Under the circumstances when menstruation comes

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Some friends who have been delayed menstruation are always worried about whether they are pregnant, but friends who come to menstruation will also worry about whether they are pregnant, so today I have compiled some related matters about whether pregnancy will be pregnant.And what are the signs of pregnancy? How long does it take to react and other problems.Under the circumstances when menstruation comes?

If menstruation comes, will you get pregnant?

1. Do not menstruation

First of all, the real pregnancy, and the healthy women who are pregnant will not come to menstruation, and it is possible to have menstruation until the baby is born.

Some friends do not feed, so menstruation will come in the second month.Some friends have menstruation one month after feeding their babies, and some friends will come to menstruation when feeding, but no matter what, I will definitely not have menstruation when I am pregnant!

2. Is the menopause pregnant?

Young girls are generally more likely to be pregnant, but it depends on your own physical condition.

For example, I just came to the menstruation, my body was not very good, and I had a menstruation for a while. I had no menstruation for about 2 months.Here comes you to rest assured again.

In fact, it is a warning of the body that warn you that your body is not very good! Pay attention to regulating your body and diet!

3. Bleeding 3 months after pregnancy

I was pregnant for the first time. After 2 months, I checked without fetal heart. In fact, I should have a abortion surgery at this time, but I think there should be no problem. After the third month, I bleed.Called abortion.When I was hospitalized at the hospital, the doctor opened an abortion.

A very distressed encounter, the first baby was gone! Later, a colleague said that this was called naturally eliminated, and the unhealthy baby was flowing! The psychology was not so guilty!

4. Bleeding after normal pregnancy

After pregnancy, a small amount of bleeding may occur, which will cause some experienced novice mummy to panic, thinking that it is a aunt to visit again.In fact, vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is not a true menstruation.It may also be a problem with the cervix, but it can be understood as a physiological reaction after fertilized eggs after bed.

I had a little blood in 4 months during my second pregnancy, but there was no problem after doing the B -best.The phenomenon like me is the above situation.(At that time, I had moderate cervical erosion, it was estimated that this problem had a little blood) it was normal.

5. Luteone is low

The baby is healthy but the vagina is bleeding, so go to the hospital to check whether the ketone is normal

My colleague is that the progesterone has always been very low, and the pregnancy is very careful, and the result is still bleeding.Later, I went to work until 3 months, and I had to play progesterone every day.

If the vagina is bleeding, you must go to the hospital to check HCG and B -ultrasound to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

6. Pseudo -pregnancy

Other friends had a normal red bar and a light pink bar, and thought they were pregnant, but they came to menstruation after 10 days.

This is actually a pseudo -pregnancy, not really pregnant.

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