twin?March?Senseless!How can she get pregnant without talking about her love little virgin?

“!IntersectionIntersection” “

The eighteen line of Xiaolu was pregnant in the live variety show "Princess Become the Queen".

"Princess Become Queen" is a real -life pregnancy variety show. Four female stars are pregnant women. They will popularize the knowledge during pregnancy and let more people see the changes in stars after pregnancy.

Su Tianxi is an exception, and she is a bench guest.

One day before the show was broadcast, one of the stars was absent.

The director could not find a suitable pregnant woman to replace, and temporarily found Su Tianxi to make a substitute.

When it was broadcast, many people felt that Su Tianxi, a 20 -year -old unmarried girl, would definitely turn over the car.

However, the first live broadcast Su Tianxi conquered the audience in front of the screen with amazing acting skills, and hit those who questioned her with strength.

Su Tianxi’s name was frequently hung on the hot search, and the comments all praised her acting skills.

As soon as the new issue of the live broadcast started, Su Tianxi vomited.


The audience in the live broadcast room was caught off guard, and there was no one in front of the screen when the reaction came.

Su Tianxi ran into the bathroom and helped the bruises to vomit the darkness.

This nausea feels like the pregnancy reaction described in the data.


How can she get pregnant?

It is definitely sour orange.

Su Tianxi helped the wash pond for a while, and washed his face out of the bathroom.

She returned to the screen again, and she did not come and wipe the clean water droplets on her forehead slipped from the forehead, passing her gorgeous face.

Although the big face is small, the cheeks are a little baby fat, and the fair skin sets the tender meat to moisturize and transparent, making people want to reach out.

The sweet appearance is noble, noble, playful, and cute, especially when she laughed, the sweetness spread out of her eyes, and the air was full of sweet fragrance.

In Bai You’s thin entertainment industry, her face does not meet the mainstream aesthetics.But the sweetness on his body seemed to be soaked in sweetness, exuding from his bones.

The veritable little sweet girl makes people feel sweet at a glance.

There were only a few barrage, but when Su Tianxi sat on the chair, he immediately became active.

[Xi Xi today’s skirt is so beautiful!Is it a pregnant woman’s skirt?.

Su Tianxi wore a milky white dress today, V -neck lace design, and sleeves and skirts are simple decoration.

It looks concise and generous and soft. Although she is loose, her small waist is looming and particularly hooked.

The skirt is provided by the sponsor, and the show team asked her to wear it to do publicity.

"It’s a pregnant woman’s skirt, cotton, it’s very comfortable to wear."

Someone in the barrage asked her to stand up to see the effect and plan to go to the store to rush a wave of sales.

Su Tianxi stood up from the chair and suddenly felt a dark eyes.

She hurriedly held the table around her and dumped her head.

Why does she feel dizzy?

[Really absolutely!This dizziness is really like it..

[And the pregnancy just now is also very good. This is the case when I was pregnant..

[If you don’t say, I think Su Tianxi is really pregnant!.

【How can it be!She is only 20 years old and has no boyfriend yet!They are all performers..


Su Tianxi looked at the barrage inadvertently, and a bunch of exclamation marks appeared in his head.


Today is really not acting, she really vomits and dizzy.

The barrage is still discussing the symptoms of pregnancy, and at the same time boasts her wonderful acting skills.

Su Tianxi suddenly made the dream that started to make three months ago.

In the dream, she and a man rolled around, and the bed collapsed too much.

This dream she will do every night, and every night is the man.

Now there is a reaction of nausea and vomiting. Isn’t it a real thing in the dream?Intersection

Su Tianxi shivered fiercely,

Is she a magic stun?How can dreams be pregnant?Intersection

Believe in science and eliminate all feudal superstitions.

It must be too much in pregnancy, so she has to believe it.

Su Tianxi pressed down her thoughts and sat back to the chair again. The discomfort in her stomach came out again. She quickly picked up the sour orange in the fruit plate next to her and peeled out of her mouth.

The sour taste did not make her feel uncomfortable, but instead pressed the discomfort in the stomach.

"Today’s oranges are so delicious, sweet and sour."

Su Tianxi bent the corner of his eyes, and his smile was spreading.

The audience on the other side of the live broadcast began to hold her heart, feeling that her smile gave their hearts sweet.

Su Tianxi ate ten sour oranges in one breath. Just when she felt that she could be more comfortable in her stomach, the familiar feeling came again!


She ran into the bathroom with her mouth covering her mouth, holding the wash pond vomiting.

In the morning broadcast, Su Tianxi was going to be tortured by dizziness and nausea.

The barrage was boasting that she performed well and sent her again to the hot search.

The voices of praise made Su Tianxi burst into tears,

She is really not acting, she is really uncomfortable!

Finally until the end of the live broadcast, Su Tianxi fell on the sofa and felt particularly tired.

She has a good physical fitness since she was a child. Although she looks sweet, she is not weak at all, and she usually rarely gets sick.

Why do you feel weak today?I also want to sleep.

She was lying on the sofa unknowingly asleep.

In the dream, she and the man rolled together. She was skilled in the man’s waist, tears in his arms …

"Xi Xi!"

A familiar voice came from his ear, and Su Tianxi was awakened.

She opened her eyes, and her eyes were still in my wake -up, she looked dull and cute.

Even if you are used to this face, Shen Ying will still be amazed.

Su Tianxi is really sweet!

She reached out and squeezed Su Tianxi’s small face, soft, like snow -white marshmallow.

Do Xiao Tianmei grow up?

Even the skin is so sweet.

Shen Ying still wanted to pinch it again, but Su Tianxi had woke up and sat up from the sofa.

"Oh! Sister Ying, you are here!"

Su Tianxi twisted his beautiful brows, his expression was burnout.

"Is your body uncomfortable? I think your expression is not right."

"Burning in the stomach, I always want to vomit, my head is still dizzy and wants to sleep."

Shen Ying was the agent of Su Tianxi for two years, and was the first time she listened to her shouting that her body was uncomfortable.

