Those who are pregnant have to correct these 10 diet habits, and one cannot "stay"

As we all know, the burden on the body after pregnancy will increase. In addition to replenishing nutrients to maintain good health, they also provide nutrition for the fetus to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus.If you don’t pay attention to your personal diet when you are pregnant, you usually bring health problems.So, women should avoid eating habits after pregnancy?

1. Swallowing

Women need to pay attention to the correctness of eating after pregnancy. Do not gobbles. It is easy to cause accumulation of food, and the food eats quickly. Without a complete chewing, it usually affects digestion. This is not good for women’s health and fetal safety.Therefore, after pregnancy, you need to chew slowly and swallow. Do not gobble.

2. Picky eaters

After pregnancy, you need to pay attention to the supplementation of various nutrients to avoid the lack of certain nutrients in the body and affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, in the course of eating, there is no habit of picky eaters, and foods that are good for healthy and beneficial to eat properly, so as to help the healthy development of the fetus.

3. Excessive replenishment

Many women think that after pregnancy, more nutrition should be supplemented. Indeed, nutrients need to be added to meet physical needs.However, too nourishing foods should avoid eating frequently, otherwise it may nourish over the head and cause influence, causing fire performance.Therefore, you should not be overly replenished after pregnancy.

4. Always eat spicy food

After pregnancy, women’s appetite will change, and some people like spicy food, but spicy food itself has strong irritation. In addition to causing a large amount of food, a large amount of food may induce gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, when eating, you should avoid it.Eat hot food frequently.

5. Overlashing

After pregnancy, female personal diet should be paid attention to. Do not overeating.Many women are worried that the baby’s intake is not enough nutrition, so they do not pay attention to diet control. This can easily lead to obesity and induce gestational diabetes and hypertension.

6. Do not eat vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.For pregnant women, these nutrients are essential and are also necessary substances for the healthy growth of the fetus.If pregnant women do not pay attention to eating vegetables and fruits, they will not only increase the hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but also cause malnutrition of the fetus.

7. Love to eat high -fat food

Do not always eat high -fat foods during meals, because the fatty material intake is too much, which is prone to obesity, and the overweight of the obesity will increase, which will also be bad for the health of the fetus or women.

8. Always eat overnight dishes

Generally, foods that are prone to nutrients overnight are prone to loss of nutrients. Therefore, it is best not to put on the dining table overnight. Many women are used to frugal and often eat overnight food. This is also an unsuitable behavior.

9. Love to eat heavy taste food

During pregnancy, women’s appetite will be affected to some extent, so some people like to eat more salty foods.This behavior may also endanger the health of pregnant women and induce the occurrence of hypertension during pregnancy.

10. Love to eat hot food

Don’t be too anxious to eat food. The food needs to wait until the temperature is suitable to eat.If you always eat hot food and are not good for women, pregnant women often eat hot foods, and the esophageal mucosa is vulnerable to damage. After local inflammation, it will cause pain and easily affect the appetite.”Super Energy Health Group”

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