Understand the Northeast 丨 When you meet the "Barbecue Season" in the summer vacation

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, June 30 (Reporter Chen Congxin) Cut meat, mixing meat, scales, packaging … In the 1,300 square meters of factory buildings in Qihan, Heilongjiang Province, dozens of workers areOrder operation on the assembly line.At the end of the assembly line conveyor belt, the packaged cardboard boxes are labeled with addresses labeled in Beijing, Zhejiang and other countries. A truck next to it has already been pretended to be on -every 5 seconds, and a box of barbecue is packed and shipped.

"A beef can produce 550 to 650 catties of meat, and there are about 100 pounds of barbecue. The meat in different parts is thick and how long the taste is the best, which is particular." The general manager Yang Ning picked up a bag of traditional mixing meat. This net red product has sold more than 500,000 pieces on a large short video social platform.

In the production workshop of Yang Jiaxing Meat Industry Co., Ltd., the workers in the production workshop of Yang Jiaxiang Meat Industry Co., Ltd.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ye Zhang

"Master, go to the street of barbecue."

"Friend, Qiqihar’s barbecue, more than one street."

Torter on the streets of Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, you will understand that the taxi driver will say.In many commercial districts in the city, every dozens of meters can see a barbecue shop, net red wind barbecue, street barbecue, family meat and other special features.In the summer vacation, tourists with different accents lined up at the door of the store, which also became a unique scenery in Qiqihar’s summer.

On June 18, 2022, at the launching ceremony of the "2022 Qiqihar Bakery Food Festival", the World Federation of Catering Industry was awarded the city’s "International (Barbecue) Gourmet Capital" title.Today, barbecue has become a city business card and a special culture like Beijing roast duck, Tianjin dog ignore buns, Harbin pot meat.

Forms are only family barbecue.After 2000, the barbecue shop walked to the streets of Qiqihar on a large scale.Today, Qiqihar barbecue has been selected into the intangible cultural heritage of Qiqihar.

In a beef fresh shop on the street, Liu Ruifeng, a citizen of Qiqihar, just bought the beef and was going home to go home to buffet barbecue."In our Qiqihar, three or four of the ten family members have grilled pots. I bought fresh beef from the store. I do n’t need to mix it. I go back and be proud (like).You can bake it. "Liu Ruifeng said," Eating barbecue has become the habit of many Qiqihar people, like our family once a week. "

The mouth -watering Qiqihar’s piece of meat.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ye Zhang

Entering the fireworks and Qiqi barbecue shop located on the fireworks of the Cultural Street, Longsha District, Qiqihar City, the diners of the house are very happy, and the gourmet bloggers are broadcasting live.Dip the large piece of meat is dipped in a secret sauce before roasting, and spread it on the baking sheet instantly; it is baked until the fragrant fragrance is cut into small pieces, and the side dishes such as perilla leaves are added to the mouth.

"On Friday night, take the high -speed rail from Harbin to Qiqihar, get off the car and go straight to the Majia barbecue. On Saturday morning, go to the morning market to eat fire, go to the Merris barbecue town to eat a large piece of meat in the Chen family, go to Zhalong wetland to watch the crane, in the eveningTake the high -speed rail back to Harbin. "Like Liu Jiajia, a citizen of Harbin, many tourists from surrounding cities such as Harbin and Daqing will take the" barbecue line "to Qiqihar on the weekend.

Qiqihar is a Daur, which means "natural ranch". It is located in the ingot of the Songnen Plain, one of the three big black soil belts in the world, and the high -quality regional environment has giving birth to excellent quality beef beef.In recent years, with the traffic password of "Internet+barbecue", Qiqihar barbecue is fragrant throughout the country with the help of e -commerce platforms and online sales models.

According to the person in charge of a barbecue restaurant, the brand of barbecue restaurants he operated is exploring the models such as "barbecue+coffee", "barbecue+western food", "barbecue+camping" and other models."Construction of multi -business complex.

Camping wind barbecue built by a barbecue shop in Qiqihar City.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ye Zhang

Zhou Tao, deputy director of the Commerce Bureau of Qiqihar City, introduced that as of now, Qiqihar barbecue stores across the country have reached 21,000.Online barbecue e -commerce companies have increased from 38 to 50, and it is expected that the retail sales of e -commerce online in the first half of the year will reach 800 million yuan.

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