She immediately became nervous: "Go to the hospital for an examination, don’t delay."

"Don’t do it! The hospital’s inspection fee is expensive."

Su Tianxi distressed money,

Her eighteen -line small paste is very difficult to survive in this place in this kind of earth in Kyoto. The poor paid is just enough for daily expenses. Where can I go to the hospital to see a doctor.

"? !!!"

Shen Ying laughed and poked her cheeks with fingers: "Little fool, you are now the same as before, it is completely red. Today I just took you two advertisements.In order to work in the best state. This time the advertisers are a big company, you can don’t mess it with your physical reasons. "

Shen Ying dragged Su Tianxi from the sofa and drove her to the hospital for examination.

Su Tianxi finished detailed physical examination. After half an hour, she got a pregnancy checklist.

It is clearly stated on it: twins, three months of pregnancy.



Su Tianxi is stunned!

How could she get pregnant?Intersection


Absolutely impossible!IntersectionIntersection

It must be a doctor misdiagnosed.

Shen Ying saw the same idea when he saw the results of the inspection. She rolled her eyes: "What is the situation in this hospital? It is not rigorous at all. Can the checklist be wrong?"

Shen Ying pulled Su Tianxi’s hand and entered the doctor’s office to discuss.

However, the doctor stipulated that Su Tianxi was pregnant: "Our hospital has the most advanced medical equipment, and the professional skills in the B -ultrasound room are very professional and there is no misdiagnosis. If the two have objections to the results of the inspection, they can go to other other other ways to go to other other objections.The hospital has a review. "

"The test results of your hospital are absolutely wrong, and we will definitely go to review."

Shen Ying took Su Tianxi to a hospital again, and the results of the inspection were amazingly consistent.

Two exactly the same inspection report makes the atmosphere extremely weird.

Shen Ying looked at Su Tianxi: "Xi Xi, don’t you have no boyfriend?"

"No … no!"

Su Tianxi is still aggressive, and she can’t figure out why she is pregnant.

Is it the dream she would have every night … Let her conceive a ghost doll?Intersection

Shen Ying: "Have you done intimate moves with men?"

"Is it in a dream?"

"? !!!"

"I really have such a thing in my dreams … I started dreaming from three months ago, and I dreamed of doing such a shame with a man every day, but I can’t see his face."


Su Tianxi nodded hard.

Shen Ying raised an eyebrow,

You can get pregnant when you dream, who believes this!

Even if Su Tianxi’s expression was very serious, Shen Ying still felt that she was having a mystery.

It should be afraid of being condemned before he deliberately compiled a blind talk.

Recently, Su Tianxi’s popularity has increased a lot, and commercial performance announcements have also increased.When signing the contract, it is clearly written that pregnancy is not allowed during the contract. What should I do if I have made such a thing now?

Shen Ying’s headache: "Xi Xi, you just became popular! I only received two advertisements here, and subsequent endorsements, film and television, and your future was originally bright. Now there are these two children, your life, your lifeWill be completely destroyed. "

"The baby is three months old."

Su Tianxi’s palm is covered on the lower abdomen,

It is very flat here, and there is no way to feel the existence of the baby.

But the baby will have fetal movements next month, and you can see the baby’s appearance in the next month … After half a year, the baby will be born … This is two lively life.

Even if she doesn’t know who the baby’s father is, she wants to leave these two children.

"Sister Ying, I don’t want to kill the child."

"You!" Shen Ying pointed her fingers: "You are really confused!"

Su Tianxi has never felt the warmth of the family since she was a child. She was taken back to the Su family from the welfare home because she was hard to stop the disaster for Su Rumeng.

The parents of the Su family were very bad for her.

At the age of sixteen, Su Rumeng framed her to steal Dongxi, and she was kicked out of the Su family.In the four years of wandering outside, she was survived in film and television cities.

Whenever she can’t eat enough food, she thinks, if her parents are around.Even if you live a poor life, it is better to be a person floating outside.

She is really eager to have a home. Even if she has no husband and two children accompany her, she will feel very happy.

"Sister Ying, I will work hard to make money and caress the two children to develop adults."

"Is it a matter of raising children now? You! Really …"

When Shen Ying’s complaint, when she touched Su Tianxi’s shining eyes, she couldn’t say anything again.

She knows Su Tianxi’s encounter, and knows how much this little girl is eager for affection and family.

She sighed heavily: "Forget it! I will not persuade you anymore. While you have not appeared yet, the advertisement is filmed first.

Shen Ying has been in the entertainment industry for many years. Although she is tepid, her head is very flexible.

She soon thought of the countermeasure: "The Princess Become the Queen was originally invited to pretend to be a pregnant woman. Now you become a real pregnant woman. As long as you play it, no one knows that you are really pregnant."

Shen Ying’s eyes fell on Su Tianxi’s flat belly: "I listen to the director and say that the show will make you pretend to be pregnant in the later stage. Even if you are pregnant, you will not be afraid.If you are pregnant, you are found to pay a lot of liquidated damages. "

"Sister Ying, I understand!"

Su Tianxi hugged Shen Ying: "Thank you! I am still willing to use me."

"Fool, you are the artist I brought, and of course I will protect you."

Shen Ying was more than ten years older than Su Tianxi, and she has been petting her younger.

After coming out of the hospital, she also bought a lot of supplements for Su Tianxi, and asked her to take it home to make up for her body.

The advertisement is at the seaside, and the real scene is shot.

When Su Tianxi and Shen Ying rushed to the place, they found that the director group was ready.

Shen Ying greeted Su Tianxi with the director,

The director’s gaze fell on Su Tianxi, and nodded with satisfaction: "It’s in line with the theme of advertising, go to make up and change clothes first."

The makeup room has been occupied, and it is very difficult for the makeup artist responsible for making makeup for Su Tianxi: "I’m sorry! Someone has always been used in the dressing room, can you make up outside?"

"The scenery outside is very good, let’s be under the tree! You can also see the sea in the distance."

