Trailer 丨 Repeated abortion!Have you done an immune check?

For a pregnant family, repeated miscarriage is like a nightmare. The children who are not easy to conceive, say it is gone, and more than once.

In our country, 6%to 14%of the pregnant family has suffered from bad pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers such as routine examinations such as blood routine and nail skills are normal, but they have miscarriage after a pregnancy. Repeated abortion is not their uterus.If there is a problem, it may be that the autoimmune storm causes trouble!

Lin Lin (pseudonym) has not been pregnant for 5 years, and IVF has failed all three times. It was not until I saw the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shandong Province.

Automotic disease is a disease that can accumulate a variety of systems of the whole body caused by autoimmune disorders. In layman’s terms, it is that the body cannot distinguish between the enemy and the friend, and it is a disease caused by the "fight".

The impact of immune disease on pregnancy is reflected in three aspects:

1. embryo: bed disorders -infertility, recurrence abortion, etc.

Immune diseases can cause embryonic bed disorders, easily lead to infertility, or have a biochemical pregnancy in pregnancy, or repeated abortion after pregnancy, which is reflected in the early pregnancy.

2. Placenta: Dysphonia -fetal heart conduction block, etc.

After the pregnancy enters the middle stage, immune diseases may damage the function of the placenta, which can easily lead to the early stage of eclampsia. The fetal heart is limited, and the fetal heart has a conduction block or even a more severe fetal dead palace.

3. Mother: Multi -organ involvement -anemia, white blood cells, etc.

Immune diseases will increase the suffering of the mother’s organs. The most vulnerable to the kidneys during pregnancy is the kidney and blood. The blood manifests as a reduction in platelets, and it may also decline in anemia and white blood cells.

So what are the common immune factors that cause adverse pregnancy?How to treat immune -related poor pregnancy?Pay attention to Shandong Radio and Television News Channel at 6:00 "Health Shandong", Zhang Yanyan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Invited experts:

Doctor of Medicine, Deputy Chief Physician Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shandong Provincial Hospital)

Member and secretary of the Rheumatology Professional Committee of Shandong Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society, member of the Society of Rheumatology of the Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Society, member of the Rheumatology and Immune Professional Committee of the Shandong Institute of Immunization, and Professor Zhang Minghe Studio, a nationwide -nation.He is good at using a variety of methods such as traditional Chinese and Western medicine to diagnose various rheumatism and immune diseases, and has rich experience in rehabilitation therapy for adeptic spinalitis, postpartum rheumatoid disease, anti -phospholipid syndrome, and poor immune correlation pregnancy.

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