Was pregnant with a boy or a girl. Just see the "bump" of the pregnant mother’s belly button?Scientific explanation here

I often hear the saying of "sour girls". Based on their own life experience, the old people think that pregnant boys love sour, and girls will become sweet.There are also men and women through the shape of the belly. The tip of the belly is a boy, and the belly is round.In addition, there is a gender through the navel. It is said that the boy who is convexed from the navel outside the navel after pregnancy is the boy, and the girl in the concave is the girl.

Is this judgment method credible?In fact, there is no scientific basis at all!The formation of children is a process of fertilization.Mom has only X chromosomes, and Dad has X and Y chromosomes. When Dad contributed X chromosome, it was a girl.When Dad contributed Y chromosome, it was the boy.It can be seen that when the fertilization is performed, it has decided that men are women, and it has nothing to do with the unevenness of the navel.The only way to distinguish the child is the B -ultrasound. In many cases, even when the child has not developed, even the B -ultrasound is difficult to distinguish between men and women.

In order to prevent some families from having to have boys, they only want to have boys, and they find that their daughter will kill the child while the child is not born. Now the hospital prohibits doctors from revealing the gender information of the child.Therefore, it is difficult for parents to judge that children are men or women.However, the question is, why do some mothers ‘belly button recessed, and some mothers’ navels are protruding?

1. Skin state causes

The fetus is constantly growing in the mother’s belly. When the child grows to a certain stage, the mother’s belly will significantly larger.Especially in the late pregnancy, the child’s growth rate is very fast, and the belly of mothers is changing every day.

If the pregnant woman is thinner, the skin on her belly is tight. When the belly grows rapidly, the navel will naturally protrude.However, if the expectant mother is fat, the belly has meat and the skin is relatively loose, then the skin’s pull will not be too serious. Compared with the protruding navel eyes, it will naturally appear concave.Therefore, these are normal phenomena, and expectant mothers should not listen to rumors.It is a bit ignorant to identify men and women.

2. Baby movement causes

When the expectant mother is pregnant, the baby basically grows.At this time, under the protection of amniotic fluid, the baby drifted around like astronauts, doing some naughty actions, turned over to fight with the mother, punch and kick the mother for a while, and then change to sleep in another posture.The growth rate of the baby in the belly is basically proportional to the rate of uterine growth.Because the child’s continuous increase, naturally, the uterus will become bigger and bigger. As a result, the prospective mother’s navel is pushed out, so it forms a protruding phenomenon.

3. Derfecting body is caused

Even if they are pregnant, they have not enjoyed their due treatment. They still work as usual, cooking, and washing clothes … It is easy to cause the navel to protrude.This is because the original body is already very heavy. Excessive fatigue is no less than that of the mother’s body than the snow, which causes the pressure of the abdominal cavity to rise, and the navel eyes will protrude.In the same way, some expectant mothers are very lazy during pregnancy and do not like sports. At this time, the navel eyes may be recessed.

4. Personal constitution

Not all expectant mothers will have the unevenness of the navel, and there are many prospective mothers that have no obvious changes from before, which is completely different from person to person.This also reflects the bumps through the other side that the child’s gender cannot be judged.But if the mother’s belly button is too protruding, pay attention!

The skin is like a rubber band. Children keep growing, and the mother’s belly is about to reach the limit. Because the more firming the skin, the more prominent the navel eyes.If the navel eyes are already very protruding, the state of the skin may be in a extremely tight state like rubber band.Once the child is born, the tension disappears, and the "rubber band" will be difficult to restore the original, so the belly will relax.

All expectant mothers will become heavier after pregnancy, especially when the month is bigger, the belly becomes more worse.Although the tolerance of the waist will slowly increase, most of the focus of the person is in the lower body, and most of them need to rely on the support of the waist.A manifestation of the lower body is that the navel of the mothers will be abnormally protruding. If you don’t pay attention to it, it is likely that the ending of the uterus will reach the limit because it is too tired.

Attach to some small ways to clean up the navel:

Navel cord connecting the navel of the fetus, don’t pick casually!Some mothers like to touch their belly if they are okay, and then naturally cast their eyes on the eyes of the navel, and they can’t help but pull them out.Some people often say that the navel eyes cannot be pulled casually, otherwise it is prone to stomach pain.Normal people can’t pick it up casually, not to mention pregnant women, so even if the navel is concave and convex, mothers must not pick up!

It is important to correctly clean up the belly button.If the mothers find that the navel is really dirty, they should also choose the correct method to clean up. Usually, you can use warm water to gently wash the umbilicus and umbilical eyes.To reduce the possibility of infection.The navel eye is the closest place to the viscera and the outside world. If the navel cannot be cleaned in a correct way, it will easily hurt the stomach.

Moms must understand some of their precautions during pregnancy, to observe the changes in their bodies more carefully, and be responsible to the baby.And we must do a regular pregnancy test to understand the growth of the child. Do not escape a few inspections because of laziness.

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