Su Tianxi didn’t care about this,

When she was doing group performances before, she didn’t even have a makeup artist, and she made up her own.

The makeup artist was relieved and moved to a comfortable chair to let Su Tianxi sit down.

Shen Ying was sitting next to him, watching the things in the makeup box, twisted his brows: "Are these cosmetics applicable to pregnant women?"

"Ah? Applicable to pregnant women?"

The makeup artist looked at Su Tianxi in shock: "Is it really pregnant? I thought it was fake in the variety show!"

"It’s fake! No pregnancy!"

Su Tianxi’s tone was fast, but his fingers pinched his clothes nervously.

"Sister Ying is too deep, she thinks I am pregnant."

"Yes … I am … too deep!"

Shen Ying staggered his eyes and sweated in his palms.

Worried that Su Tianxi turned over, she turned it over first.

"So this is ah!"

The makeup artist took out the foundation box and showed the LOGO above: "The cosmetics I use are suitable for pregnant women and have no harm to the skin. Such a thing before, some artists came over to make up.The matter is threatened to say that the child has a problem to find me trouble. Since then, I have replaced all the cosmetics … I ca n’t make a few dollars to make makeup, and let her point to threatening. Oh! It ’s not easy."

The makeup artist began to make makeup for Su Tianxi, "Wow! Xi Xi! Your skin is really good! Fine and tender, you can’t even see the pores … This face looks like a peach, I really want to let itPeople bite a bite. "

"I have made makeup for many artists, and there are few people who can have your skin. Don’t look at them look good under the camera, that’s all filters to grind the skin.

The makeup artist is a talkative girl, and she said.

There were noisy sounds not far away, interrupted her words.

"Shengying is here!"

"Wow! So handsome!"

"Real people are even better than on the screen."

Su Tianxi looked back subconsciously,

Seeing a man was surrounded by walking towards the beach,

He was wearing a black shirt and put into the pants of the stroke, the tall and tall figure, the temperament was cold and expensive, like white snow on the top of the mountain, cold and Xiao Ran.

Su Tianxi’s line of sight is fixed on men,

This person’s body … how is this person like a man in the dream?

Su Tianxi has been in the entertainment industry for six years, and naturally he has heard the name of Sheng Yichen.

Who don’t know the famous Shengying Emperor?

At the age of fifteen, he won countless awards in ten years.

Last month, he won the International Award and won the Gemei Film Emperor. He was the first Asian film emperor in the world.

It is not only a ceiling -like existence in the entertainment industry, but he also has a family world.

The Sheng family is the largest chaebol in the dragon country. Sheng Yichen has a net worth of 100 billion yuan.

[Ending Emperor] [Challengers Heirs], the two top titles make him a dream of chasing 900 million girls.

But Sheng Yichen has a cold personality and has been in the industry for so many years.

It is rumored that there are female stars who are hot, and deliberately take the false and ambiguous photos of misleading people. After a night, photos and people have disappeared into the entertainment industry at the same time. Since then, they have not appeared in front of the public.

Since then, no one dares to dare to Sheng Yichen’s popularity, even if it is a female star who has cooperated with Sheng Yichen, it will quickly open the relationship after the cooperation.

In reality, I dare not dare to dare to make a beautiful girl in the dream.

Who doesn’t want Shengying Emperor to dream lover?Intersection

It’s just … the sheets and babies rolled in the dream, and this was too outrageous.

Su Tianxi quickly cut off his thoughts in his mind,

She wanted to live for a few more years before she dared not to talk about Sheng Yingdi.

When you are ready to take your sight,

Su Tianxi feels that a strong sight crosses,

She raised her eyes subconsciously,

View collision separately

Men’s deep eyes flashed with complex light,

Su Tianxi’s thoughts seemed to be sucked in and felt strong palpitations.

Why is that look so familiar?Intersection

The scenes in the dream are constantly staggered with reality, and finally coincide completely.

She was dragged into a beautiful and lingering dream, and felt the hot body temperature of the man, the burning sweat drops … and the hands that made her blush, the fingers had …

"Xi Xi!"

Shen Ying squeezed Su Tianxi’s jaw and turned her face: "Don’t look! Knowing that the Emperor Sheng was handsome, but you can’t keep staring all the time!"

"I … don’t look."

Su Tianxi lowered his eyes.

Where dare to watch?Intersection

The more you see, the more he feels like the man in the dream, like her child’s father.

This kind of fault that casually admits to the child should really change it.

Shen Ying used Yu Guang to quietly look at Sheng Yichen’s direction,

Is she dazzling?

Why do you feel Sheng Yichen watching Su Tianxi?

The Flower of Gaoling’s Flowers suddenly watched the woman. If this matter was out, it was enough to let Su Tianxi hang on the hot search for seven days.

But this kind of heat dare not mess around casually,

She was afraid that Su Tianxi was whipped on the hot search, and then she had a dead body.

"Why did Shengying Emperor always look at it here? Xi Xi, said he was watching you?"

"Sister Ying, you read it wrong."

Su Tianxi knows itself,

Emperor Sheng Ying has never seen anything, and it is absolutely impossible to notice her.

At the sea, Sheng Yichen suddenly stopped.

Zhou Yu beside him found abnormalities and asked softly: "Brother Sheng, is something wrong?"

Sheng Yichen: "Check the girl under the tree."

Zhou Yu looked at his eyes and found three women under the tree.

"Which is the specific?"

"The sweetest one."

"? !!!" Zhou Yu’s eyes were round.

He has been a special assistance for many years, and he has never seen any woman in Sichen.

What is the situation today?

Has the iron tree blossomed by the 10,000 -year -old iron tree?

Sheng Yichen: "Have you been to the Triumph Hotel three months ago? Check it clearly, don’t leak again."

Three months ago!IntersectionIntersection

Zhou Yu thought of one thing,

Three months ago, Yichen was counted and slept at the Kaixuan Hotel.

The woman disappeared suddenly, no matter how she checked her, she couldn’t find her whereabouts.

