Three months before women’s pregnancy, these four things should be "gritted"!

For long -term pregnancy couples, women are so very happy after pregnancy. In addition, they are also very careful, especially when they are in the early days of pregnancy or first three months before pregnancy. At this time, the baby’s status is stillNot too stable, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance,

Then it is easy to cause unexpected abortion.In addition, the first three months of pregnancy is also a critical period for the development of the fetus’s body. If you do not pay attention, you will even cause deformity.

Three months before women’s pregnancy, we must hold our teeth in order to take our 4 things.

First, make up folic acid on time

Under normal circumstances, women need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy, so as to effectively reduce the chances of malformations in babies. In addition, mothers can not be careless after pregnancy.Supplement folic acid,

Because the first three months are the critical period of growth and development of babies. At this time, if folic acid lacks folic acid in the body, it is also easy to cause malformations, so it is necessary to supplement it in a timely manner.And at this time, if you can appropriately supplement folic acid.In the case, it can also effectively promote the fetal brain development.

Second, stable emotions

Moms should also pay attention to maintaining their mentality in the first three months of pregnancy. Do not always have some anxious emotions. If the mood is not good, it can easily lead to a certain problem of the growth and development of the fetus.

And the secretion of estrogen in the body after pregnancy will also change very much. At this time, if there are always too many emotional fluctuations, it is not conducive to the fetal development.

Third, rigorously in the same room

The first three months after pregnancy must pay attention to whether the baby’s status is particularly stable at this time. If the same room is performed, it is easy to cause the uterus to shrink, and it is more likely to cause miscarriage. ThereforeIn the first three months of pregnancy, the same room must be prohibited.

Fourth, avoid overwork

Moms should also pay attention to the first three months of pregnancy. Do not overwork. If you are always overworked, then it is also very easy to cause problems with the growth and development of the fetus.Both mothers and baby baby have adverse effects.

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