Those things that can’t be done during pregnancy

During pregnancy is a happy and hard stage. When the pregnant mothers are waiting for their baby to come, they must endure a lot of things. They cannot follow their own temperament.What about it? Today I will show you in the form of self -nship and self -answering.

Can I do nails and beautiful toes during pregnancy?

Can.However, it is recommended to wait until the mid -pregnancy (after 14 weeks) to do it. Pay attention to the good ventilation of the venue and ensure that you do not inhale too much chemical agent.

Can I dye my hair and perm during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid.Chemical hot dyeing agents will be absorbed by the scalp, which is not very good for pregnant women and babies. Generally, doctors recommend that they do hair dyeing and perm after production.

Can I take a hot bath, hot spring, oven, steam bath (three warmth) during pregnancy?

Can’t.The best water temperature is maintained below 40 degrees C. Takes hot baths, hot springs, ovens, and steam baths usually discharge too much sweat. In order to avoid dehydration, or reduce these activities.A large amount of blood nutrients to the baby’s body, and the transitional blood spreads to the whole body rather than the uterus, which is not good for the baby.

Can I do spa during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid.It is necessary to consider the hygiene of public baths and spa pools. Sometimes the baths are placed with too much chlorine or no hygienic bacteria. They are not very good for mothers. Swimming also try to choose a clean pool.

Can I do full -body massage during pregnancy?

Yes, but you need to inform the masseur that it is best to wait until the middle period of time. You also need to choose a gestational massage to reduce the compression of the abdomen. The masseur will strengthen the leg edema and back pain according to the needs of the mother.Good relaxation effect.

Can I massage my feet during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid.There are many points reflected to the body at the bottom of the feet. It is best to avoid the soles of the foot during pregnancy to avoid affecting the contraction of the uterus. Massage during pregnancy is the best choice.

Can I make a face when I am pregnant?

Can.However, you need to inform the beautician that the products used are mainly natural, avoiding too many chemical and drug -treated products. When the belly is too large in the late pregnancy, it will cause discomfort in a cosmetic chair for a long time, and some adjustments must be made.

Can I treat acne during pregnancy?

It is best not to, if you need to be permitted by a physician.Because some products and medicines that treat acne have the side effects of terators, do not use it during pregnancy. Hermemore changes greatly during pregnancy.Opportunity, ask the dermatologist.

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