Wang Syunal was accepted by the Internet?The high -profile wedding is a dispute before pregnancy, and the villagers say the truth behind the villagers.

Net Red Wang Sushi and Pan Bing, who met with a blind date

Just five months together, they hurriedly got married

The two promoted the wedding

Many fans and reporters also have many enthusiastic Internet celebrities

Du thousands of miles rushed to the wedding scene of Wang Sundarbille

The water blocked at the wedding scene is not leaked

Forming difficult to control

Because the staff at the wedding scene is too dense

Even the leaders are very concerned about the wedding of the two

It also allows the wedding of the two to be forced to cancel

Wang Sundar hasn’t even had time to wear the wedding dress that day

This has also become a regret in her heart

But the wedding is so rushed to be questioned by the entire Internet

Some netizens said in the comment area before

Wang Syunali has been pregnant for two or three months

Hurrying to the wedding also confirmed the conjecture of netizens

Recently, Wang Sichuan exposed to the hospital

Video for NT examination for the baby

And the text said that since today, he is a pregnant woman

Looking forward to the birth of children in May

The video caused heated discussion on the entire network

Some netizens said that the child born is called sugar sugar

Wang Sydney’s name can also be changed to rock sugar Sydney

Some netizens said that unmarried is not friendly to the woman first

If you do n’t have it together in the end, you will say that the woman does not love

With the continuous fermentation of public opinion

Tongcun people reveal the truth behind the village

Wang Syunali couldn’t think of dreaming

It is a good thing to take out the good news of your pregnancy

It makes netizens feel that the pregnancy is not good before being unmarried

Recently, Wang Pingli exposed to social accounts

Video of NT examination for the baby in the hospital

It is reported that King Sydney has been pregnant for two or three months

Netizens have given blessings for Wang Sewiri

It means that a family of three rock sugar Sydney is very happy

But it also caused Wang Supreme to be vomited by netizens

I feel that Wang Sewiri is unmarried and the social atmosphere is humiliated first

It means that the pregnancy in rural areas is embarrassed first

No need to do it like a girl, only she can get pregnant

But some netizens said that it is nowadays

What if the person who is right is right?

As the public opinion intensified

Tongcun people reveal the truth behind the village

It turns out that Wang Syunali and Pan Bing have already received a marriage certificate

It’s already a legal couple, but there is no wedding

Later, Wang Syunali also came forward to respond to the matter

It means that both people want children

So I started to prepare for pregnancy very early

Not because you know that you are pregnant, you can get a wedding

I didn’t say it at first I was embarrassed

But now I don’t want to deceive everyone to accept blessings and accept questioning

And after the wedding

Pan Bing also made up for the regret of Wang Syunal’s not wearing a wedding dress

From this point of view, Wang Syunali did not deliberately concealed

I also hope that the two can be happier and happier

What do you think of this

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