Those unexpected pregnancy

Friend Liu Jing (pseudonym) eldest daughter is more than 5 years old, and her younger daughter is just 2 years old. A few days ago, she found that she was pregnant again.I thought that Liu Jing would leave her baby, but she decided to kill it after discussing it with her husband, because the two were already tired, and she really had no energy to raise her third.Very cruel!This tenacious sperm encountered hundreds of millions of sperm and eggs, and it was gorgeous to get rid of hundreds of millions of sperm and eggs. After combining the fertilized eggs, it meant the beginning of a new life. It was amazing and beautiful, but it was destroyed in the hands of its parents when it was sprouting.Every time I hear such news, my heart is restless, and there is a regretful feeling!

An unmarried girl was pregnant by accident, and the man refused to marry her. She asked me if she asked for my opinion.Out of respect and love for this life, there is no doubt that it is left; but I know that leaving may have great difficulties to her future life.So, decide yourself!Such an accident seems to happen to many female compatriots, and every accident after pregnancy seems to have a last resort.

I also had an "accident" experience.My menstrual cycle has always been 24-28 days, so I went to the hospital for two or three days to postpone the menstrual period of Huai Dabao and Erbao. The results were pregnant.Recently, I found that my aunt hadn’t patronized after 28 days after I found it. I started to panic. I suspected "Isn’t it an accidental pregnancy?"I dare not go to the hospital for examination, because we have no plan to have a third child, and the two are enough. Furthermore, my two babies are dissected, and I really dare not gamble with my life.After having a second child, unexpected pregnancy has always been my most worried issue, willn’t it happen so unfortunately?I was frightened and nervous. From time to time, I ran to see if my menstruation was coming. I ca n’t eat it. What should I do if I really want?Both my husband and I feel impossible, because the protection measures are done well, how can it be so easy to surprise?But why not come to the holiday?

In the days when I was as long as the year, I finally met my aunt in the morning. I was completely released in my heart. I was so pleased that I really didn’t want to destroy a life because of accidents.If there is no plan to let it come, don’t let the accident start.But it is very confused, is there so many accidents?According to statistics, various contraceptive measures, such as contraceptives, condoms, in -palaces, and so on.So behind so many unexpected pregnancy, do you have no protective measures?For example, if you have not tested the test strip, you can use the experience that the ovulation period has not yet arrived; for example, the two parties have a chance to have a chance, and feel that it is not so easy to conceive at once, so there is no measure at all …

In my opinion, the accident means that the protection measures are still pregnant, that is, the difference between the 95%difference is 5%, and the 5%is an accident.If the looseness occurs after the ring, it will cause accidental pregnancy; such as the leakage of the condom and so on.A few friends, after giving birth to a second child, are willing to ligate after having a second child, saying that they are afraid of accidents. They think that the fetus is more hurt than ligating.Dear readers, share how your accident happened?

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