Is it a girl under the tree?Intersection

Zhou Yu did not dare to neglect, and immediately arranged for someone to investigate.

The splendid sun fell on the sparkling sea, and the water was stunned and sprinkled with sparse light.

The waves are rolling,

A figure at the bottom of the sea gradually emerged,

She broke the waves and floated on the sea.

The girl tilted her head, her clear eyes, clean and pure as gorgeous as gems, showing innocence and unknowing things.

The corner of the mouth rose slightly and smiled slightly, and his expression was charming and touching.

She jumped up, revealing the blue fishtail, and the split water splits countless stars in the sky …

The mermaid sneaked into the sea, and several tails disappeared on the bottom of the sea.

She jumped out of the sea, and a gorgeous rainbow appeared.


The director shouted and danced with excitement: "It’s great!"

Shen Ying stood beside him, proudly provoked the jaw: "My family is very professional."

"I have taken so many advertisements, and I have never seen actors with such a good flexibility. Just now, I expect to take four or five times to achieve the effect, but I did not expect so smoothly."

"The effect is better than I imagined." The director praised and was satisfied with Su Tianxi’s performance.

Considering Su Tianxi’s body, Shen Ying asked tentatively: "Director, is there any jumping and jumping action in the back?"

"Later, there are quiet scene shooting, no need to launch again."

The director thinks that Shen Ying is afraid of frequent water, and it is easy to catch a cold: "The temperature is very high today, and the water temperature is not very low. Let Miss Su take a bath and change clothes, and take the shot below."

Seeing Su Tianxi ashore, Shen Ying ran quickly with a bath towel and put it on her.

"Xi Xi, cold or cold?"

"The water temperature is very good, I don’t feel cold."

"I should propose to the director just now, don’t have such a large action."

"Sister Ying, I have a proportion, I won’t hurt … the baby in my belly."

The following sentence Su Tianxi’s voice was very low, only Shen Ying could hear it.

There are vacation and leisure houses by the sea, with complete facilities and separate bathrooms.

Su Tianxi took a hot bath in the bathroom,

In order to facilitate the next makeup, she only wore simple T -shirts and shorts, and stepped out of the bathroom with a little cold drag.

"Sister Ying, I washed it! The shower gel tastes citrus, it smells good!"

Su Tianxi and Shen Ying have a good relationship and always want to share with her.

"I am covered with the taste of citrus, you smell it!"

Su Tianxi leaned his hand to the past–

Sheng Yichen looked down and looked at the horizontal arm in front of him.

Soft and white, like being soaked by milk.

The faint citrus fragrance came over, invaded his nasal cavity, and turned into a small bug drilled into his body along his breath, dumping his nerves.

In the scent of citrus, he smelled another taste.

The fragrance is as sweet and unique.

That night was this fragrance. When he was entangled, he lost his mind …

is her!

That’s right!

"Sister Ying, isn’t it fragrant?"

Su Tianxi was bowing his head to sort out his clothes, and his arms maintained the movement of raising.

She didn’t know that the person standing in front of her was not Shen Ying.

"good smell!"

The low and dumb male sound came over, making the surrounding air become beautiful.

Su Tianxi was shocked,

Raise your head quickly,

The sight hit the man’s deep eyes.

In the past three months, Su Tianxi dreamed of every night, and the man who had a lingering man in the dream could not see the appearance.

But when she was against Yosheng Yichen’s eyes, she felt that the man in the dream coincided with the man in front of her.

Is it Sheng Yichen?

If it wasn’t why it feels so strong?

"Xi Xi, you finished washing …"

Shen Ying came over and saw Sheng Yichen and Su Tianxi standing together, scaring the soul to fly.

Running quickly, pulling Su Tianxi’s arm and dragging people behind him.

Another face suddenly appeared in the eyes, so that Sheng Yichen twisted his brows, his eyes gradually gloomy.

Shen Ying obviously felt that the atmosphere became nervous,

She was sweating with her palms, trembling her lips, explaining: "Shengying emperor, sorry! I don’t know if you want to use the bathroom, we will go."

"Xi Xi, the director asked you to make makeup and look."

Shen Ying pulled Su Tianxi’s wrist and took her out of the door.

Sheng Yichen turned around and watched the slender and beautiful figure gradually disappeared into the sight.

He converged his eyes and covered the impulse to the bottom of his eyes.


Why is it so impressed by only one night?

After walking out of the holiday house, Shen Ying saw no one left and right, whispered Su Tianxi: "What are you doing with Sheng Yingdi just now?"

"I came out of the bathroom and happened to meet him."

Su Tianxi is really difficult to let Sheng Yichen smell her bathing.

She worked hard to ignore this matter,

But Sheng Yichen’s familiarity gave her, so she couldn’t ignore it.

"Sister Ying, I think Shengying Emperor is like the man in the dream."

"Xi Xi! It is normal for girls to dream of dreaming, but you can’t be too outrageous!"

Shen Ying patted her head on her head: "Don’t think about the heat of Sheng Yichen. This man is good, but the heart is cold. Be careful that the heat is not available, you are gone first."

But I’m really familiar!Su Tianxi didn’t dare to say this.

In fact, she also feels ridiculous,

She and Sheng Yichen,

One is the eighteen line small paste, and the other is the top ceiling, which cannot have any intersection.

Enter the next stage of shooting soon,

Su Tianxi has no time to consider these things and invests in the next work.

It is until the evening until the evening.

When he got into the car, Su Tianxi leaned his eyes in his chair.

I don’t know if she was pregnant, she was very lethargic recently.

Su Tianxi fell asleep quickly. Shen Ying took out the thin blanket to cover her, and instructed the driver to drive slowly on the road.

The night fell, and the city was stained with lights.

The car enters the road,

Interlaced room,

A black Maybach passed by.

Sheng Yichen was caught in the leather seat, and his deep eyes were hidden in the shadow, but the powerful breath exuded made people unwilling.


SMS prompt sound.

