Unexpectedly, you should be alert to urinary tract infection during pregnancy. You must pay attention to these 10 details.

During pregnancy, urinary tract infection is very common, with an incidence of 11 %, which can occur in various periods of pregnancy.However, some of these pregnant mothers only have backache discomfort without other symptoms, so they are often ignored.

During pregnancy, the back pain of the pregnant mother is a physiological reaction. Generally, after childbirth, the burden on the front of the lumbar spine is reduced, and the hormone in the body will return to the pre -pregnancy level, and the symptoms will slowly disappear.Pay attention to prevention, otherwise it is likely to turn chronic back pain after delivery.

In fact, most of the pregnant mothers caused by urinary tract infection can be cured by the early diagnosis and timely treatment of the pregnant mother.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts suggest that pregnant mothers should prevent and treat backache and back pain caused by urinary tract infections from these aspects:

1. Usually, pay special attention to preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infection, and should increase nutrition and strengthen your physique appropriately.

2. Three months after pregnancy and three months before giving birth, you should try to avoid sexual life. Even if there are occasional, the husband and wife should be cleaned. The woman should also urinate once after the same room to rinse the urethra to avoid infection.

3. Persist in cleaning the outer pussy daily and change the underwear.

4. Regularly go to the hospital for routine urine examination. Once the onset is onset, it should be treated under the guidance of the doctor.

5. When choosing a drug, you should follow the results of the drug sensitivity. At the same time, you must pay attention to the safety of the mother and baby.

6. When watching TV, let the back and cushion of the chair and cushion 120 degrees, so that the body is slightly backward.

7. Sit on the back of the sofa and put a small cushion.

8. In particular, if low back pain cannot be relieved, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to avoid delaying the condition.

9. There are less heavy things, especially for pregnant mothers who are 3 months before pregnancy as much as possible to avoid maintaining a posture for a long time.Persist in proper exercise in the early pregnancy.

10. After dinner, you can take a walk with your family to enhance the flexibility of the waist and back.

11. Moreover, pay attention to keep warm. Pregnant mothers should avoid cold and back, and sleep hard mattresses.

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