What are the changes in the fetus and pregnant women at 24 weeks of pregnancy?

24 weeks of pregnancy belong to the second trimester.At this time, fetal development is accelerated, and brain development has also entered a peak period. There are more and more nutritional demand. Pregnant women need to supplement nutrition in time to provide healthy development of the fetus.So what are the changes in the fetus and pregnant women at this time and what are the problems?As a pregnant woman, all three issues have to be figured out!

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is about 30cm long, weighs about 630g, the average diameter of the double top is 6.05 ± 0.50 cm, the average abdominal circumference is 18.74 ± 2.23cm, and the average femoral length is 4.36 ± 0.51cm.The development of the fetus is slowly accelerating, and every day is growing steadily. Although it looks thin and thin, the skin is thin and wrinkled, but his body is working hard to grow, and he will accumulate a lot of fat quickly to make it allowIt becomes full and the skin will become smoother and smoother.

At this time, the hearing, vision, and taste buds of the fetus have developed, and have a lot of effects.Not only can the fetus hear the sound of the outside world and the heartbeat of the pregnant woman, you can use the flashlight to make a sensitive prenatal education, but also the taste of amniotic fluid.If pregnant women eat some sweet, spicy foods, the fetus can taste; the fetal lungs are also working hard, but the development speed is relatively slow, which is the last mature organs.

As the pregnancy increases, the fetus is getting bigger and stronger, and the strength is getting stronger, so the daily fetal movement has become more frequent, more powerful and more diverse than before.The fetus sometimes punches and kicks, sometimes turning around and turning around, sometimes sucking fingers, swallowing amniotic fluid, or snoring. It is very busy every day when sleeping.

The current favorite of the fetus is interacting with pregnant women, listening to music, and listening to the gentle voice of pregnant women. Each activity is a very good prenatal education. It can not only make the fetus and pregnant women feel happy, but also promote the fetal brain development.

24 weeks of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman has been obvious, and the pregnancy taste is full!However, the stomach will not be particularly large, the activities of pregnant women are still very flexible, and the belly will not affect daily life.The early pregnancy response of pregnant women has disappeared at 4 months of pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women’s appetite is particularly good and eat healthy every day, but they may encounter some small problems and make them particularly troublesome.

Some pregnant women have stretch marks on the stomach, making the stomach look ugly, and itchy, very uncomfortable; some pregnant women’s stomachs are dark and long, very thick, and very ugly; some pregnant women have long belly.A dark and long pregnancy line, lying in the middle of the belly, looks strange; some pregnant women’s belly button is raised, but generally rests after a while; some pregnant women have gestational spots on their faces, and the navel under the armpit navel will grow.They all become dark and look dirty; some pregnant women will have swelling, especially their legs and feet are swollen, and they are not smooth walking; some pregnant women are dizzy and uncomfortable, leg cramps may be caused by malnutrition …Various small problems are particularly common.

What should I do for these small problems?The stretch marks are difficult to remove, only to prevent it, you can wipe olive oil to relieve the itching of the stomach; the pregnancy spots need to pay attention to sunscreen, pay attention to hydration, and do skin care.Worried, this is caused by melanin precipitation. After the postpartum hormone secretion is normal, these changes will slowly disappear; if the edema is severe, you need to seek medical treatment to prevent pregnancy and hypertension.Calcium supplement foods need to be seek medical treatment.

One of the most important issues of 24 weeks of pregnancy is the checkup. At this time, it should be a big row check and a sugar resistance. Pregnant women who have not done it must make an appointment in time, don’t miss it!Big defaults to three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. Do not exceed 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is best to check it before 26 weeks of pregnancy. The sugar resistance can not exceed 28 weeks of pregnancy. The earlier, the better.

In addition to checking, these are also pay attention to:

1. Pregnant women need to supplement nutrition and eat foods rich in high -quality protein, DHA, lecithin, calcium iron, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., such as milk, fish, animal liver, coarse grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Pregnant women need moderate exercise. In addition to special circumstances, they must bed in bed. Pregnant women have to exercise appropriately every day. Sports are mainly to soothe, such as walking and pregnant women. Some people accompany and pay attention to safety.

3. Pregnant women need sufficient sleep, go to bed early and get up early every day to develop a good sleeping habit.After 24 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s belly gradually increased, and try not to sleep on his back for a long time.

4. Pregnant women need a good mood. Although the most dangerous early pregnancy has been spent, the danger of the fetus still exists. It is recommended that pregnant women adjust their mentality, try to be as peaceful as possible, be happy, don’t be too restless, depressed.

5. Pregnant women need scientific prenatal education. They can interact with the fetus every day to promote the healthy development of the fetus. At the same time, they must be far away from the noise. These noise will not only affect the rest of the fetus, but also damage the fetal hearing if the decibel is too high.

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