Zhou Yu saw the news from private detectives in the mobile phone, a long document.

After he browsed carefully, his eyes were shocked.

"Brother Sheng, found it!"

Sheng Yichen: "Say!"

"Three months ago, Su Tianxi did go to Caesar Hotel, and … she went to two hospitals yesterday."


"She is pregnant!"

In order to save money for the two babies, Su Tianxi worked hard to connect.

I took two advertisements and magazine cover, and a week passed quickly.

Saturday night is the time for the third issue of "Princess Become the Queen".

Su Tianxi came to the house provided by the organizer very early. The director had arrived and stood in the living room to arrange the staff to debug the lights.

Different from the rooms in the previous two live broadcasts, this time it used a better villa in Kyoto.

Hundreds of square meters of large villas are three floors on the top and bottom, and the decoration is extremely luxurious.

Su Tianxi entered the door and was shaken by the crystal lamp above the head.

For the first time, she saw such a luxurious villa, and the decorative ornaments around the atrium seemed valuable.

"Oh my god! If that painting is true, the value is at least six digits."

Shen Ying made an exclamation, making Su Tianxi realized that her guess was right.

This villa is very valuable

"Sister Ying, why should the director still shoot the location? If I accidentally encounter the things here, will I want me to lose money?"

Shen Ying is not clear about the director’s intention,

She was scared by the brilliant villa: "I’m actually very scared, and ask Xu Dao for a while."

Xu Ke, the director of "Princess Become Queen", has done many well -known variety shows and is extremely famous in the circle.

But he has no shelf is a very easy -going middle -aged uncle,

Hearing that Shen Ying asked about changing the shooting location, he smiled and said, "This place is good! I will see it at once, but unfortunately! It’s not my chassis."

Shen Ying heard some doors: "Sponsorship?"

"This is not …" Xu Keyi suddenly pointed to Su Tianxi’s stomach: "The child and his father gave the house out, saying that he could not be wronged with his wife and children."

Shen Ying: "!!!"

Su Tianxi: "!!!"

The two saw the surprise in each other’s eyes at a glance,

Is it out of pregnancy?

Shen Ying was frightened and sweaty, "Xu … Xu, I can’t turn my mind. What kind of child? What kind of child and dad? My family Xi Xi has no boyfriend!"

"Just make a joke, don’t be nervous!"

Xu Ke’s script held in his hand: "This is all set in the plot. Didn’t I tell you? Tian Xi played an abandoned single -parent pregnant mother in the show, and now the plot has been adjusted."

Su Tianxi has a bad premonition, and always feels that things have exceeded the scope of her control.

Xu Kewei: "The scum man who abandoned Tian Xi at the beginning, the plot began to develop to the cremation field of his wife."

"? !!!" Shen Ying: "Such a dog blood?"

"Isn’t it all popular now? Add some popular elements to stimulate the sensory of the audience."

Xu Kewei said: "By the way! The actor this time is very large. It is a predecessor in the entertainment industry. Tian Xi can learn a lot with him."

Su Tianxi: "There are still actors?"

Xu Kewei: "The child of your child in your stomach returns."

Su Tianxi is a spiritual,

Not wonderful!IntersectionIntersection

Shen Ying is very puzzled: "Director Xu, such a big coffee came over to play a scum man, isn’t he afraid of gaining a bunch of scolding?"

"Other people may have some scruples, but this is a madman. He just wants to make good plays in his mind and will not consider these extra things. He recently took a drama of a scum man and wanted to find a feeling in advance.This house is him, saying that it is taken out for us to do shooting. "

Su Tianxi was curious about this big coffee: "Director Xu, who is the predecessor who played with me?"

"Buy Guanzi first to make sure you surprise you."

Xu Keyi handed the modified script to Su Tianxi: "Tian Xi, you will be familiar with the plot first.

Su Tianxi has seen the script, which is full of dogs.

She played the single -parent pregnant mother to run with the ball, and her boyfriend suddenly realized that she returned to China to chase her wife.

In the variety show, the single -parent pregnant mother pulls her pregnant belly and her ex -boyfriend.

She has a pregnant belly, she has it,

Then the problem comes

Extreme, limited, pull, pull!

How to pull this?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

How should I pull it?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

At 8 pm on Saturday evening

Su Tianxi sat on the sofa in the living room and waved to the screen: "Good at night everyone!"

[Good evening in Xi Xi!.

[Xi Xi tonight is so beautiful, the sweetness exceeds the standard!.

[The small skirt is really beautiful, and today is the sweet Xi Xi..

Su Tianxi wore a rural style small floral skirt tonight,

Little floral is not good like the village nostalgic mother, and only rustic is left without reflection.

But Su Tianxi is particularly good -looking,

The pale yellow color set off her skin whiter, and her small face with unpaid pink daisy was sweet and sweet.

She smiled slightly, and the sweetness seemed to spread in the air.

【Wow!Xi Xi Xiaoyi is a veritable name!.

[Sweet me!.

[I heard that there is a actor who played today. I see the official post. Do Xi Xi know who it is?.

Su Tianxi picked up the oranges and started peeling: "Director Xu didn’t say, I heard that it was a senior."

[Senior!Isn’t it a forty -year -old uncle?.

[Director Xu will not find an uncle to play with him.It is revealed in advance that there is a plot of the cremation field of his wife..

[The entertainment industry can be called a big coffee, there seems to be a few!.

[It should not be a small fresh meat..


The barrage is still discussing the identity of the actor, Su Tianxi has peeled orange.

"I am a little paste, and someone is willing to play with me. I’m actually very happy."

Su Tianxi’s words are very sincere: "I have been doing group performances for four years, and the entry group does not exceed three days. The most acting is the supporting role, which basically kills the youth -collar box lunch a day.Harbor. "

[Xi Xi, come on!You are the best!.

[When will the "scumbag husband" appear?I want to know who he is..

Su Tianxi: "I’m also curious too."

She was about to throw orange petals in her mouth, and raised her eyes and saw someone walking into the living room.

