Under the epidemic, people flow or medicine?This is a problem

During this time, because of the sudden new coronary virus, people who were forced to stay at home have also changed greatly.

"House" at home, how many people used to be the most "longing" life in their hearts, but the rhythm of life that was broken suddenly also made many people in the house began to hover on the edge of the collapse. It was really about to be broken.So far, I believe that many men have finally had a personal experience of "postpartum depression".

Of course, in addition to the "" house, the bed exercise is also indispensable. Many women will encounter an embarrassing problem, such as the following.

The measures are not in place, and they are lucky … no matter what kind of reason, the results are the same, after pregnancy, do you want it?

Pregnant pregnancy in this time, for some female friends, I am afraid that they are not aborted, but are preparing to do a checkup.What should I do when I really need a miscarriage?Don’t worry, there are two good news:

First, Chinese experts have just released the "Expert Guidance Opinions to Termid Early pregnancy under the epidemic of new coronary virus pneumonia". Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Second, when the epidemic control is stable, the family planning outpatient clinics of various places began to restore normal abortion surgery.

Let’s take a look at the special features of abortion in the state of epidemic.

First, go to the hospital after going to the hospital for a registered treatment.In addition to following the conventional process, patients and family members must conduct relevant medical history screening.

The body temperature at the door and the normal body temperature continues to see the doctor. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius, you need to transfer to a popular kidney clinic and implement it in accordance with the relevant regulations of the hospital.

Second, only one family was allowed to enter when he was clinic.Doctors and visits should keep a distance of 1.0 to 1.5m.

Do a gynecological examination and gynecological B time, and the clinic person is a single scarf and single pad.It is recommended to use abdominal ultrasound to avoid yin super, and prevent pollution of the secretions of the visitor.

Third, during the pre-miscarriage test, except for conventional tests such as blood routine and the five hepatitis B itself, the detection of CRP and blood sinks in most COVID-19 patients with COVID-19 patients need to be increased.Blood routine pays attention to white blood cell count and lymphocyte count.

If painless abortion, chest CT examination should be performed before surgery to avoid leaking lung inflammatory lesions, resulting in virus dissemination during surgery.

Fourth, the drug and logistics abortion needs to be observed for a long time and needs to be repeatedly diagnosed. It is recommended to suspend during the epidemic period; incomplete abortions and abortion of alive can be used to use home auxiliary drugs or expect for treatment.The risk of infection, but it is necessary to understand that there is risk of vaginal hemorrhage during observation. If the vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain must be visited immediately, do not continue to wait at home.

This is the most commonly received problem when I consulted on the Internet. In fact, no matter what kind of abortion, you do n’t have a miscarriage if you can abortion.

Mechanism of drug flow

Ultra -dose of rice non -fidone, combined with prostaglandin preparation of rice cablemol, so that the embryo is stripped from the mother’s body, and the embryo is eliminated through the shrinkage of the uterus.

Drug abortion is generally used for three days, embryos are usually discharged on the third day, and the decontamination is discharged within 1-2 weeks.After taking the medicine, the embryo fell completely, and the bleeding was not much. It did not need to be cleared. Wait for 7-10 days to review it.If there are many bleeding during the drug flow, or the tissue fabric is stuck in the cervix or the gestational sac that cannot be dropped, it is necessary to immediately perform the Qing Palace surgery.

The degree of pain in this clearance surgery may be smaller than the direct abortion pain. Because of the effect of the drug, the cervix has been relaxed. It is unobstructed without pain. The patients can be completed soon.

Advantages and disadvantages of drug flow

Advantages: It is likely that there is no need for uterine cavity operations to reduce the chance of adhesion infection.

Disadvantages: For a long time, long abdominal pain time, 10 % of the chances of drug flow fails, you need to clear the palace.After a long period of bleeding, there are more times to go to the hospital.

Mechanism of flow

The flow of people is absorbing the embryo through negative pressure. At present, many hospitals are supplemented by venous anesthesia, which is painless abortion.The operation time is short, about 5-10 minutes.For experienced surgeons, about 99%of this operation can be completed smoothly.The bleeding time after the abortion is short, about a week, and some people recover slowly, which takes about two weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of people flow

Advantages: fast, less bleeding, no abdominal pain under intravenous anesthesia, but there will be abdominal pain caused by uterine contraction after surgery. The painless abortion does not mean that the recovery period is not pain.The number of times went to the hospital after surgery.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to operate the uterine cavity. It is found that the chance of infection or adhesion of the uterine cavity is higher than that of the medicine, but it is not that there is no risk of drug abortion.As long as it is abortion, these situations may occur.

In some cases, if the surgeon is not skilled or has uterine fibroids, the uterus will remain at extreme back and forth, and the second operation is required.

Drug flow is limited within 49 days of pregnancy, and abortion is suitable for 10 weeks of pregnancy.How to choose a miscarriage is not only determined according to its own requirements. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination in the clinic, including routine hematuria, leucorrhea routine, gynecological examination, infection items screening, blood type, coagulation time, etc.Wait, choose after the final assessment.

Finally, a misunderstanding that many people will exist -how to regulate the body after abortion?

Let’s talk about the answer first. After abortion, there is no magic medicine and magical food to condition. Don’t expect to be as good as before the night before abortion.

Take a rest and rest, and take medicine to prevent infection.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, rich in protein foods. It is useless to drink soup and eat meat.

Review on time as required by the doctor, don’t say that there is no time.

The important thing to say three times: good contraception, good contraception, good contraception!

I often walk by the river, how can I not be wet feet, my body is my own, I do n’t take it seriously, I will look good in the future.

“Following the new type of pneumonia “” “” 自己”

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