What are the effects of mushrooms in Chinese food?Is it easy to gain weight if you eat too much?You understand after reading it

The status of mushrooms in Chinese food has always been very high. Whether it is a side dish or cooking materials, the mushrooms are widely used.

Especially in Chinese cuisine, the use of mushrooms is more frequent, such as our common fried meat, fried fish, seafood, and so on.

Today we will talk about the role of mushrooms in Chinese food.

First of all, we need to understand the use of mushrooms in Chinese food, and the impact of different cooking methods on edible mushrooms.

1. The nutritional value of mushrooms

Mushrooms are recognized as "healthy foods" in the world. They are known as the "king of healthy food) in European countries.Waiting for the effect.

In addition to medicinal medicine, mushrooms also occupy a place in food nutritional value.


2. The impact of different cooking methods on edible mushrooms

There are many types of mushrooms, including white mushrooms, chicken leg mushrooms, Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms, straw mushrooms, etc. Different mushrooms, the cooking methods they need are different.

White mushrooms are suitable for red -roasted or stewed soup with fish and meat. The taste is delicious and nutritious.

Chicken -leg mushrooms are suitable for chicken vegetables, with seafood or meat tastes very delicious.

The straw mushrooms can be used for hot pot span vegetables, which tastes very delicious.

Mushroom meat

Third, the common way of eating mushrooms

There are many ways to eat mushrooms, such as:

1. Bake the grilled mushrooms in the ovens, and then bake them): Cut fresh mushrooms into thin slices or tear them into small pieces, and then bake in the bakery.Cuminum and so on.

2. Mushroom stewed chicken (stewed the washed shiitake mushrooms and chicken together): Stew the appropriate amount of shiitake mushrooms and chicken together. You can add a little salt and pepper to seasoning during the stewing process.

3. Mushroom fried meat (combined with the washed shiitake mushrooms with pork, stir fry for a while to eight mature, add cooking wine and other seasonings): Stir -fry the washed chicken with shiitake mushrooms, put it, put it, put it and put it.After a little seasoning, stir fry the pan and make it.

Mushroom stewed chicken

Fourth, eat too much to gain weight?

Although mushrooms are very low, its nutritional value is not low.

In addition to rich dietary fiber and vitamins, the nucleic acid substances contained in it can also promote the metabolism of cholesterol in the human body;

In addition, it also contains more minerals and trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other minerals, which is very helpful to enhance human immunity and enhance constitution;

In addition, many mushrooms are added to the antioxidant ingredients, so eating more mushrooms can help prevent aging and delay aging.

5. Can’t mushrooms be eaten together?

Mushrooms and meat can provide rich protein, and can also provide more dietary fiber and minerals, which are good for the body.

But when mushrooms are used as a side dish, you need to pay attention to.

First, the meat needs to be fried until eight mature and then add shiitake mushrooms to avoid some substances in the shiitake mushrooms that affect the nutrition absorption between meat and mushrooms.

Second, when stir -fried foods with high content of meat or other protein content, the proportion of oil and water can be appropriately mixed in the pot.

Third, mushrooms should be soaked in hot water for a period of time in advance to remove most residual substances.

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