To understand this, you can conceive without the power of flood!

From a micro perspective, pregnancy is like a large -scale competition to recruit relatives. Hundreds of millions of sperm Mr. Sperm went to Dao Mountain to fire the sea, and ran to Miss Omi after five levels.However, when Mr. Sperm has exhausted the "power of the flood" or he cannot capture the lady of the egg, you need to use the "very" (very "(pregnancy -agent) method.

Mr. Jing’s history of struggle

In the process of marrying Ms. Bai Fumei, Mr. Jing, what are the projects of Mr. Jing? What should I do if Ms. Om did not appear on time? What should I do if Mr. Jing is not strong …Let’s have a lively and interesting reproductive score.


In the case of normal room, when Mr. Jing left the man’s body, he entered the vagina at 45 kilometers per hour ~~

Mr. Jing’s team is large in scale and with exceptional skills. Generally, 15 million squades are generally needed in one milliliter semen, and one -third of them are excellent students!Who is an excellent student, the best student is the high value: the sperm with normal form is fast, and of course it has a good sense of direction-swimming forward!The deformity sperm is poor, swims slowly, and is eliminated in advance!

Acid vulva

In the vagina, because of the too many numbers, Mr. Jing will inevitably occur on a stamping incident. If you are lucky enough to survive, the sperm will suffer from the acidic environment of the vagina. Because Mr. Jing is born in naturally not like acid, he is extremely uncomfortable and struggle to move …

What is even more sad is that Mr. Jing was born with no eyes, and he could only bump around. If you are lucky, you can pass through the narrow cervix. Mr. Jing who does not find out the direction has no chance to enter the next link!


The sperm who successfully enters the uterus is facing the life problem of walking left and right!Under normal circumstances, women excrete a mature follicles from one side of the ovaries every month, so the sperm who chooses the wrong direction will never see Miss Egg (I immediately feel that we were so witty!)


Mr. Jing, who chose the right direction, saw that the egg in the fallopian tube was extremely excited (Miss Ovaro’s 闰 is the ovaries, and the mature egg swims to the fallopian tube), rushing to Miss Ovil, and grab it, but Miss EggVery dedicated. Once you choose Ruyi Langjun, other Mr. Jing will always be rejected.

Return to the palace

After the combination of, Miss Ovil and Mr. Ji became embryo to return to the uterus, find a suitable hotbed, take root and germinate, and begin to grow up hard and happy!


Auxiliary reproduction: artificial insemination

If the quality of the recruiting team is not good, the combat effectiveness of Mr. Jing is not enough: the quantity is too small, or the vitality is not enough, then you need to help "artificial insemination".

Artificial insemination is the process of increasing sperm vitality, increasing the number of sperm in the fertilized area after treatment, and increasing the chance of women’s conception. The processing sperm that is about to be treated with a catheter is injected into the women’s uterine cavity.

Of course, before the artificial insemination, both the couple need to perform the corresponding physical examination and the laboratory examination. Especially the uterine fallopian tubes should be performed. The most basic requirement of artificial insemination is at least one side of the fallopian tubes is unobstructed. With the bridge, the cowherd weaver girl can meet.Intersection

Indications of artificial insemination:

(1) Male infertility due to less essence, weakness, liquefied abnormalities, sexual dysfunction, genital malformations, etc. infertility;

(2) Cervical factor infertility;

(3) Reproductive tract malformations and psychological factors cause sexual intercourse to be inferior to infertility;

(4) Immune infertility;

(5) The reason is not infertile.

IVF: Endogepery-embryo transplantation

The average pregnancy rate of artificial insemination is about 10%one 15%. Patients with unknown infertility and cervical factors are relatively high. Patients with endometriosis have a lower pregnancy rate for artificial insemination.Generally speaking, if the couple has not succeeded in artificial insemination 3-4 times, I need to be a test tube baby.

IVF is different from artificial insemination:

IVF technology is to remove the eggs out of the body, and then combine the essence of ejaculation to further overcome the breeding problems that the artificial insemination cannot be solved.For example, when artificial insemination fails due to poor sperm vitality, IVF can "grasp" a sperm and forcibly complete insemination, which is the second -generation IVF technology ICSI.

At present, the world’s mature IVF technology is the first generation of IVF (in vitro fertilization-embryo transplantation), the second-generation ICSI (single sperm internal sperm internal sperm in the egg cells) and the third-generation technology PGS/PGDLearn screening and diagnosis).

With the delay of the second child policy and the age of fertility, the auxiliary reproduction is becoming an important solution for infertility. Dr. Liao Xi, director of the reproductive center, reminded: With the sharp increase in the needs of IVF, in the past two years"The market is overwhelming, and there are hidden dangers such as genetic diseases and hidden dangers in violation of ethics.

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