Twenty kinds of animals look like after pregnancy, nature is really amazing

There are various animals on the planet. Each animal has its own way of reproduction, and most animals will change greatly during reproduction. For example, the belly is usually much larger than before.

Here are 25 photos of different animals when you are pregnant. I believe that many of them have never seen it. Let’s feel the wonderfulness of nature together.

1. A cat with 8.5 weeks pregnant.

2. The guinea pigs who are pregnant are round.

3. A pregnancy of a ferret, this belly is too round.

4. Do you think it is a fat zebra?In fact, it is pregnant.

5. Pregnant kittens, obvious bulge can be seen in the stomach.

6. A pregnant shrimp, the shrimp seeds in the belly are clearly visible.

7. A pregnant horse looks too elegant.

8. Pregnant sea Horse, guess what, this hippocampus is male!Because the father of the hippocampus has a childcare sac, the hippocampus mother will release the eggs into the childcare pocket of the hippocampus, and the hippocampus cub slowly hatchs in the child’s childcare sac, and was born by his father.Nature is so amazing.

9. A little cheetah grows slowly in her mother’s belly.

10. A pregnant goat has grown several times.

11. The giraffe, which is childbirth, is stood by the giraffe. As soon as the giraffe is born, it will fall down at 2 meters high, but soon it can stand up and stand up at a height of 1.6 meters.

12. A small goldfish that is about to give birth, if the big fish is separated from the small fish in time, it is likely to eat most of the small fish.

13. Pregnant lizard, through its skin, can see the two eggs inside.

14. A pregnant shrimp, through a transparent body, can even see the small shrimp inside move.

15. A pregnant snake, with a large body thick.

16. This is probably the first time many people have seen pregnant mantis, and their stomachs are obviously bulging.

17. A pregnant scorpion (left), the stomach is obviously fatter than the one on the right, and it feels amazing.

18. Pregnant White Whale looks so cute.

19. Bullfighting dogs who are pregnant are breeds cultivated by humans the day after tomorrow. Because the pelvis is not wide enough, most bullfighting dogs cannot be produced by themselves.

20. A quasi -mother seal that is basking in the sun.

21. Pregnant native mouse is so round, curious how it returns to the cave.

22. A pregnant catfish also has obvious bulges in his belly.The catfish is born of ovulation. The cubs will develop in the eggs, grow at the nutrients in the eggs, and then be born.

23. The American tiger in the zoo looks a little irritable.

24. A pregnancy lizard, its broken tail is growing again.

25. The monkey who is pregnant has obvious protrusions.

I have to sigh, nature is really amazing!

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