Those things about pregnancy

Preparation of pregnancy is a natural process.

Lao Meng doesn’t smoke, just drink two little wine

The day of pregnancy is to eat a few tablets of folic acid and live regularly. Drink a few glasses of hot water in the bubble feet, and wait for which little angel chose us as a mother and mother.

Speaking of ashamed, people who are obviously twenty, in the days when they are ready for children, they are in a super mournful mood, and even sitting on the bed and crying, crying and saying: "I am still a child, I can be a child, I can be a child, I can be a child, I can be a child.Damn, I ca n’t do anything when I become a mother. When I am a mother, I get old but make trouble … Lao Meng was at a loss, and after a long time, I said: Do n’t we do it?

On the evening of December 11, 2019, Yu Li and I died on the battlefield of the chicken. After the end of the game, the ghosts wanted to go to the toilet to measure the smelly baby.So a few minutes later, at Sydney on the other end of the network line, I heard my mouth vomiting fragrance: WOC?I seem to be pregnant?Intersection

I took the two pregnancy test sticks, and then tested again. Well, don’t seem to be, I didn’t run away.

My stinky baby came to report like this.

I went to the hospital for examination the next day, and went to the doctor with a test sheet after taking the blood. The doctor had no expression: Ah, it’s pregnant.Me: Do you need to pay attention?The doctor is impatient: So small, go back.Me: When will I check it next time?The doctor gradually was irritable: what was anxious, come again in two weeks, let’s go.

I came out of the hospital and made a decision: I would like to come to this hospital in the future!

This is okay. The appointment of Teacher Tony is not hot. It is useless to buy a box of sanitary napkins just bought.

So he started running to rent a house, move, clean up, and toss while worrying about not hurting your baby.

Half a month later, the birth inspection was successfully explored the fetal heart buds of the stinky baby. I had a happy way to go home and went home. Until the evening, I was very sad and red …

At that time, my legs were scared. I called her colleagues and asked her to take me to the hospital. Doctor: It should be okay to do the B -ultrasound during the day. Oh right, are you doing it in the body or in vitro?Me: Inside the body.Doctor: Harmly, that may be broken, not a child’s problem.I took the medicine again for the insurance, and went home to take a leave of bed.

The stinky baby hurriedly rushed to take care of me the next morning.And I soon started to vomit, and this vomiting had spit for more than three months.

It is not the degree of vomiting when you eat it, but you have to spit it a few times a day. It is common for it to get up in the morning to vomit bile. When nausea, you can kneel on the side of the bed.Vomit until we wow.A snot and tears can be counted.Trying various methods to relieve pregnancy on the Internet, all announced that it was invalid.

Then began to experience toe bone pain, bone pain, lumbar back pain, chest tightness and shortness of breath, and could not sleep.Every day before 10 o’clock in the last year, the chest could not breathe, especially in the space where people were closed.I can’t sleep every night over and over, and it is uncomfortable.Extremely afraid of heat, swollen hands and feet, men’s slippers, super fat skirts.

On May 1, 2020, the four -dimensional photos of Stinky Bao

There is no special taboo during pregnancy.It ’s just because I had hemorrhoids, and it was easy to constipation during pregnancy. I had to eat a lot of fruits. Fortunately, the blood glucose was normal.

Yu Syoli made a big belly photo for me

Fortunately, it is very fortunate to have a green light all the way, and Stinky Bao is very angry with healthy growth.

The next article during pregnancy and preparing for the production package will be shared in detail. I have to say that I really stepped on a lot of thunder [cover your face]

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