Wanting to vomit and have no appetite, soothing 10 small methods to soothe pregnancy

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Statistics, about 50 % of mothers have pregnant vomiting experience, and usually the situation of pregnancy is in the 6th week of pregnancy -early pregnancy.The most common symptoms are pregnancy vomiting, which can feel nausea and vomiting.At any time of the day, pregnancy can occur, and after 12 weeks, the symptoms of pregnancy of most people will gradually disappear.How to get pregnant discomfort?Here are the causes and improvements of pregnancy.

How could pregnancy vomiting?

Pregnancy usually occurs 3 months before pregnancy. Because the hormone increase in the body makes pregnancy mothers feel nauseous and uncomfortable, most doctors believe that pregnancy vomiting is a good sign, indicating that the growth of the placenta is good.Studies have pointed out that those who have experience in pregnancy vomiting have a low probability of abortion and death compared to those with no nausea or vomiting symptoms during pregnancy, and the general degree of pregnancy will not endanger the health of the baby in the belly, so you don’t have to worry too much.

However, if the number of pregnancy vomiting is too frequent and serious, beware of whether there are pregnancy vomiting. If it is not treated immediately, there may be risk of harm the fetus!Princess Kate in the UK used to have pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy, because of serious media reports, let more people know this medical term.

Pregnancy and vomiting may cause pregnant mothers to insufficient nutrition and imbalance of electrolytes and affect the health of the baby. Therefore, if there is a pregnant mother who has severe pregnancy, it is recommended to see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

Improving 10 methods of pregnancy vomiting

1. A small amount of meals, you can eat dry and salty foods, such as biscuits, which will be better than soup water, or sweet taste, and spicy foods are better.

2. Drink water for half an hour before or after meals.

3. Drink a small amount of water multiple times, or you can eat ice cubes made of juice.

4. Smelling lemon or ginger, or drinking lemonade and eating watermelon can slow down the nausea.

5. Just eat as long as you have appetite, and usually cold foods are easier to import than hot food, because the taste is not heavy.

6. If you feel uncomfortable due to environmental smell, open windows or power -on fans.

7. There is sufficient rest, and you can take a nap during the day.

8. Don’t be too high in environmental temperature, feel that it will aggravate the disgusting symptoms when it is hot.

9. Wake up in the morning and eat soda biscuits 15 minutes before getting up.

10. Eat a little potato chips to help appetite.

Precautions that should be avoided in pregnancy vomiting

1. Don’t lie down after eating.

2. Can’t omit meals and avoid fasting.

3. Do not eat spicy food.

4. Don’t ignore the pregnancy vomiting.

When should I see a doctor?

When the following situations occur, please find a professional doctor for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible:

1. Symptoms of pregnancy are becoming more and more serious, affecting food digestion and nutritional absorption.

2. Mares with body pain or fever.

3. Nausea and vomiting continue until mid -pregnancy, that is, after the 12th week of pregnancy.

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