Unbearable anal pain!Men said: I never thought a woman was more likely to get sick

Anal fissure is a common or multiple anal disease that is known for its severe pain and difficulty in healing.The disease will not only affect the health of the patient, but also bring a certain negative impact on the mental state.In medical research, we found that the incidence of anal fissures in women was higher than men, which surprised many male patients.So what causes it?May wish to learn through the content of the article!

1. Introduction to anal fissure

Anal fissure is characterized by the vertical cracks of mucosa or skin in the anal area. This crack is usually located in the lower part of the anal rectal tube, and is accompanied by symptoms such as pain and difficulty. Some people call it difficult to withstand anal pain.Holding stool for a long time, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, long -term constipation and vaginal delivery are the main causes of anal fissure.Once anal fissures occur, it is recommended to actively adjust the dietary habits and do a good job of anal care. If necessary, consider using a soft agent or mild laxative under the guidance of the doctor to relieve the symptoms.If the non -surgical treatment effect is poor and the symptoms have seriously affected the quality of life, it is recommended to further repair anal fissure through surgery.

Second, the reasons for the anal fissure "heavy female light men"

First of all, women have some special factors in the physiological structure, making them more likely to develop anal fissure than men.Women’s anal tissue is relatively relaxed, increasing the possibility of anal fissure.In addition, women may have digestive tract problems such as constipation and diarrhea during physiological, and these factors will also increase the risk of anal fissure.

Secondly, women’s risk of anal fissure will increase due to many changes in the body during pregnancy and delivery.During pregnancy, an increase in uterine compression of the rectum and pelvic area may cause constipation or increased intestinal pressure, which will cause anal fissure.During childbirth, factors such as pulling, squeezing and tearing of muscles will also increase the incidence of anal fissure.

Finally, women are more vulnerable to certain lifestyle and physiological changes, which leads to the greater risk of anal fissure.For example, women often use soft and well -absorbing toilet paper. This behavior may cause friction and irritation, damage the skin and mucous membranes around the anus, and then cause anal fissure.In addition, some women may have gastrointestinal problems such as constipation before and after menstruation, and they will also exacerbate anal fissure in the long run.

3. For women, preventing anal fissures is very important, we also give some suggestions:

1. Balanced diet

Daily developing and maintaining low -fat and high dietary fiber eating habits, such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, oats and other foods, it helps to prevent constipation and promote the health of the digestive system.

2. Drink enough water

Daily intake of sufficient water can increase the water content in the body, help soften feces, reduce pressure during defecation and the risk of anal fissure.

3. Regular defecation

When there is a intention, go to the toilet to discharge in time to avoid stools to prevent excessive pressure from the occurrence of constipation.

4. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Whether it is a urination or a stool, you can wipe it with a soft toilet paper, but pay attention to avoid excessive wipes, thereby reducing the stimulation caused by the skin around the anus.

5. Follow doctors’ suggestions

If you are pregnant or planned to give birth, please consult the doctor’s suggestion on preventing anal fissures and follow the doctor’s guidance to choose the appropriate childbirth method.

Anal fissure is a common and painful anal disease. Although women are more likely to develop anal fissure than men, preventive measures can reduce the risk of onset.Of course, this does not mean that men can ignore this disease, and it is necessary to prevent anal fissures and maintain good health in daily life.If there are still doubts or related symptoms, it is recommended to take time to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant examinations and treatment.

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