tragedy!After finishing the nuclear magnetic and CT, I found that I was pregnant!

Last week hesitated and continued back pain, and went to the hospital to hang a bed in bed for examination and physiotherapy!Everything was quite smooth, and the symptoms of low back pain have also been relieved!I am still calculating, I can be discharged in the hospital for a few days!

However, the holiday this month has not come. I thought it was a physical therapy and weather reasons for the syndrome. But today I still go to the pharmacy to go to the pharmacy with an attitude towards my responsible person.Still appearing!

Although I always say it on my mouth, I will not be able to ask for a second baby, but you are here, and you come so uncomfortable, I am tangled!

Dabao is getting bigger and bigger. If the two treasures are required in the future, they will have a huge generation gap!As my age is getting older, it will not be able to support a small one!

Erbao!Mom is sorry for you. At this time, you can’t ask you. If there is defect, it hurts you for a lifetime!Mom dares not to make that chance of gambling!

If ~ If ~ If it is possible ~~ Hey!Let’s go!

See what you say

"Resolutely not want any more" but do not take contraceptive measures. What else can you say?

Can’t the waist CT prepare for pregnancy?

What is the radiation for medical diagnosis?

The concept of THRESHOLD Effects, which means, means that under this dose, it is regarded as not harmful to the human body; exceeding the threshold, severity and dose proportional.For example, scientific research generally believes that the threshold of intellectual impact on the fetus is 0.2-0.4 GY; if it is less than 0.05 gy, there will be no abortion, teratogenic or affecting intelligence.As the fetus grows up, it will be more and more impact to have adverse effects.

Back to the starting article, the control of the ray dose and the protection of patients are far better than decades ago, and it should not be aborted because of one irradiation.

More importantly, it is necessary to understand the meaning of "probability".Giveting a child itself is a matter of not small risks. The natural abortion rate is higher than 15%. The incidence rate of Tang’s children is one -thousandth … The creatures are too perfect.The "dangerous elements" encountered in normal life -not eating folic acid, no vitamins, passenger security instruments, X -rays, sex … are more dangerous.Again a baby who can have a healthy growth for this small probability. If so, I think it is also a painful choice.

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