Twin HCG reference value, give you the earliest surprise

The double -double buds are waiting to be released. For the expectant mothers who are pregnant with twins, a kind of joy is a family happiness.In general, many people determine that they will check the B -ultrasound when they are pregnant, and they will also check HGG (human choricular gonadotropin). So what is this HGG?HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta.So, what is the reference value of the twin HCG?

According to relevant research data, if the reference value of HGG is higher than a single value, it can be diagnosed as a twin.HCG reference value: pregnancy: 3–4 weeks: 9–130 (MIU/ml) 4–5 weeks: 75–2600 pregnancy 5-6 weeks: 850–208003 pregnancy 6-7 weeks:4000–100200 pregnancy 7–12 weeks: 11500–289000 pregnancy 12–16 weeks: 18300–137000 pregnancy 16–29 weeks: 1400-3000 pregnancy 29-41 weeks

Under normal circumstances, the amount of HCG secreted by the normal development of fluff is very large, and the daily titer continues to rise rapidly, up 66%every 48 hours.9 days after postpartum or after abortion, the HCG value will return to normal.Therefore, expectant mothers should regularly go to the hospital for examination to pay close attention to the baby’s health.Listening to doctors’ suggestions, this is more conducive to the healthy growth of the babies.

If the increase in the increase is less than 66%, the possibility of poor ectopic pregnancy or internal pregnancy.So at this time, go to the hospital for treatment or hospitalization.Doctors will give professional advice based on specific circumstances.If it is difficult to confirm with HCG, it can also be used as auxiliary diagnosis.

Therefore, HCG has important reference value for clinical gynecological diseases, especially patients with acute abdomen diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment and treatment of treatment plans, and treatment.At this time, family members need to give pregnant women more care and understand.This is also good for the mood of pregnant women.

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