Wang Nuannuan: 5 million was deceived, and was pushed down by her husband to survive by her husband for 3 months.

"You go to death!" In 2019, in a national park in Thailand, a Chinese pregnant woman was pushed off the cliff by her husband. Four years have passed. How did she be now?

Her name was Wang Nuannuan. She was born in Nanjing in 1987. She was sent to Thailand to open up business by the company. She met Yu Xiaodong, who came to Thailand at a friend party.

Yu Xiaodong is also from Jiangsu. He spoke fluent Nanjing dialect.Under the violent offensive of Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuannuan fell.As everyone knows, this is just a person tailored by Yu Xiaodong for her.

In fact, Yu Xiaodong arrived in Thailand to hide his debt. All consumption relied on credit cards and online loans. He saw Wang Nuannuan, not love, but to find a "long -term meal ticket".

What made Wang Nuannun even unexpected was that Yu Xiaodong sat in jail and married. When she saw Yu Xiaodong crying and regretting, Wang Nuannuan did not break up. She believed that Yu Xiaodong would change her self -renewal and be a good person for herself.

Under Yu Xiaodong’s sweet words, for less than two months, the two flashed and naked marriage. There were no wedding rings, no wedding, and only verbal promises.Wang Nuannuan didn’t care about material conditions. She said affectionately to Yu Xiaodong, but unfortunately, after marriage, Yu Xiaodong and before marriage were judged by two people. They only knew that playing games every day, which was extremely cold about Wang Nuan Nuan.On one occasion, Wang Nuannuan fell off the stairs, and Yu Xiaodong ignored it.

Yu Xiaodong owed 1 million gambling debts. After being discovered by Wang Nuannuan, he whispered and begged Wang Nuannian to help him return to ensure that he would work well in the future and compensate her.

Wang Nuannun thought about a husband and wife, so he promised to bear 500,000 debts. The rest asked Yu Xiaodong to find a way, and handed him to a company to take care of him.Next, Yu Xiaodong worked hard as if he had changed.Wang Nuannian looked in his eyes, and he was in his heart, thinking that the ancients were right: husband and wife are together, and their benefits are broken.

Unexpectedly, Yu Xiaodong played a big one right away.Wang Nuannuan suddenly found that the 5 million yuan on the company’s account was missing, and Yu Xiaodong lost contact.

7 days later, Yu Xiaodong was brought back by the police, and 5 million was gambled by him.He knelt on the ground, crying, but he did not expect that Wang Nuannun couldn’t give up him, and he chose to forgive it again.

In 2019, Wang Nuannuan was pregnant. Yu Xiaodong was very happy. He made good food for Wang Nuannian every day, accompanied her to check for inspection, and bought accident insurance. The beneficiary was herself.He also actively renovated the house and made various preparations for the birth of the child.

Wang Nuannuan thought that the child changed Yu Xiaodong.

On June 7, 2019, Yu Xiaodong proposed to bring Wang Nuannun to visit the Paleston National Park in Thailand. It was rare that he had this heart, and Wang Nuannianxian agreed.

On the morning of the 9th, Wang Nuannuan stood by the cliff and was ready to appreciate the human murals 3000 years ago.

Wang Nuannuan was blocked by the tree during the whereabouts and fell heavily on the ground.After the tourists found the first aid call, Wang Nuannuan was treated in time.Although she had a fracture below the neck, the fetus and her life were not very good, and they were very lucky.

When Yu Xiaodong saw Wang Nuannuan, he was worried that she would be bad for herself, so she monitored her for 24 hours and said to her fiercely: If you tell the truth, I will not let you go.In order to protect himself, Wang Nuannun could only lie to him accidentally when he was investigating.

On the fourth day, one of their common friends came to visit Wang Nuannuan, and secretly recorded the content of the conversation. This recording recorded Yu Xiaodong to admit the facts of the crime and became the only evidence to testify him in the future.

On the fifth day, Yu Xiaodong relaxed his vigilance. Wang Nuannuan explained everything to the attending doctor while he went out to buy breakfast. Finally, with the help of the hospital, he successfully called the police.

Yu Xiaodong was arrested for murder and was sentenced to a final life imprisonment in the first instance, compensating for 5.89 million baht, about RMB 1.275 million.

The wicked was punished by the deserved, and Wang Nuannuan’s rehabilitation had just begun.

Because of the crushing fractures of the whole body, Wang Nuannian’s body was scaled into nearly 90 matching nails. Due to a large amount of medication, he finally had to give up the child.

Although daily rehabilitation training is like purgatory, Wang Nuannuan persisted desperately. In the end, other functions were restored except that they could not walk freely.

After the rebirth, she became a celebrity blogger with millions of fans. She told the painful experience on the social platform, hoping to give you some inspiration and strength.

Regardless of whether you are in love or marriage, you must know how to stop the loss in time.When we encounter improper behaviors, we cannot blindly compromise, otherwise we will only get ourselves into a more passive situation.And we must bravely pick up legal weapons to protect their rights and interests, so that the wicked can have nowhere to escape.

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