Vaginal bleeding is not equal to menstruation!Go to the hospital abnormal bleeding, don’t take it seriously

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[Basic Information] Female, 50 years old

【Disease Type】 Endometrial polyps

[Treatment Hospital] Qilu Hospital of Shandong University (three)

[Treatment plan] Under -uterine hysteroscopic lesions, infusion of cephalosporin Xinxin prevent infection, tonic and symptomatic treatment

[Treatment cycle] 3 days of hospitalization, after 2-3 months, the hospital outpatient review is reviewed.

[Treatment effect] The patient’s condition has improved significantly, and no vaginal abnormal bleeding occurs again without any again

A middle -aged woman entered the clinic with a shy face and blocked the accompanying person outside the clinic. After the patient was relaxed, I started asking her condition.The patient described that she had no obvious cause of vaginal bleeding, menstrual disorders, increased menstrual flow, and prolonged menstrual period before the more than March. She did not tell her family because of embarrassment, but the patient’s vaginal abnormal bleeding for a long time, and felt very scared.Anxiety, then came to our clinic for clinics.

Patients have good health in the past, without the history of special diseases and surgery.After understanding the basic situation of the patient, I perfected the gynecological examination for the patient. It reminded that the vulva was normal, the vagina was smooth, the cervix was smooth, and there was no obvious abnormalities in the uterus and accessories.In order to clarify the cause of the patient’s vaginal abnormal bleeding, the outpatient clinic was admitted to the hospital for the "cause of vaginal abnormal bleeding".

After the patient was admitted to the hospital, in order to clarify the diagnosis, I actively improved her gynecological color ultrasound test for her. As a result, the echo of the uterine wall was owed to the average quality, the thickness of the endometrium was 1.0cm, the bottom of the uterine cavity and the 0.9*0.6cm strong echo, reminding the uterine cavityThe bottom is strong echo, polyps may be possible.Combined with the patient history and gynecological color Doppler ultrasound test results, the diagnosis was initially considered as endometrial polyps.

Due to the severe symptoms of endometrial bleeding and menstrual disorders in patients, the gynecological ultrasound examination indicates that the endometrium is thickened and the echo is uneven.Combined with the patient’s symptoms, signs and auxiliary examinations, it can be clearly diagnosed as "endometrial polyps".Patients currently have surgical indications. Therefore, after fully communicating with patients and their families, they actively improve the blood routine, liver and kidney work, electrolyte, coagulation examination, infectious diseases, chest slices, electrocardiogram and other preoperative examinations.

After obtaining the consent of the patient and family members, I used the mulbral pathogenesis of the uterine cavity under the anesthesia laparoscopy. The endometrium was thickened during the operation.The operation was smooth, and Bi’an returned to the ward. The cephalosporin Xinxin was given to prevent infection, replenishment, and symptomatic treatment.

On the second day of the postoperative, the pathological results of the pathological results: (uterine cavity) endometrium polyps, secretion state endometrium, and diagnosed as "endometrium polyps".

In addition to surgery and drug treatment, psychological guidance at the same time is given to relieve patients’ tension and anxiety.At the same time, the patients were instructed to take a attention to rest and strengthen nutrition. After the hospital’s outpatient consultation after February-March, they were not suitable for timely treatment.

1. Avoid sexual life and pots in January after surgery.

2. Pay attention to observe whether the vagina reappears abnormal blood bleeding and other conditions.

3. Pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, and strengthen nutritional treatment.

4. It is mainly based on a light diet to avoid spicy and irritating diets. You can take foods rich in vitamins and protein appropriately.

5. If you have discomfort, you should go to the doctor in time.

After treatment, the patient’s condition has improved significantly compared with the previous, and no vaginal bleeding has not occurred again.During the hospitalization period, the spirit, diet and sleep are considerable, and there is no obvious abnormalities in the stool.On the third day of hospitalization, the patient asked to be discharged. After evaluating the patient’s condition, he was allowed to be discharged.

The patient was instructed to take cephalosporin treatment on the outside of the hospital, and regularly came to the hospital clinic for review. If any discomfort appeared, he should go to the doctor in time.

The endometrium polyps belong to the more common diseases of gynecology and have a high incidence. They often occur in women with childbearing age, and elderly women can also develop diseases.The occurrence of endometrium polyps often causes hyperplasia of the endometrium tissue due to repeated gynecological inflammation. Long -term inflammatory stimulation causes hyperplasia of the tissue, which will form polyps, and the longer and larger.

The endometrium polyps can be a single polyp, and there can be multiple polyps. Single polyps are generally asymptomatic. Multiple polyps can cause symptoms. Patients may have irregular vaginal bleeding, increased menstrual flow, and extension of menstruation.Depending on the characteristics of polyps, it can be divided into functional polyps and non -functional polyps.The patient is multiple polyps, so clinical symptoms occur, and lesions are found. Single polyps are often not easy to find because of no symptoms, and may be found during physical examination.

The endometrium polyps can be treated by drugs or surgery. The patient’s physical condition is different, the size, quantity, and growth position of the polyps are different, and the treatment methods are different.Although endometrial polyps are benign lesions, there is no need to be too nervous, it is best not to scare themselves like our patient, but if the treatment is not timely, infection, repeated bleeding, or even affecting pregnancy may occur.When polyps, you should actively treat it to improve the quality of life of patients.

Name: Zhang Lu

Unit: Qilu Hospital, Shandong University

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Title: Indications

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