What are the examinations after pregnancy?

In October of pregnancy, every prospective father and expectant mother are looking forward to giving birth to a healthy baby. In addition to the various nutrients that need to be supplemented during pregnancy, regular checkups are also essential.Through the checkup, you can learn more about the status of the fetus at the growth and development stage in detail, and understand whether the pregnant woman is accompanied by complications such as pregnancy. It also provides a scientific basis for later delivery to ensure smooth production.How many times do pregnant women check?

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Generally, the pregnancy time is about 40 weeks. The early pregnancy test mainly refers to the 12th week. This is the first formal examination.From the week to 36 weeks, check every two weeks. From 36 weeks to delivery, it is checked once every week, and a total of 13 examinations during pregnancy are 13 times.

In 12 weeks, the first formal inspection, most expectant mothers started the first birth inspection at about 12 weeks of pregnancy.The inspection items are mainly conventional examinations (blood pressure, weight, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, etc.).There are also some screening of conventional diseases, such as hepatitis B HIV. At this stage, hospitals generally handle "health manuals" for pregnant women, commonly known as building cards.

From 13-16 weeks, starting from 13 weeks, expectant mothers must have a basic routine examination at a time, including weighing, blood pressure, consultation, checking the size of the uterus, and seeing the baby’s fetal heart rate.There are Tang family screening in the middle of 15-20 weeks.

From 17-20 weeks, in addition to conventional inspections, there will be a large row of abnormalities around 18-24 weeks of pregnancy, which mainly depends on whether the fetal appearance development is problematic.

From 21-24 weeks, there is a screening of gestational diabetes and pregnancy of gestational choleneastes in the 24th week. During this period, there must be some food, and it is best to have a family to accompany them.

25-28 weeks, routine examination (blood pressure, weight, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, etc.), blood routine and urine routine and fetal position, and B -ultrasound.

From 29-32 weeks, the 6th birth checkup, 28 weeks of pregnancy, the birth of the pregnant woman is inspected once every 2 weeks.Doctors should check whether there is edema for expectant mothers.

33-35 weeks, the seventh maternity examination ultrasonic examination to evaluate the weight of the fetus.

At 36 weeks, starting from 36 weeks, the check -ups are based on the principle of 1 weekly inspection to continue to monitor the state of the fetus.

In 37 weeks, as the fetus grows, the fetal movement is getting more and more obvious, and expectant mothers should pay attention to the fetus and themselves at any time to prevent the fetus from being born in advance.The symptoms of abdominal hardened, frequent urination, decreased fetal movement, and vaginal blood discharge are all signs of nearly production. Pregnant mothers must always prepare.When breaking the water, you must lie flat immediately and hurry to the hospital.

At 38-42 weeks, the fetal position began to be fixed after 38 weeks. The fetal head had already come down and stuck in the pelvic cavity. At this time, the expectant mothers had to go to the hospital in time.These must be prepared at any time.

The purpose of prenatal examination is to ensure the health and safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses. Some diseases, such as hypertension, anemia during pregnancy, and gestational diabetes.It is very important for prenatal examinations.As for the cost, there will be some differences in each place. The specific place is based on the actual place. The necessary information and the invoice and the results of the birth inspection must be packed uniformly. In the later period, the doctor can also watch these records for reference.

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