Want to go smoothly?Precautions after surgery after surgery are more at ease in advance

There are always many accidents in life

And "accidental pregnancy"

Many women are unwilling to happen

But I have to face the situation

Since "accident" has arrived

The subsequent proper treatment is even more important

The first thing to remind everyone is to choose a regular hospital

If you want to perform abortion after accidental pregnancy, you must choose a regular hospital: whether the medical environment is clean, the hospital’s emergency rescue equipment, whether the process is complete, and can cope with accidents during surgery. It is a problem that you need to consider.

In addition, if you want to ensure the smooth success of the operation, the postoperative body recovers well, and does not affect subsequent fertility. Precautions of the postoperative surgery need to be known in advance.

A better flow of people is between 40-50 days of accidental pregnancy, and there are risks too early or too late.

What are the precautions before abortion surgery?

Preoperative examination: Generally speaking, pre -abortion examinations include: B -ultrasound, gynecological examination, coagulation function test, ECG, etc.

Fasting forbidden Water: Women need to fast forbidden water from 6 to 8 hours before entering abortion surgery to keep an empty stomach.

Stop sexual life.Sexual life is prohibited one week before the abortion surgery.

Prepare for cleaning.Do a good job of cleaning the night before the operation.Wear loose and easy to wear and take off, bring good pads and toilet paper on the day of the operation.

Find someone to accompany.Since choosing an accident, you must have a good mood, keep your mood peace, and do it according to the doctor’s requirements.It is best to accompany the closer people around, which can effectively relieve tension.

What are the precautions after abortion surgery?


Sanitary cleaning

After surgery, women should clean their lower body with warm water every day, and should be shower instead of a basin.Women also need to change their sanitary napkins daily.


Pay attention to rest, supplement nutrition

After the abortion, I rest for at least two weeks, but it is not lying on the bed for 24 hours. It can act in moderation and strengthen nutrition.If abdominal pain, fever, and abnormal leucorrhea occur, you should seek medical treatment in time.


Pay attention to menstrual recovery

Most people recover menstruation in about 30 days; a few people will delay recovery, but if menstruation does not come, they need to seek medical treatment in time.



After menstruation recovery, women need to go to the hospital to review to understand the situation of physical recovery.

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