thing is the glass heart in the late pregnancy. I am afraid that I ca n’t be pregnant without pregnancy. I am afraid that I ca n’t keep it.After bringing a baby, I am afraid that the child will get sick ~

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