What are the easiest ways for dog contraceptives?

Both the bitch and the male dog need to take contraceptive measures during the estrus, otherwise it may bring many unnecessary trouble to the family.The contraceptive methods of bitch include contraceptive needles, eating contraceptives, and removing ovarian uterus. The simplest and most recommended is ligation surgery, which can completely prevent the female dog from conceiving during her estrus and reduce the risk of some diseases.For male dogs, testicular removal surgery can slow the occurrence of status struggles.In addition, breeding can also solve the problem of stray dogs.

When performing ligation surgery, there are some precautions that need the owner’s attention.First of all, it is recommended to perform surgery in autumn, because this season is cool and less mosquito, and dog wounds are easy to recover; secondly, to protect the dog’s wounds and avoid licking water or dogsProper adjustment with exercise.In short, choosing the right contraceptive method and timely ligation surgery is a necessary measure to protect dogs and families.

Of course, in addition to ligation surgery, there are some other dog contraceptive methods, such as oral contraceptives, contraceptive injection or use of condoms, etc., but these methods need to be used under the guidance of veterinarians, and they need to consider their possible side effects before use.And risk.

1. The following are some ways of dog contraception:

1. Oral contraceptive pill: This method needs to be used under the guidance of veterinarians.Oral contraceptives can inhibit the ovarian activity of the female dogs, thereby achieving the effect of contraceptives.However, compared with human oral contraceptives, the safety of dogs with oral contraceptives still requires more research and confirmation, so it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

2. contraception injection: This method needs to be used under the guidance of veterinarians.Contraception injection can inhibit the ovarian activity of the female dog, thereby achieving the effect of contraception.Contraception injection can usually last about three months, but there are also some side effects. For example, it may lead to changes in or increased the risk of suffering from certain diseases. It has gradually been eliminated.

3. Using condoms: This method needs to be used under the guidance of veterinarians.Similar to human use of condoms, it can avoid female dog conception by using condoms.However, the use of condoms require skills and experience, and if it is not used correctly, the effect of contraceptive will be reduced.

Summary: Loao surgery is currently the most recommended contraceptive method for doctors. It can be performed at about eight months when the dog is eight months old. Eight to 12 hours before the operation, the operation needs to be anesthesia.It is likely to cause danger in the air intake pipe.It should be noted that each dog contraceptive method has its advantages and disadvantages and scope of applications. Therefore, when choosing the right contraceptive method, you should combine your actual situation and the characteristics of pets to consult veterinary medicine and conduct comprehensive evaluation.

Second, the benefits of dog ligation are many

1. Ligger to avoid lesions

According to statistics, the proportion of bitch suffering from two to three children’s delivery of uterine diseases is relatively low, while unprecedented dogs are facing higher risk of illness.Therefore, experts recommend ligation surgery, which can not only reduce the trouble of management during estrus, but also reduce the opportunity of dogs when they are old and provide comprehensive guarantee for dogs.

2. Lice and reduce the struggle

Some dogs are very sensitive and are very concerned about status struggle. This behavior may cause many conflicts in outdoor.One solution is to perform testicular removal surgery, which can reduce the occurrence of such behavior.However, it is recommended to perform surgery from the disadvantaged side, so the effect may be more significant and more desirable.

3. Make necessary nourishment

The stray dog problem is becoming increasingly serious. If the owner cannot guarantee that he is capable of taking good care of his baby’s dogs, you need to pay more attention to them when going out.In order to ensure the health and safety of dogs to the greatest extent, many veterinarians and dogs recommend ligation surgery of dogs.This is one of the most secure methods. It can effectively control the fertility of dogs and reduce the number of stray dogs. At the same time, it can also eliminate some health problems related to nourishing dogs.

Third, ligation issues and precautions

1. It is recommended to do it in autumn

Autumn is the most suitable season for dog surgery.This is because the autumn weather is relatively cool, which is conducive to the smoothness of the dog’s body.In addition, in autumn, the number of mosquitoes is relatively small, which can reduce the risk of dogs biting during surgery.Compared to other seasons, the dog recovery in autumn is also easier and faster, because the pressure is less pressured by the wound.The most important thing is that autumn surgery can avoid the relationship between dogs in spring next year, so that you can better manage and take care of your dog.

2. Protect the dog wound

Dogs will leave wounds after a ligation surgery, especially the bitch’s wounds.Therefore, the owners need to pay attention to the care of the dog wound.First of all, make sure that the wound is kept dry and cannot be exposed to water or bathing.Secondly, it is necessary to avoid licking the wound, which may lead to wound infection, inflammation, redness, or bite.To prevent this, it is recommended to put special collars for dogs to control their actions and avoid licking wounds.If you find any abnormal symptoms, such as odor, bleeding or exudate, etc., please ask the veterinarian to help in time.

3. Pay attention to dietary exercise

After ligation surgery, some changes in the dog’s body will change, so diet and exercise need to be adjusted again.Generally speaking, male dogs do not need to run a lot to find a spouse, so they need to increase the amount of exercise in an appropriate amount.Instead, the bitch may become more leisurely after ligation, which leads to gaining weight. Therefore, you need to pay attention to controlling your diet and increase the amount of exercise appropriately.For dogs’ diet, the owners are advised to consult veterinarians to obtain appropriate diet guidance, and pay attention to avoid excessive or unhealthy foods during the dog recovery.At the same time, the owners also need to arrange the dog’s exercise time and method appropriately, such as walking dogs, playing, etc. every day, which can help them maintain health and better adapt to new living conditions.

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