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This week, the fetus had about 20 cm and a weight of 200 grams.The average value of the double -top diameter is 4.25 ± 0.53cm, the average of the abdominal circumference is 12.41 ± L.89cm, and the femoral length is 2.71 ± 0.46cm.The expectant mother’s uterus is constantly growing up, and the center of gravity of her body is constantly changing. Many people may have felt inconvenient to move.

The tip of the fetus’s fingertips and toe pointed meat pads have been formed, and the fingerprint has begun to appear.His small eyes moved to the right position, his ears moved up his head, the fluff began to cover the whole body, and the intestine began to coo.At this time, the fetal skeleton can be clearly seen through the computer tomography.If you are pregnant with a boy, the baby’s genitals are clearly visible, and the prostate is also formed.If you are pregnant with a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes have been formed, and they have already been for everyone

The 18 -week baby began to enter the scattered world. Every day, he kept turning around, turning his tendons, tabbing, and hand -handed!As a mother, you have to know, the baby’s boxing road is started!

Mom change

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, now your weight has increased by about 2.7kg.At this time, the left and right rectus muscles of your abdomen were gradually separated, and the extension of the sides of the body (about 76-89cm) on both sides of the body to accommodate the increasing uterus.Your buttocks will also wider and thicker, mainly the effects of conceptional hormones. On the one hand, fat is easy to accumulate, and on the other hand, the stability of the sacroiliac joints on the pelvis and the united stability of the pubic bone will be worse.The gap will become wider.

In addition, the blood pressure of pregnant mothers is mostly lower than usual.Therefore, when you are lying or sitting, don’t get up for a while, otherwise you may feel a little dizzy.

Attention this week:

1. Prevention of lead pollution: Have you noticed lead pollution in daily life? There is no clinical manifestation of chronic lead poisoning of pregnant women, but it will cause abortion, premature birth, fetal malformations, etc., so be careful.Do not use newspapers to wrap food, do not use paint chopsticks and containers, do not eat preserved eggs, try to reducing the exhaust of the car.

2. Learn to test the fetal heart: Now you can clearly hear the heart of the baby’s baby with the help of a stethoscopy. The fetal heart is an important way for the baby to pass the physical information like the outside world.The sound of the heart is like the sound of a small train that is moving. It sounds a regular and free gap. If the heartbeat is irregular, there may be problems when it is fast and slow, and you must report to the doctor in time.

3. Several fetal movements: Generally, pregnant women can feel fetal movement at about 18 weeks; pregnant women who are pregnant for the first time may also have fetal movements in 20 weeks.If the fetal movement appears late, it is relatively weak: this may be caused by poor placenta function. Poor placenta function caused by various reasons causes insufficient oxygen supply to the fetus for the fetus.

Now, several tires should be your homework you must do every day.It is usually measured in the morning, noon, and night, and the sum of the three measured values is multiplied by 4, which is the number of fetal movements for 12 hours.

4. Drink plenty of water: At this time, the mother’s metabolism is strong, and the waste produced is much larger than before pregnancy. It needs more water to help excrete the waste in the body.You need to drink at least 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day, or you can drink milk. Milk is rich in minerals and protein, which is very suitable for mothers and fetuses.If symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, and diarrhea after drinking milk, you can change to drink yogurt or skimmed yogurt.

5. Wearing flat -bottomed shoes: Now your belly is getting bigger and bigger, and your body’s center of gravity moves forward, so don’t wear high heels anymore, which will compress the abdomen and affect fetal development.Now you’d better prepare a pair of flat -bottomed shoes, and you must have a strong and wide back heel support in order to walk smoothly.The shoes need to help the shoes soft, the shoes are wide, and the soles of the shoe are best to have deep non -slip patterns to avoid falling.

6. Scientifically arranging diet is also very important. Eating a large amount does not mean that ingestion of nutrition is comprehensive, and some nutrients that fetuses and pregnant women need still lack the phenomenon from time to time.The weight of some mothers has increased during pregnancy, but the fetal fetuses are very small, which is caused by uneven nutrition.In addition, during this period, the bones and retinals of the baby are about to develop. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplement vitamins and calcium phosphorus.

7. Pay attention to oral ulcers: The fetus is growing rapidly. At this time, you can clearly feel that the belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the center of gravity moves forward, so it is best to put on pregnant women’s shoes.It is also important to pay attention to oral problems during pregnancy. Oral ulcers will appear most pregnant mothers. It is periodic and recurrence, so be careful.

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