The man walked over the atrium and walked over.

The slender body is chic and calm, and the walking is magnificent.

As he approaches,

Su Tianxi saw his face clearly.

Her eyes were enlarged instantly, and a tall figure gradually reflected in her pupils.


Su Tianxi’s fingers were hard, and the orange petals were crushed by her.

The orange juice stained her hands, and she didn’t pay attention.

But the audience in front of the screen noticed her reaction, and the barrage was asking the situation.

[What did Xi Xi see?.

[Is my husband who came?who?Who is this person?.

[Let me see his true face of Lushan..

[Xi Xi, who is this person?.

Su Tianxi felt that he was dreaming again,

This time she saw Sheng Yichen in her dream.

She dumped her head hard,

Hurry up and wake up!


When Su Tianxi opened her eyes, she saw that Sheng Yichen had come in front of him and looked down at her down.

At the moment when his eyes were crossing, Su Tianxi seemed to be in the mind and forgot to react in an instant.

Raise his head, his eyes condensed.

What I keep passing on my mind is the scenes in the dream.

He hugged her, he kissed her …

That person seemed to jump out of dreams, came to her, and became the man in front of him.

Become Sheng Yichen!IntersectionIntersection

"Stick orange juice on my hand."

The sound of sudden came from Su Tianxi instantly.

She stood up from the sofa in a hurry: "Ah? I …"

It was empty in my mind, and I didn’t know what to do for a while.


Wipe your fingers.

She finally remembered,

Raise your hand to get the paper towels on the table, and a clear hand with a bone festival draws the paper towel first.

Her wrist was held,

The man’s fingers were slightly harder, holding her wrist and pulled in front of them.

The dry fingertips fell on her skin with temperature, making Su Tianxi shudder, and she felt that her hair was about to explode.

This feeling … too familiar!

Let her distinguish whether it is a dream or reality now.

The paper towels fell on her fingertips and took away the orange juice on her fingers.

Sheng Yichen’s eyes hang down, and the eyelashes cover the emotions under his eyes. Su Tianxi can’t see his eyes, but he does not dare to look at his expression.

But the movement on the fingertips is very gentle and serious, and

A serious man always makes people feel excited. Su Tianxi feels that the orange juice she is broken by her is volatile in the air, turning into a silk sweetness.

The expression on her face changed too clearly and was completely income in the camera.

The barrage was screaming.

【sweet!Sweet me!.

["Slag husband" is rubbing Xixi’s fingers!Good!.

[He is good!Who can live this!.

[This hand … so familiar!And the voice just now … 槽!Shengying Emperor!.

【impossible!Absolutely impossible!Emperor Sheng Ying said that he never had a variety show..

[Shengying Emperor Prescription, ah ah!Brother, ask you to have some idol baggage..


One hand, one voice is enough to burn the comment area, and the barrage brush quickly.

Su Tianxi has no intention of the consequences in the barrage,

All her thoughts now are condensed on the man in front of the man,

The fingers have been wiped clean,

Sheng Yichen pine her hand, raised her eyes slightly, and looked at her: "How many months are pregnancy?"

"Three months!"

Su Tianxi blurted out,

When the sound was spread out, she suddenly reacted, but it was too late.

Oh my god!What did she say?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

The secret of pregnancy is secret. How can she tell the truth to Shang Sheng Yichen’s eyes?Intersection

Is this man’s eyes magic?

"I … I mean the three months of pregnancy …"

Su Tianxi moved his body and pulled away from Sheng Yichen.

The fingers hanging on the side pinch the skirt tightly, and the fine cold sweat penetrated out of the palm.

The strong sight fell on her body, making her back trembling, and there was an illusion of being seen through at a glance.

"Shengying, are you here to play with me?"

Su Tianxi tried to transfer the topic,

Sheng Yichen gathered his eyes and covered the sophisticated light: "Director Xu tells you how to perform?"

"Say … say!"

Su Tianxi took out the script and handed his hands over.

After Sheng Yichen took it, she immediately stood down.

That’s not good!

[Xi Xi is so good!It is estimated that it was scared by the Emperor Sheng..

[Xi Xi!Don’t counsel!Emperor Shengying now acts as a scumbag chasing his wife and abuse him!.

[Shengying emperor played a scum boyfriend, so I feel bad!He is suitable for the strong president to chase his wife..

[Woman, give birth to my child and give you a billion billion..

[This is the taste upstairs..

Su Tianxi also felt that Sheng Yichen was not suitable for scum men. She asked tentatively: "Shengying emperor, do you really want to play according to the script?"

There are only a few pieces of paper in the script, and Sheng Yichen passed over after turning it: "You can change it."


Su Tianxi nodded hard and agreed.

She dare not perform according to the original plot,

Who is Sheng Yichen!That is the top film emperor.

If he really abused him, his nine -digit fans scolded her to spray her into a sieve.

"Emperor Shengying, how do you change?"

Sheng Yichen: "Do you want me to chase you?"

Do you want me to chase you?Intersection

Is it?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Who doesn’t want this!

Su Tianxi screamed on the bottom of the heart,

Who doesn’t want to!Ah ah ah!

But she dare not!IntersectionIntersection

"This … don’t use it!"

Su Tianxi pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled twice: "There are writing in the script, but it can still be changed. However, the Emperor Sheng Ying was really dedicated, and he was indeed a senior."

Sheng Yichen: "That’s it."


Su Tianxi looked at him in shock. Dare to love the phrase "No need", the film emperor did not hear a word.

"Princess Beats the Queen" is a live broadcast, and the other three groups of guests also have a separate live broadcast room.

In the first two issues, there were not many people in Su Tianxi’s live broadcast room, but today the number of people in the live broadcast room after being born in Yichen’s birth room has begun to soar, and now it has exceeded 200,000.

Looking at the value of soaring, Su Tianxi buzzed in his mind.

She finally understood what the uneasiness after entering this villa means. If she knew that the actor who played with her was Sheng Yichen, she absolutely ran faster than a rabbit.

