Want to judge whether honey is true or false, just one lighter can be used, you can see the rise!

Honey is a drink that we often drink in our lives. In the impression of most people, it is believed that drinking honey can play a variety of role such as beauty and beauty, supplementing human vitamins.Coupled with the honey itself, the taste is sweet. For those friends who don’t like to drink water, they can also increase the amount of water drinking and make the body healthier.Although honey itself is good, there will be some real situations in the market.

So how to judge the authenticity of honey?I believe that this is a question that many people want to know. I believe many people have experienced deceived experience. When we buy fake honey with the money of real honey, the anger in our hearts is also unbearable.EssenceAlthough the honey itself is not worthy, the feeling of being deceived makes people remember.In fact, it is not so difficult to judge the authenticity of honey. You only need to use a lighter to make the fake honey out of the original shape.Let’s find out.

1. Shaking method.

If you buy honey in the market, if you do n’t have to determine whether this honey is true or false, you can use a bottle of honey to shake it hard.After shaking, the shaking honey is poured on the table.See if there are bubbles on the surface of the honey?If a lot of small bubbles appear on the surface of the honey, and the upper speed of the bubbles is relatively slow, then it means that it is true honey.If honey is mixed with fake bubbles, it is usually relatively large and the rise speed is fast.

2. Fire burning method.

When honey buys home, if you want to see if the honey you buy is really or false, you can prepare a lighter, and then take a stainless steel fork from the kitchen.You can verify it after preparing.Put the fork in the honey bottle first, stain a little honey, and then use a lighter to burn directly into the spoon stained with honey.Authentic honey will not change significantly after the fire has been burned.

But if it is fake honey, a slight squeak will appear during the burning process, and it will also exudes a burnt, similar to the flavor of burning.When we use our mouth to lick this honey, we will feel a obvious odor, bitterness, like caramel.In fact, this kind of fake honey is added to the honey to add a lot of sugar and other substances, so it will change after burning.

3. Look at the bubble method.

In addition to the above methods, when judging the true and false honey, you can also observe the foam on the surface of the honey, because honey usually appears in the irrigation process, and these foams are also carried by honey itself, and it will not affect it.The taste.For some bad merchants, in order to make fake honey look more like real honey, some foam will be added to the process of making honey.

Since there are foams in true and false honey, how can we judge?In fact, it is also very simple. You only need to prepare a clean plastic bottle, and then put some hot water in the bottle.Pour the honey into the hot water and shake it constantly.If the purity of the honey is relatively high, there will be some small bubbles in the process of shaking the bottle, and these bubbles will not disperse for a long time.If it is a fake honey, there will be no bubbles, and if so, it will soon disperse.

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