What are the benefits of eating corn?Unexpected urine, urinary calculus, jaundice, may wish to understand

In our Guangxi, when the holidays in July and August each year are also time to be busy.

In this hot summer day, it is also the harvest season, such as corn, soybeans, peanuts harvested at this time. When the corn is particularly harvested, Grandpa often told us to collect corn to go to the medicinal shop for sale.

At that time, the medicinal value of corn beard didn’t know, but I often heard the old people say that corn must be used to make tea.

So what are the benefits of corn to make tea and drink?Let’s take a look at the medicinal value of corn beard together.

Corn must not be a very rare medicinal material, and it is also common in life, especially when the corn is collected in July and August, the old man’s consciousness of the family collects corn beards.

The medicinal value of corn beard learned a long time ago.

Make corn must think it is a very good medicinal material, whether in ancient times or in modern times.

It is recorded in the efficacy of corn beards in many books.

There is a detailed record in the "Compilation of Chinese Herbal Medicine":

Back to the bladder, liver, bile meridian.

Sexual flavor, light, flat.

Function treats diuretic swelling, flat liver and gallbladder.

It is used for acute, chronic nephritis, edema, acute, chronic hepatitis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic sinusitis, urinary tract stones, gallbladder stones, unfavorable urination, humid and humid jaundice.And can prevent habitual abortion.

From the records in "National Herbal Collection", we can understand that corn must mainly have the effects of diuretic and swelling, flat liver and gallbladder.

1. Corn must have the effect of diuretic and swelling, for acute chronic nephritis, edema caused by acute chronic hepatitis.

There are many kinds of medicinal materials, such as Poria, barley, and diarrhea in acute and chronic nephritis.

They are all based on Tongli Waterway, which are the main effects of dampness and wetness and wetness.It is used to treat subcutaneous edema and unfavorable urination caused by water and wetness in the body.

Similarly, the corn beard also has the effect of diuretic swelling, used for acute and chronic nephritis, edema caused by acute and chronic hepatitis, unfavorable symptoms of urination, which is used for edema and urination.Similarly, the effect of diuretic swelling is better.

2. Corn must have the effect of flat liver and gallbladder, which is used to treat biliary stones, unfavorable urination, humid and humid jaundice.

Corn must have sweetness and lightness. It is often used to treat damp -heat such as damp -heat jaundice. The same corn must also have the effect of removing damp heat and yellow.

Corn must be used to treat cholecystitis and cholelinia caused by liver and gallbladder. This is because the effective ingredients of corn can promote bile excretion, reduce their viscosity, and reduce their bililated content, so it can be used as a bile medicine.

For patients with chronic cholecystitis and bile excretion, it has to promote the excretion of bile, reducing the viscosity of bile, and conducive to metabolic gallbladder or gathered bile in the biliary tract.

Many people pay great attention to health. They often use wolfberry, codonic ginseng and other supplementary medicinal materials to make tea and drink.It is for some aspects of the body to make up for the benefit.

In Guangdong and Guangxi these hot areas, the problem to solve is the problem of getting angry or humidity.The herbal tea in Guangdong is particularly famous.Make her herbal tea with heat -clearing and detoxifying medicinal materials such as dry grass, honeysuckle.

I also suggest that using corn must be used to solve some hot and humid problems. Corn must have the following benefits for the body.

1. You can diuretic and swelling

Corn must have the effect of diuretic swelling. It is not good for urination or edema symptoms of the body, corn must have a therapeutic effect on this.

When traveling long distances, especially when taking a train for a long time, symptoms of lower limb edema may occur. Soaking a little corn can also be alleviated as a tea drink.

2. Corn beard is good for kidney stones, urinary stones, and liver and gallstones.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stones are due to damp heat betting or damp heat. It is expected to be caused by the bladder. The common symptoms such as urination are unfavorable, short red and other symptoms, and have the effect of clearing heat and dampness.

For kidney stones, urinary stones, and liver and gallbladder stones, it has a certain effect. Therefore, if you have a um, patients with stones can try to make corn as a tea drink to assist in treating stones.

3. Corn must have a certain hemostatic effect.

For nosebleeds, hematuria and other symptoms caused by blood fever, corn beards also have a certain effect.

The seemingly ordinary corn beard in life also has good medicinal value.When collecting corn this summer, you may wish to collect some corn beards.

In treating diseases, Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment.The corn beard is also one of the Chinese medicinal materials, and the drugs are biased.

For use, please use it under the guidance of a doctor.


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