What are the clinical manifestations of phobia?

When it comes to mental and psychological diseases, our first reaction is often depression, anxiety, or talked about talked about schizophrenia, bipolar emotional disorders, obsessive -compulsive disorder, etc.Gu Qingle, director of the Psychological Psychology Department of Chongqing March 18th Hospital, reminded that in fact, in this series of spectrums, we often ignore the most common and even more flooded disease -phobia.

In daily life, we always encounter the scenes and things of fear, but if the impact of these scenes and things is extremely disproportionate to the actual danger, and exceeds our own acceptance, then we must be vigilant.Common phobias include social phobia, choice of phobia, places phobia, and behavioral phobia. The more fear, the less healing, but the psychological transformation of fear.

Phobia is the psychology of fear of a certain thing, there is no reason.Once facing this environment, there will be a very extreme fear, so that you want to escape this environment everywhere, the more scared, the more there is no way to escape this vicious circle.

Social phobia

This is known to everyone, and some people call it "seeing horror disease", which is the most common form of phobia.Social phobia is a psychological disorder, and patients will have strong fear or anxiety about any social or public places.

Social fear people show obvious and lasting fear of their social networks in front of strangers, or they think that others may observe carefully, or they are afraid of their nervous behavior or expression that will cause humiliation or embarrassment.It is difficult for some people to participate in the party, and even it is difficult to even call and shop.

Choice Phobia Disorder

Choosing phobia is also called difficulty in choosing.Patients with phobia will be very difficult when facing choices, it is difficult to make a choice for satisfying themselves, and even always want to escape.When they have to make a decision, they often feel panicked and sweaty. Although they still cannot choose thoroughly in the end, they will also cause their fear of choosing to some extent.

Places phobia

The object of fear is mainly certain environments, such as high places, squares, crowded places or closed caves.Patients are often afraid of going out of home, afraid of being alone, fearing that they are in a state of power after leaving home, or they cannot leave the place immediately.

One of the key features of the fearful situation of the place is that they are afraid of exports that can not be used immediately, and some patients are completely trapped at home because of this.Most patients are women, and the onset of onset is mostly in the early adult.If it is not effective, the condition of fear can fluctuate and turn into chronic.

Behavioral phobia

Such as the fear of school, the fear of the exam, the fear of love, the fear of marriage, the fear of pregnancy, the fear of speech, etc.

Treatment of phobia


It is mainly exposed therapy. The essence of exposure is that active contact can cause anxiety to stimulate, and maintain this contact until you realize that the negative results of the expected expectations have not occurred, and anxiety begins to reduce.This is also the core part of the psychotherapy of the entire phobia.

medical treatement

During the application process, systematic and standardized treatment, and the treatment of sufficient and sufficient treatment can make the treatment of phobia good effects.(Supply of Chongqing March 18th Hospital)

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