Turtle turtles and bullfrogs can be eaten: fasting wild animals should not be overkill

Can bullfrogs and turtles be eaten? It affects the hearts of many foodies and millions of farmers.A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs gave an official answer.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued an emergency notice, clarifying most of the breeding turtle crickets such as Chinese turtles (turtle types), as well as bullfrogs, American frogs, and other new varieties of aquatic products announced by the Ministry of Rural Agricultural Agricultural Ministry of Rural Agriculture.Wuling can be eaten according to the management of aquatic species.

After the epidemic, the public’s eyes were concentrated on the source of the virus again -wild animals.Many wild animals carry a large number of viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. It may endanger human health. Oddling wildlife is a bad habit, which may not only cause the outbreak of infectious diseases, but also greatly destroy the ecological environment balance.Fully fasting wild zoos has become a social consensus., Artificially raised terrestrial wildlife.

However, after the "fasting order" of wild animals, what can be eaten and which can not be eaten, there are still some controversy, especially whether the common amphibians on tables such as turtles, turtles, and frogs can continue to cultivate and consume artificially.Earlier, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, had publicly solicited opinions from the public, and solicited the comments drafts to the fasting list of wild animals such as turtles, turtles, snakes, birds, and insects that were artificially breeding and breeding.This has aroused concerns from related farmers. Multi -place Turtle Industry Association, breeding enterprises submit opinions to relevant departments of the National People’s Congress, local governments and the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, calling on the cautious treatment of hundreds of billions of output value and millions of practitioners.Turtle industry.This time, the Ministry of Rural Agriculture released a list, which clearly included the aquaculture animals such as bullfrogs, turtles, and other edible lists.

Holding the desire of your tongue and fully fasting wild animals, the inspiration that SARS and the epidemic of new crown pneumonia are given to humans. Only by learning lessons can we avoid repeating the same mistakes.However, which type of animals should be traded to the scope of fasting, and should comprehensively consider security and reasonable consumer demand such as the boundary of wild animals on the basis of clarifying the boundaries of wildlife.

my country’s "Wildlife Protection Law" stipulates: "The protection of precious, endangered aquatic wildlife, and the protection of the" Fisheries Law of the People’s Republic of China "related laws such as the People’s Republic of China." It is artificially breeding, which belongs to aquatic instead of wildlife.At present, turtles and bullfrogs have entered the home of ordinary people. They are home -centered and special dishes in many places. From the perspective of consumption, it is also difficult to linked to the "game".The most important thing is that the artificial breeding technology of this type of aquatic products has matured, forming a relatively standardized health inspection and quarantine system, which is relatively safe.

Fasting is not only related to the public "vegetable basket", but also impacts the relevant industries, which is related to the "rice bowl" of the majority of practitioners.At present, there are a large number of practitioners in the industries such as turtle and bullfrog breeding, sales, and edible. The aquaculture that does not safety risks such as bullfrogs and turtles in one -size -fits -hand is incorporated into the fasting range of water products without safety risks.The livelihood of the practitioner.

The ban must be banned, and those who can eat safely and not "one -size -fits -all".In the next step, I hope that all localities and relevant departments will further clarify relevant standards in the category of wild animals, and scientifically formulate the scope of fasting, which not only strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, but also avoids overkill.Of course, it is also necessary to continue to strengthen inspection and quarantine of bullfrogs, turtles, etc., and supervise safety and health.

(Source: Guangming.com)

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