What are the characteristics of hamster pregnancy? How much do you know?

Many friends who have just raised hamsters may be difficult to find that hamsters are pregnant. Some of them directly wait for hamsters to have a bunch of hamsters before they discovered that hamsters have been pregnant for a long time, so it is best to know some of the hamsters in advance.How much do you know about the symptoms of pregnancy? Let’s take a look together.

First, the temperament character changes.

1. Temperature is deteriorated, and the mother hamsters during pregnancy will generally become anxious, even if they are super docile in the past.For example, starting crazy running wheels, running around cages, cage, and even bite you.

2. I like to fight. Because the mother’s hawito has become anxious, if you have not split the male hamster at this time, it is likely that you will fight against it and cause death and injury.Therefore, it is generally recommended to continue the cage breeding after mating.

3. Hamsters are no longer willing to accept the climbing of other male hamsters, and they will attack the male hamster.

Second, the hamster’s stomach becomes significantly larger, and some will touch the ground.

1. The "pear -shaped figure" began to appear, and the body shape became significantly larger. In the past, the body was well -proportioned, and the pregnancy became pear -shaped.When it stretchs the body, you can obviously observe that its body is pear -shaped, and the root of the thighs is obviously large.This symptom is also obvious a few days before the production, and sometimes it feels like it suddenly grows overnight.

2. It is unstable to walk, it is laborious to climb high, and it is difficult to turn over.

3. If the mouse is in hand, it feels very heavy, the belly becomes larger, and a line is formed in the middle.Put your fingers gently on your stomach, and sometimes feel a small hard block.At this time, the hands must not be too strong, so as not to cause abortion.If it is only obese, the belly is soft.

4. Generally, experienced mouse control, after one week of hamsters, finds out whether to get pregnant from the stomach after 1 week of pregnancy. This is actually the most reliable way of judgment.

5. The double -breasted buckle appears, and the popular point is the nipple.This phenomenon is also obvious a few days before the production. The nipples of the female hamster used to be seen because the cover of the hair was not revealed.The female hamster has 10 nipples, which are listed on both sides of the abdomen.The double -breasted buckle is actually the nipple of the female mouse when breastfeeding. The closer to the production, the more obvious the double -breasted buckle.However, it is unreasonable to conclude that the hamster is pregnant alone by virtue of double -breasted fasteners. Double -breasted should also appear for other reasons.

Third, the amount of hamster’s intake of food and drinking water has increased significantly.

1. A large amount of storage food, the phenomenon of saving food is not just the special move of the pregnant mother SS, but the mouse will be more obvious. After she sets up her ideal delivery room, she usually stores food in the nest.If you move its cumulative food, it will look very anxious, and then wait for it to transfer the stored land next time.

2. The mouse usually does not go out two days before the production. One is the consumption of a lot of physical strength, and the other is to protect the young.The mouse will judge the food and baby’s number to decide whether to "recycle" some weak babies.So pay attention at this time, don’t think that hiding food is a waste of mouse and mouse and "take away" food!

3. A few days before the production of mice, the more water drinking water, the more drinking the more, the more the number of babies is.

Fourth, hamsters like to be drowsiness and no longer exercise.

Although the mouse usually makes nests when it is cold, when the pregnant mother and hamster feels that the existing nest is not quiet or not enough, they will desperately hold the wood chips, cotton and other nest materials and run around."delivery room".At this time, even if you do n’t do haouses of nest, you will play its instinct.At this time, we can provide more nest materials for the mother and rats, so that she can build an ideal delivery room.

The hamster will also lick the lower part.The mouse squatted and lowered her head to lick her lower part, which was that it was checking whether the baby was coming out.Although licking the lower part is one of the hamsters of hamsters, at this time, licking time is longer than usual. Due to the weight of the baby’s weight, the mouse and rats will focus on accidentally losing their balance.

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