Now running is definitely not enough. Su Tianxi can only perform hard to play … How to perform?

Ah ah ah!

She doesn’t know how to perform at all!

Her hands are at a loss, and the eyes of Sheng Yichen are at a loss,

The deep eyes pass through the smile,

Micro -expressions are very cute.

Want to tease!

Sheng Yichen: "Have you played the show before?"

"Perform … play."

Su Tianxi’s eyes were hanging down and did not dare to look at him.

"From my appearance to the present, have you been performing?"


Su Tianxi’s head was lower, and he was self -contained.

He was criticized by the top movie emperor, she is not a good actor!

The barrage must be distressed.

[Don’t quarrel my family Xi Xi!.

[What is going on with Shengying Emperor?Are you holding the script of the cremation field of his wife, do you dare to train your wife?.

[Director Xu: I never expected that the plot just started!.

[Script: Does anyone respect me?.

After the short -term loss, Su Tianxi quickly adjusted his emotions,

She squeezed her thin white fingers, raised her head to condense Yichen’s eyes: "Sorry just now, I will perform well without adjusting my emotions."

"Play normally, look forward to your performance."

Sheng Yichen’s phrase was like a mentor’s comment, which instantly filled the tense atmosphere.

Su Tianxi started to sweat again,

She thought that there was a comment in the barrage just now that "it must be particularly happy to be a couple with the king of the film."

Are you happy?

Not happy at all,

She is so nervous to death now.

"Following the normal way between couples, but the main rhythm is on me, I will drive. If what I do makes you uncomfortable, you can refuse directly."

Sheng Yichen leaned slightly and looked at Su Tianxi’s eyes: "Remember, now it’s me chasing you."

"Remember, remember!"

Su Tianxi said in his mouth, where did she dare to refuse the top film emperor!

There is no way to perform this scene!

Now the cremation field is not Sheng Yichen, but her!

Sheng Yichen’s eyes fell on her,

It was found that her skirt sleeves were short, and her white arms were exposed.

This is no problem in summer, but it looks a little thin in the air -conditioned house.

Sheng Yichen gave Zhou Yu a gesture: "On the second floor, take a shirt."

Zhou Yu immediately went upstairs to get his clothes.

Su Tianxi was muddy, and after Sheng Yichen told her the development of the plot, she was thinking about how to get along with Sheng Yichen.

She has never been in love and does not know what to get along with men and women.

In the past, even if it was a soy sauce character, the director would probably talk about the direction of the performance.

Now Sheng Yichen said a simple sentence, so that she could not catch the direction of the plot.

But she didn’t dare to ask, she was afraid that the top film emperor would abandon her stupid.

so hard!

The shoulder sank, and the soft fabric is covered on the body.

Su Tianxi’s eyes,

Seeing the casual jacket on his body, and the man’s long and powerful fingers.

Sheng Yichen put her jacket,

Even if he knows it is acting, Su Tianxi is still difficult to rush.

She shrank her shoulders and wanted to avoid shyness,

Suddenly the smell of ancient dragon water, rich and sticky, invaded her nasal cavity and stirred her stomach.

Turn over the river

Su Tianxi stretched out his hand subconsciously, pushed his shoulders, and pushed him away.


The sound of retching comes,

Sheng Yichen scratched Su Tianxi’s quickly flashing figure,

The girl rushed to the bathroom with her mouth covering her mouth.

"? !!!"

Sheng Yichen twisted an eyebrow,

Su Tianxi was disgusting by him?

The barrage was detonated,

[Is Sheng Yingying abandoned?.

[I have to bear it if I was disgusted..

[Why did Xi Xi vomit suddenly?Act?Still vomiting?.

[Most of them are acting!Didn’t you all write the script?Chasing his wife’s cremation field, how can it be so easy to catch up!.

[Interesting!So why did it vomit?.

Sheng Yichen also has the same question,

Why do you vomit?

If it is pregnant, it will come too fast.

His gaze fell in the direction of the bathroom and heard the sound of vomiting.

Walking over and preparing to check the situation, Su Tianxi has come out of it.

Her face was white and her eyes were unpredictable.

Sheng Yichen: "Why did you vomit suddenly?"

"You!" Su Tianxi retreated with his nose covering his nose. "Can you stay away from me?"


Sheng Yichen’s eyebrows tightened: "I make you disgusting?"

"No … no!"

Su Tianxi covered his mouth and said helplessly, "It’s not disgusting you, it’s … the smell of perfume on you, which makes me a little uncomfortable."

Sheng Yichen bowed his head and smelled: "This is the taste of car perfume, do you not like it?"

Su Tianxi regretted that sentence just now,

She is really bold, dare to pick the perfume smell of the top of the film.

"I’m okay … it’s fine for a while."

Su Tianxi knew that this was pregnant, but she didn’t dare to say this.

"Go back to the living room and wait."

Sheng Yichen turned upstairs, and the figure quickly drowned in the stairs.

Su Tianxi looked at the empty staircase, and his eyes were blank.

Where are you going?

Where did she dare to ask if she dared to ask,

Su Tianxi returned to the living room according to Sheng Yichen, and saw the barrage as asked about the situation just now.

"Why do you vomit? That must be performed!"

There are many fans in the live broadcast room,

Su Tianxi did not dare to say that the smell of the perfume of the top movie emperor will be pregnant. She lies in a scalp: "The smell of the perfume of the film is very good, but the pregnant woman cannot smell too much perfume. I changed the plot and pretended to be pretendingSmoked for pregnancy. "

Where is pretending!

It was spit!

Su Tianxi blocked his mouth with his hands and said softly: "The lines in the script originally wrote" You go away, I’m disgusting you ". I dare not say it! He is the film emperor, but I have to play it.","

I’m very embarrassed!

So don’t scold me!do not scold me!

Daily life

The barrage was asking where Sheng Yichen went, Su Tianxi said it was unclear.

The second floor bedroom,

Sheng Yichen stood at the door of the bathroom and sent a bottle of shower gel.

