We all know that red dates are good. How much red dates to eat every day?

Jujube is a kind of food that everyone loves, especially female friends, because red dates have the effects of "iron supplementing blood and blood, beauty and beauty, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis".Many female friends also eat a lot of red dates every day in order to make them healthier.Jujube is indeed a good food, tastes good, and cooks more, but how much is suitable for eating red dates?Is it a good food?

Jujube is not a good food. It is a good habit to eat red dates every day, but you must pay attention to the high sugar content in the red dates. The sugar content of red dates is high in the fruit during fresh dates.Water evaporation, concentration of sugar, sugar lift load significantly increased, which is easier to affect blood sugar.

It is recommended that friends who love to eat red dates can eat 1 ~ 3 dates daily, and 5 to 7 dates can be eaten. It should not be eaten too much.I have seen a lot of friends who love to eat some processed red dates, such as candied dates. Although these dates are small, they have good taste because of honey and sucrose on the surface.In this way, the excess sugar intake is not good for the body. In addition, it is processed food, which contains more sugar sugar and other additives, which is more unfavorable to the body.

After the red dates are dried, the jujube skin becomes more astringent and harder. It is rich in dietary fiber, which is not conducive to digestion. It may also hinder the absorption of other nutrients.Friends may be a problem of distress. In fact, we can eat "steaming jujube". After steaming, you can tear off jujube skin to eat jujube meat. The jujube meat is also very delicious.Eating steaming dates can not only taste delicious red dates, supplement nutrition, but not to cause duct skin to cause indigestion and poor absorption.

Of course, in addition to steaming jujube, I personally put a few red dates when cooking, and the family is one person, adding a red dates when steaming the buns, so that the family can eat red dates together.The soup and porridge taste and taste are better. In addition, it is not recommended to soak water. The whole morning water jujube skin is tightly wrapped in jujube meat.Incorporating water, the jujube meat bubbles are soft and tasteless. Everyone generally throws away them, but in fact, many of the beneficial substances that are insoluble in water are still there. It is recommended to eat it, but the taste is not good.Of course, everyone eats what to eat, and the wise will see wisdom.

Is there so many good effects to eat red dates?

In fact, the efficacy of red dates is indeed exaggerated a lot. Red dates may not be supplemented by iron. The content of iron in red dates is not high. Compared with many green leafy vegetables, red dates are plant foods. Iron elements are non -heme iron.Animal blood ions, such as animal blood, are rich in animal foods of heme iron.

However, in recent years, research has found that red dates can be "nourished". The purity of red dates can help to synthesize red blood cells, so as to achieve the direct effect of blood supplementation. At present, some maternal hospitals are very popular, but it mustThe dosage of the extract ingredients is not the same as that of our routine eating red dates. For example, a bottle of red dates extract solution requires 10 pounds of red dates to make. We may not have achieved blood supplementation. This belly can not eat.

However, I am very optimistic about red dates. The red dates themselves are particularly nutritious foods. Red dates can provide a certain crude protein, rich dietary fiber, higher carbohydrates, which can relieve deficiency and improve physical strength.Among them, it is rich in a variety of minerals, such as a lot of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc. in the human body. It can also provide a small amount of vitamin C, rich vitamin B, a small amount of vitamin E, vitamin A and other ingredientsEssenceIn traditional medicine, red dates are sweet, flat, and mild attributes. Most friends are suitable for consumption. Red dates can help regulate the spleen and stomach, improve the ability of the spleen and stomach, and allow usLong -term proper consumption can help improve physical fitness, in fact, naturally it is good for qi and blood.

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