urgent!A lot of bleeding in a pregnant woman in Guiyang, the blood was changed again!Husband posts for help

urgent!urgent!urgent!The day before yesterday, the blood of the medical school, my wife has been used up, and now she needs to be transfused with blood transfusion!"Recently, a pregnant woman in Guiyang caused a large amount of bleeding in the abdominal cavity due to sudden thrombosis. The postoperative life was dying. The blood from 400ml to 600ml per day was needed to maintain their lives.Essence

Mr. Zhuo posted on the Internet to save his wife

Mr. Zhuo, who lives in Guiyang, said that at 15 o’clock on June 4, his wife Yang Cuqi suddenly said that his stomach hurts.One hour later, he brought his wife to the hospital’s affiliated hospital for examination.Because Yang Ziqi had been pregnant for 2 months, the doctor prescribed a little anti -inflammatory medicine for him and began to infusion at 20:00 that night.

At around 23 o’clock, when Yang Ziqi was lost, when he was about to leave, he felt that his body was a bit weak. The doctor came over and found that the situation was wrong.

"At first, a doctor and a nurse, and then a lot of medical staff, all participated in the rescue." Mr. Zhuo said that at that time, his wife was covered with a tube.Doctors dare not send her.Because her blood pressure is too low, she is afraid of accidents during the delivery process.

Yang Izi

After the blood pressure of Yang Cuqi rose a little bit, everyone quickly sent her to the ICU. Many experts came to the consultation that night and continued to rescue until the next day.

Mr. Table said that because his wife’s blood pressure has always been very low, doctors suspect that he has internal bleeding.At noon the next day, when her blood pressure was slightly stable, the doctor checked it, but could not find the bleeding point.That night, the doctor suggested to find the blood point through a cesarean section.

After surgery, the doctor found that Yang Ziqi had a large amount of bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and most of the small intestine had been black.After the balance, the doctor kept a small intestine of 100 cm long, and the rest were removed.

It is reported that because of too much bleeding, the doctor could not find her blood vessels while rescued Yang Ibn.The amount of blood was also large. For two days, the blood of her whole body had been replaced.

"Because of the thrombosis, the wife’s liver and kidney function are affected and can not urinate. Now it is dependent on translucent to maintain life, depending on whether it can return to normal level. It is also because of thrombosis.Bleeding. "Mr. Table said that the doctor told him that his wife needed 400ml to 800ml of blood to maintain it a day.

In the past few days, more than 10 of the Mr. and relatives of the table have been to donate blood, but some of them have not been contributed due to light weight and other reasons. Only 7 people donated their life -saving blood with Yang Cuqi.

Yang Ziqi’s relatives and friends have obtained the priority notification form after donating blood for free blood donation

On the morning of June 8th, at the entrance of the ICU of the Guiyang Affiliated Courtyard, Mr. Table’s little wife hurriedly came and handed a blood donation to Mr. Zhuo.Then, his friends’ friends also heard the news and came to donate blood, and also sent a blood donation certificate.

It turns out that the patient’s blood transfusion can be exchanged at the same time. Mr. Zhuo, the 9 relatives and friends of Zhuo, are all in the name of the family or friend of Yang Ibn to the designated place to donate blood, and then give the certificate to Mr. Zhuo to the hospital for blood transfusion department.Blood transfusion.

"Yang Ziqi is due to venous thrombosis in the intestinal membrane, which causes a large amount of bleeding in the abdominal cavity. After small bowel dehumidification, the heart rate and blood pressure have been in normal range. Because of a lot of blood, her condition is more serious. At presentBleeding is the best if you can organize more blood if you can organize your family. "

It is understood that 38 -year -old Yang Ziqi and Mr. Zhuo have a big daughter. They are currently studying in the fifth grade of elementary school. She is pregnant with her second child.

"The relatives and friends who can mobilize are basically mobilized, and the wife is in the juncture of life and death. She hopes that the enthusiastic citizens can reach out and help her through this level." Mr. Zhuo said eagerly.

If you are willing to help this mother, please call Mr. Zhuo’s phone: 18985123959.

Guiyang Daily Rong Media Reporter Yang Yuan

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