Two weeks of pregnancy suddenly stomachache, but it turned out to be pregnant with acute appendicitis

A mother who was pregnant for more than 6 months shared a thrilling event in her life:

On the 26th week of pregnancy, the stomach suddenly had a pain in the morning, and immediately called an ambulance to the hospital. At that time, the pain index gradually decreased. After the basic examination, the blood test report only showed that the white blood cells were high.normal phenomenon.In the end, the doctor’s diagnosis was the ligament strain, which means that it was fine at all. The fever began to have a fever of about 38 degrees that night.

The next day I went to my private gynecologist. She pressed my stomach roughly and said that there was a rejuvenation pain, and 80 % were appendicitis!At this time, the B -ultrasound showed that the baby and the uterus were okay. Let me go to the hospital for an emergency consultation. If it is really acute appendicitis, it cannot be delayed. If the purulent is severe, it will cause perforation or infection with the uterus. Not to mention children, adults may not be kept.

Sure enough, the results of B -ultrasound show that it is acute appendicitis during pregnancy!It is necessary to surgery immediately. Doctors come to talk to us risks. Doctors say that there are very few appendicitis during pregnancy, and there are only one or two cases they receive a year.My relatives were very worried at the time, and I ended up in the operating room with tears.The operation of the operation was more than two hours. The first feeling after waking up was the pain. I couldn’t feel the baby’s fetal movement at all. I didn’t take a breath until I saw the baby’s heartbeat on the instrument.

After the operation, the hospital was very torment, it was very painful and weak, and I ate all porridge. My husband said that the heart disease was almost frightened in those days, and the beard was white.Fortunately, I met a doctor with a strong minimally invasive surgery and had three wounds for surgery. I thought that I would open a big knife to cut the appendix.Remind your mothers to prepare for the body for pregnancy and discover the problems in time. It is very serious to not wait until the outbreak of pregnancy.

Acute appendicitis is a kind of surgical complicated symptoms during pregnancy. The incidence rate of foreign data is 0.1%to 2.9%, and the domestic data is 0.1%to 2.95%. Generally, acute appendicitis occurs in the first June of pregnancy.Due to the rapid development of the disease during pregnancy, it is easy to cause perforation and peritoneal mucosa. It is a serious complication. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are very important.During pregnancy, as the uterus gradually increases, the cecum and appendix moved upward, and the clinical manifestations were not obvious, which would cause difficulties to the diagnosis.

There is a misunderstanding that people often mention.Then to the appendix, the food has passed through the entire digestive system, and it reaches the appendix through long -term digestion and absorption.For walking half an hour to one hour after a meal, slight activity can promote gastrointestinal operation, increase the secretion of digestive juice, and finally achieve the digestion of food digestion and absorption of the digestive system.What to avoid is actually strenuous exercise, such as running, playing, and so on.

Generally, there will be obvious symptoms during acute appendicitis.

Mai’s tenderness

The appendix is located on the right nest of the right side. Mai’s point is the body surface projection point at the root of the appendix. It often feels tenderness with my fingers.However, due to the increase in uterus during pregnancy, this obvious judgment characteristics are not easy to recognize.

Bryan test

Let the patient lie on the right side and move the pregnancy uterus to the right. If it causes pain, it means that the pain comes from the non -uterine organs.

Alder test

Put your fingers at the most obvious tender point in the appendix area, and stand on the left side to make the pregnancy uterine shift to the left. If the pain is reduced, it means that the pain comes from the uterus.The possibility of appendicitis is greater.

Don’t stay at home every day, go to the small garden downstairs to make a step, so that your body can move every day.

It is not advisable to eat foods that can cause gastrointestinal stones in the diet. Especially in an empty stomach, avoid eating persimmons, milk soy milk, hawthorn, tomatoes. For women with chronic appendicitis with high frequency, the appendix can be considered before pregnancy to avoid seizures during pregnancy.

Although the chance of acute appendicitis during pregnancy is not high, don’t panic if you encounter it. Early treatment and early treatment. If you are suspected of suffering from appendicitis, you must go to the hospital for the first time."The mentality will pass".Missing the good opportunity for treatment, causing acute peritonitis, there will be danger of life.

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