Two abortion, after cutting off the fallopian tube on the side, she continues to rely on forgiveness and successfully prepare for pregnancy.

The young people of the post -1980s generation today

When facing the problem of getting married and having children

There will always be a choice of polarization

If it weren’t for the extreme to persist

Donaldiac, Dink

Otherwise, just focusing on the family economy

Pressure with physical conditions

Oath to go to the end

Just like the next couple in the entertainment industry

They just followed Luo Liwei’s overseas Chinese

Another pair of the main force of fertility

Just noon today

Singer Chen Baiyu’s wife Fu Xiaowei

Suddenly send a series on social networks

House photos with husband and daughter

Look at these photos

Fu Xiaowei’s lower abdomen has been slightly raised

She snuggled her husband happily in a while

A show of a black and white B -ultrasound photo

Wear a baby apron in a while, drag on the ground

A photo with her husband and daughter came up with a ghost horse

Among them, the daughter still holds a doll on her left hand

Holding a bottle with right hand

See this battle

I believe everyone can guess Fu Xiaowei

The meaning of sending this column of photos

That is, the official announced that he was pregnant with the second child

Although Fu Xiaowei’s sex of this child

Still a daughter

Pass the wishes of many parents and children

But Fu Xiaowei words

Still full of surprises, expectations and gratitude

"Last year, I told myself that I did n’t have the courage to get pregnant again. This year I did n’t think of God to give me a gift. Thank you for being pregnant again …"

Seeing Fu Xiaowei’s words

Maybe everyone will find it strange

Because for most women

Pregnancy is an easy thing

Especially Fu Xiaowei

Age -age women who have had a child

Even if the second child is pregnant, it is quite common

Why did she perform

Unusual excitement

That’s because for Fu Xiaowei

This second child is not one

Unexpected accidents

It is a miracle that I dare not think


Speaking of Chen Baiyu and Fu Xiaowei

It can also be regarded as a pair of bitter life on the road

Although they got married in 2017

Soon I gave birth to my eldest daughter ABI

But wait until my daughter is three years old

When you want to regenerate the second child

But encountered a wave of two discounts

First, Fu Xiaowei detected after pregnancy

Because the stomach is severe in the hospital

It turned out that the fertilized egg was bed in bed

Instead of ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube

I have to remove the fallopian tube on the side

As a result, the chance of pregnancy is greatly discounted

But it is difficult to get pregnant.

Soon after you didn’t expect

That is at the beginning of last year

Fu Xiaowei is pregnant with a second child again

It’s even more than a month of pregnancy

Blood test found that the second child was a boy

Facing the fate of this child and daughter

Chen Baiyu and Fu Xiaowei, of course

Expressive, rush to tell each other

But when it was receiving Tang’s screening

A sunny day of thunderbolt but split down

All because of the male baby in Fu Xiaowei’s belly

Diagnosed by a doctor

5,000ths of the chance

"Edward Syndrome"

Even if it is born hard, it is

The left and right brains are not separated

There are no abnormal children with nasal bones and exposed intestines

(Mrs. Chen Baiyu has a deep abortion: There is no possibility of abortion in both babies, and her husband is eager to give birth to a child after the business is ended.

For that past

My pig Mimi once detailed in the previous push

The official who wants to know the specific situation

You can click the above link to relive

Anyway, after two consecutive miscarriage

Fu Xiaowei is also hit hard

Once sadly expressed

"I will never get pregnant anymore in my life, so I have to take a set of photos during pregnancy to commemorate the last pregnancy and my son who can’t be born!"

Looking back at Chen Baiyu and Fu Xiaowei

The photo of the pregnancy of pregnancy last year was taken last year

Although the two look like

Happiness, optimistic and open -minded

It’s like nothing

But the joy in front of people is merged

It does not mean that people are not sad after they do not feel sad

Maybe it’s just a matter

The reason why the two sides are in a bad mood

The two of them once had a crisis of marriage change

That’s June last year

Fu Xiaowei just accepted

Shortly after abortion surgery

Suddenly on your social network

Send a thousand words to control the complaint

Husband does not care and disrespect

Even the urge to run away from home

"If it wasn’t for my daughter, I ran away from home.You will cherish me, it’s not worthwhile to be stepped on! "

At that time, Fu Xiaowei’s thousand -character long text came out

Many people feel subconsciously

There is a problem with their marriage

It was even alarmed to the media for a time

Call Chen Baiyu to care about the specific situation

And receiving from the friend media

After the inquiry of the party

Chen Baiyu appeared on fire for the first time

Similarly using thousands of long texts will self -review yourself

Will do their best in the future and respect my wife

It is said that women are to coax

Chen Baiyu’s active review of this

Immediately medicine to get sick

The relationship between the husband and wife is also fast and the sky is fine.

After the husband and wife relationship improves

The fortune of the family has gradually risen

Ordered by Fu Xiaowei miraculous

Real pregnancy is successful again, so it can be seen from this

In fact, Fu Xiaowei’s emotions and grievances

It’s all from being unable to complete

The second child dream of mind

Now that I finally dream come true

So all troubles and complaints

Naturally, it is solved

But the story is here

There must be many people who feel strange

"This Fu Xiaowei has no fallopian tubes on one side of one side, and the second miscarriage is exhausted and exhausted. She is not at home in her family.The economy is not too much, why don’t she fight for the second child? Where is the courage? "

Everyone, for girls like Fu Xiaowei

There is no need for mines or courage to give birth to the second child.

Just one chance, one lucky

Because she was a model from a model

There is no great ideal for career

There is no big plan for life

I just hope to find a well

There are a few smart and lovely children

After the rest of my life, I lived peacefully

Happy and happy husband and husband to teach the child life

No, Fu Xiaowei is because of

I especially like children in myself

That’s why she was in October last year

The crisis of economic decline in the epidemic

I invested in seven digits to create a children’s clothing brand

I also got the support of Wu Yuyu’s daughter

In the words of Fu Xiaowei

The original intention of opening this store is

"Since the birth of my daughter, I found that buying clothes for children is a skillful thing. It is difficult to buy and beautiful and good quality clothes. Therefore, based on this reason, I decided to create a brand that pursues fabrics and design generous design."

Fu Xiaowei a few words

Can be said to have a mother

Care and love for your daughter

Imagine if not

He is a mother who brings the child

How can there be such a personal experience?

So we have to admit

The world is both

"I want to be beautiful alone" big heroine

There are also children and children

As a little woman who is responsible and pursuing

In the hearts of the little women

It is an indispensable life experience for having children

It is part of personal growth

Even the way women realize value

As for the husband, it is a comrade -in -arms who play monsters and upgrades together

It is an important partner that cannot be missing on the road of life

Although you can question

This kind of woman will always

Life value and future hope

They are pinned on others

No self, not strong enough

But life is like this

Whether you are strong or not are just self -pursuit

You can not pursue

So I choose

It itself is just a bifurcation intersection

Not a right or wrong proposition

As long as you are willing

As long as there is no emotion, as long as it can afford

So live and not

How many of them are personal freedom?

Finally, I hope Fu Xiaowei’s second child daughter

Born smoothly, grow up healthy and healthy

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