"Brother Sheng, this is the shower gel you want."

Sheng Yichen took the shower gel and entered the bathroom.

He stayed in it for 20 minutes, washed it twice and determined that there was no perfume smell on his body.

At the moment the door of the bathroom opened, the rich citrus fragrance permeated in the air.

Zhou Yu stood at the door of the bathroom and clearly smelled the citrus.

His expression was confused: "Brother Sheng, don’t you hate the orange incense shower gel most?"

Sheng Yichen: "I hate it."

But someone likes it!

This time, Zhou Yu is even more puzzled,

Sheng Yichen has always done me, and never force himself to accept what he doesn’t like.

Very abnormal today!

Sheng Yichen came downstairs,

At a glance, I saw the beautiful figure on the sofa.

Su Tianxi leaned forward and looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room.

Her waist showed a beautiful arc, her side face was stained with magnificent light under the light, her hands were supported at the lower jaw, and her head tilted her head was pure and sweet.

Sheng Yichen has seen a lot in the entertainment industry,

Like the clouds and smoke, he will not leave any impression on him.

But Su Tianxi is different,

Her sweetness seemed to be wiped on his heart, spread quickly, and spread all corners of the heart.

very special!

In this life, he always encounters a special existence.

He seemed to meet this special person.

Sheng Yichen hooked the corners of his lips,

A rare smile appeared on the handsome handsome face.

He strode over–

Hearing footsteps, Su Tianxi turned back subconsciously,

All the clothes on Sheng Yichen were replaced, and the original white shirts and black trousers had become a casual suit of earth color.

The earth color is very eye -catching, Sheng Yichen can be perfectly controlled, the precious and elegant, attractive attention.

Some people are the sun in the sky, the unique light and dazzling

No matter where he goes, his light can always make people ignore.

The barrage is excited

[AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMy brother is so handsome!.

[Is this a couple?Xi Xi is a pale yellow skirt, and the Emperor Shengsheng changed the earth’s casual outfit.Well!The acting is the same as true.No one clarified, and I started to make yellow rumors..

[Only I wondered why Shengying Emperor changed clothes?.

Seeing this barrage, Sheng Yichen answered naturally: "The smell of perfume in the car is stained on her body and it is not good for pregnant women. Just wash away the smell of perfume … This is my negligence and will not be in the future."

It turned out that he went to take a bath!

Su Tianxi looked at the side quietly,

The broken hair of Sheng Yichen’s forehead is slightly wet, and the hairstyle is slightly different from just now.

I was afraid she felt uncomfortable and even washed her hair again.

It’s really good!

The faint citrus aroma on his body was refreshing.

Su Tianxi thought of the shower gel that had been used when she took the advertisement that day.

At that time, she praised the shower gel and made Sheng Yichen smell it.

Is it because of the good smell she said, so did he deliberately use the same shower gel?


Don’t think about it!

Su Tianxi shook his head vigorously,

【Well!Brother is so considerate!.

[Are you really acting?How do you feel that there are no performances at all?.

[The words of the film emperor are not screaming in vain. If you see the traces of the performance, it is not the Emperor Sheng..

[Brother entered the play soon!Xi Xi’s play is also good, it looks like she is really pregnant..

[Shengying Emperor has always been very serious about acting. When I remember "End Road", I also went to the prison for three months to observe the daily life of the prisoner.Now to experience the scumbag chasing his wife in the variety show, it can be regarded as preparing for the new drama!.

After watching the barrage after watching the barrage, Su Tianxi admired Sheng Yichen even more.



Her gaze fell on Sheng Yichen, her eyes looked like a fan girl to see idols.

Such a sight usually has seen too much, and he should be used to it.

But appeared in Su Tianxi, but frowned with unhappy,

he does not like!


"Pay attention to your eyes."

Sheng Yichen’s finger shakes in front of Su Tianxi’s eyes: "Look at me, should it be that?"


Su Tianxi’s back is straight,

The tension named by the instructor came again!

"I should……?!"

"Look at your child’s father, what should you look like?"

Oh!Su Tianxi wanted to cover her face.

Film emperor, you talk about the show, don’t talk so much!


Su Tianxi wants to stop talking,

Sheng Yichen: "Continue to say."

"… Hate!"

Su Tianxi’s tone becomes culprit: "Yes! It’s hate! The scumbag is back, hate him! Hate him, can’t wait to kill him with a knife."

Sheng Yichen frowned, his eyes dyed frost, which was a little cold.

She is pretending?Intersection

He deliberately ignored his hints and did not admit that he was a child.

He kept hinting from entering the door, but Su Tianxi was pretending to be stupid and did not mean to show his cards with him.

What is her purpose?

And the last time I met at the beach, he stood with her face, and she could not recognize him.

Why didn’t you mention that night?Didn’t say something about pregnancy?

Sheng Yichen had too many questions, and he wanted to find the answer.

"Emperor Shadin, isn’t I understand?"

Su Tianxi keenly aware of Sheng Yichen’s micro -expression, and tentatively said: "Isn’t it hate?"

Sheng Yichen’s emotions from his eyes, without moving: "If you hate him, why not kill the children in the stomach?"

Double barrier

Su Tianxi blinked,

Sheng Yichen felt that she understood: "Talk about your thoughts."

Su Tianxi boldly said: "No child is killed, because the child is innocent!"

Sheng Yichen twisted his eyebrows, his lips tightly.

Leave his child just because the child is innocent?

Does it have nothing to do with him?

Su Tianxi felt that Sheng Yichen was discussing the role of the script and studying the plot.

She took out twelve points seriously and said her understanding of the plot and role: "Isn’t it all popular now to stay and stay in the son? It must not want a man to conceal pregnancy, just want a baby."

Sheng Yichen’s fingers on his side pinch one by one,

So one go to the father!

Su Tianxi never came to him after pregnancy, and pretended not to know him.

Obviously, I do n’t ask for responsibility, I just want to take him away.


He won’t let this woman feel like it.

Such as an invasion delete

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