Washing ovulation without maturity, can you conceive?

Some fans leave a message in the background: On the first day, the hospital monitored the follicles of 10mm. When I went to the next day, I said that I had ovulated? Can no mature follicles conceive?

I believe that many sisters also have such questions. The chance of small follicles is not high? Is the quality of the baby after conception good? With these questions, let’s find out.


①B super monitoring shows that the growth rate of follicles is normal;

② Detecting urine luteal germ (LH), David ovulation test strip is positive;

③ The maximum follicle average diameter ≥18 mm;

④ After that, the signs of ovulation are present for 24 ~ 48 hours;

What is the growth rate of follicles? The ultrasound can find small follicles in the ovaries on the 3-5th day of the menstrual cycle, and gradually grow up in the future. On average 14th day, ovulation can occur.Before ovulation on the 5th day of menstruation, the average main follicles increased by 1.5mm per day; the average daily increased by 1.2mm per day before 10 days, and an average of 1.9mm 4m before ovulation, until the follicle development was mature.

Small follicles ovulation:

① The advantageous follicles have ovulated without maturity;

② The growth rate of follicles is significantly smaller than the follicles of the normal cycle;

③ The maximum diameter of the follicles before ovulation is 12 ~ 15mm;

Poor follicle development: B -ultrasound monitoring shows that the formal follicle development is irregular, tension is not good, or the development to a certain extent stops;

Poor folicular development (small follicles) is one of the most common causes of sisters infertility, and one of the most common reasons for sisters to repeated abortion, because only the follicles are mature, the function will be sound, and the excreted eggs will mature.healthy.

01 Is the follicles led to infertility?

Follicle development can be conceived in poor ovulation, but the abortion rate is high. If some sisters find that follicle development is poor, it is recommended to follow and observe, and seek medical treatment if necessary. It is recommended to seek medical treatment.Wheneverurbasus supports the treatment of follicular monitoring during the treatment of luteal can prevent natural abortion again and improve the end of pregnancy.

02 How to improve the quality of eggs

① Avoid x life during menstruation: Menstrual X life may stimulate the body to produce antibody antibodies, induce pelvic infection, endometriosis, etc., which affects the quality of eggs.

② Participate in exercise: It is important to participate in some physical exercise appropriately, such as jogging, soft gymnastics, swimming, Tai Chi, etc., can improve the quality of the eggs.

③ Avoid excessive labor: adjust daily life, avoid excessive fatigue, and stay up late to avoid affecting the quality of eggs.The regular schedule helps ovarian maintenance!

④ Adjusting emotions: According to research, when the pressure is too large, a large number of "anxiety hormones" will produce a large number of "anxiety hormones", which will cause endocrine disorders and affect ovarian ovulation function.

⑤ Adjust the diet: try to quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating.Iron elements can provide sufficient nutrients for eggs.Women, in the blood discharged by menstruation every month, also lost a lot of iron.Therefore, if you want the eggs to be healthier, eat more high -speed rail foods such as spinach and animal organs during menstruation to supplement the nutrients of the eggs.

⑥ Stay away from radiation: Electromagnetic radiation can be existed around the computer and mobile phone. Although they are launching very weak, in order to ensure the health of the eggs, it is recommended to use it as little as possible.

The method of improving eggs must be scientific. Only in this way can we achieve the expected goals. Male pregnancy must also improve their sperm quality!

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