To relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should do 7 things that are right. There is no one in the sorrow during pregnancy.

1. What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

The expectant mothers are the high incidence of hemorrhoids, which are related to the oppression, poor return and foreign stimuli.Once the expectant mothers have hemorrhoids, they can use ice bags to make cold compresses every day to help eliminate the feeling of swelling and uncomfortable.After ice, take a warm water bath.After each stool, use soft, fragrant, clean toilet paper to completely clean the affected area, and the movements should be soft.In addition, you may wish to look at Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine may recommend some relatively safe external medicines, which may be able to help mothers reduce discomfort.

2. Which stage of pregnancy is easy to obtain hemorrhoids?

If the expectant mother has hemorrhoids before pregnancy and not treated in time, the symptoms of hemorrhoids after pregnancy are likely to worsen.If you get hemorrhoids for the first time during pregnancy, the symptoms are likely to occur from 28 to 36 weeks in the late pregnancy, especially in one week before childbirth. There will be constipation.Because after pregnancy, the uterus gradually becomes larger, which will put pressure on the mothers’ pelvic veins and lower cavity veins, thereby reducing the speed of lower limbs and pelvic blood return, aggravating the pressure of venous blood vessel under the uterus, causing venous swelling or expansion, that is, hemorrhoids.

3. Can I use hemorrhoid cream during pregnancy?

There are many medicines for treating hemorrhoids, such as hemorrhoids.Some of them have obvious effects in alleviating symptoms, but these drugs often contain ingredients such as musk, alum, mannitol and antibiotics, which have an impact on the baby baby.Specific mothers must not use these drugs to treat hemorrhoids.

4. What should I do if hemorrhoid bleeding during pregnancy?

If you have hemorrhoids, the anus swelling and twisted vein wall will become thin, and it will easily break during defecation, causing bleeding.Specific mothers should take more foods rich in dietary fiber, avoid standing for a long time, squatting for a long time, and doing more anal contraction and relaxation exercise.Afterwards, avoid wiping the anus hard and clean the anus with warm water.

5. Can you perform surgery with hemorrhoids?

Although hemorrhoids can be treated with surgery, expectant mothers who are pregnant are generally not suitable for surgery.Because surgery may cause miscarriage or premature birth, the use of anesthetics and some antibiotics can make fetal baby harsh.Therefore, after the expectant mothers suffer from hemorrhoids, they should rely on diet regulation and bathing every day to treat them. Generally, surgery is generally not used.Even if the condition is very serious, surgery is performed until after production.

6. Can he hemorrhoids be able to give birth?

The expectant mothers must also meet the following conditions to consider whether they can give birth.First of all, the birth age of expectant mothers is 25-29 years old.The older, the higher the probability of gestational hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.The second is whether the nutrition is reasonable and whether the weight is qualified.The most ideal pregnancy weight is: increased by 2 kg in the early stages of pregnancy, and each increased by 4-5 kg each.If the entire pregnancy is increased by more than 20 kg, it may be that the baby grows too much, and it is not appropriate to choose to give birth.

If expectant mothers have the above conditions, they have enough physical strength to complete childbirth, and they are also mentally prepared for childbirth pain.Then you can choose to give birth.However, during the process of delivery, the expectant mothers excessively excessive force, and the abdominal pressure increased sharply, which would make the pain of hemorrhoids unbearable.And after giving birth, the anus still hurts.Preparation of expectant mothers should be psychologically prepared.

7. Will hemorrhoids affect the baby?

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids of expectant mothers can not be improved for a long time, it will cause anemia to varying degrees, which will affect the normal development of the baby.At the same time, poor bowel movements can also cause human waste to stay in the intestinal tube. The water is evaporated, which is more difficult to discharge the body. At the same time, the metabolites that should have been excreted were absorbed by the human body.Both the mothers and the baby will cause a lot of harm.

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