Urinary urination during pregnancy is a taboo, 4 moves help you reduce "frequent urination"

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers said that they were frequent and often went to the toilet.

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Every day like a fountain, either go to the toilet or on the way to the toilet.

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From time to time, I think of going to the toilet in the evening, and I can’t sleep well. What is going on?

This frequency frequent urination is related to the physiological changes during this period. It is normal, and many people are like this.In the face of such embarrassing troubles, it is not just helpless to endure. If you take some methods, you can reduce the degree of frequent urination.

Frequent urination during pregnancy is normal

After pregnancy, the metabolites of expectant mothers and fetal baby have become more, and the amount of urine is more. In addition to this reason, frequent urination is also related to changes in uterus during pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers have frequent urination in the early pregnancy. This is because the uterus increases after pregnancy and compresses the bladder. The bladder capacity becomes smaller, so it is easy to cause urine.In the second trimester, as the uterus enters the abdominal cavity, the compression of the bladder is reduced, and the frequent urination is relieved.

By the third trimester, the fetal head dropped into the pelvic cavity, and the bladder was compressed again. The capacity of the bladder became smaller, so the symptoms of frequent urination became obvious.

How to relieve frequent urination?

Frequent toilet every day, especially at night, it is very hard. You can try the following four methods to relieve frequent urination.

Do more Kagel Movement

Do more anal contraction and improve the tension of the pelvic floor muscles. This will make the bladder more capable of retaining urine, and it will help future delivery.

What to do with the Kiger sports?

Do the movement of the vagina or anus, and feel the force of the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds.

Relax the bottom muscle, last for 5 seconds.

The contraction and relaxation are once, repeated 10 times into one group, and 3 groups per day.

After being familiar with, the scaling time slowly increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.


Do not force your legs, hips, and abdominal muscles.

When urinating, the posture is leaning forward

When urinating, try to pour forward as much as possible, which helps to drain the urine in the bladder, and you can also urinate again after the urine.

Drink less water at night

Drink less water at night to reduce the number of nights, but still drink water normally during the day.It is recommended to drink 1500 to 1900ml a day in the middle and late pregnancy (after 3 months).

Sleep on the left side

Do not lie flat when you sleep, but to lie on the left side, which can relieve frequent urination. In addition, it also helps increase the blood flow of the placenta and ensure the blood supply of expectant mothers and fetal baby.

Moms and mothers have these little tricks

Luo Luo: In addition to drinking less water at night, diuretic foods such as winter melon, watermelon, and red beans can also eat less, and the number of nights can be a little less.

ANN: It ’s too painful to get up to run the toilet every night, so I bought a mobile toilet and put it in the room, which is more convenient.

If you have other good ways, please share it in the comments.

Although it is more troublesome to go to the toilet frequently, expectant mothers should not urinate.The bladder has a certain stretchability. If there is no urine inside, the bladder is small. When the urine is getting more and more, the bladder will be large.If you often have urine but not discharged in time, the bladder will gradually lose elasticity and cannot restore the original state.So expectant mothers should urinate, don’t hold it.

The phenomenon of frequent urination will disappear naturally, so don’t worry.Pay attention to changing panties in diligence and keep the private parts clean.

However, if there are symptoms of urinary pain, hematuria, and foam in the urine, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to check the urinary tract infection.

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