What are the hazards of lack of iodine during pregnancy?

Folic acid, calcium tablets, and iron are very common during pregnancy, but iodine is often ignored.What harm can it bring if iodine is insufficient during pregnancy?

Shi Shuyun, director of the Department of Reproductive and Infertility of Chongqing Wuzhou Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said that the hazards of iodine deficiency during pregnancy include fetal malformations, slow intellectual development, and slow signs of development.

1. Fetal malformations: If iodine deficiency occurs during pregnancy, the fetus will also be deficient in iodine, which will lead to a reduction in the ability of its own synthetic thyroxine, which will not meet the needs of their own development, which will lead to fetal development malformations, premature birth, etc.Condition.

2. S slowned intellectual development: If iodine deficiency during pregnancy, it will cause the fetal levels of the fetus to decrease, which will adversely affect the fetal’s central nervous system, and it will also cause the fetal intelligence to decrease.

3. Symatic development: If there is a iodine deficiency during pregnancy, during childbirth, the baby’s head circumference, height and weight will decrease significantly, and there will be a short height.

What are the hazards of lack of iodine during pregnancy?

There are roughly four reasons for pregnant women.First, it is environmental factors.The soil in the area where the pregnant woman is located lacks iodine, resulting in the lack of iodine in most foods they eat, and naturally it will cause pregnant women to lack iodine.Secondly, it is caused by water source factors in the region.The iodine elements contained in drinking water are limited, resulting in insufficient intake of iodine.In addition, the body’s body’s ability to absorb iodine is not very good, and even if you supplement iodine, you still cannot absorb.Finally, the diet of pregnant women lacks iodine and does not meet the balanced nutritional diet.

How to supplement iodine during pregnancy

Generally speaking, pregnant women can supplement iodine by diet. If they suffer from thyroid dysfunction, they can supplement it under the guidance of a doctor. The specifics are as follows:

1. In terms of diet: Pregnant women should increase iodine in food daily. You can eat some seafood, such as kelp, seaweed, skirt vegetables, fish and shrimp, etc. Vegetables can choose spinach, rapeseed, eggplant, bean horns, etc.Iodine salt, but control the amount to avoid excessive intake.

2. In terms of drugs: If pregnant women suffer from thyroid dysfunction, symptoms such as weakness, obesity, lethargy, constipation, and other symptoms occur. They can take oral drugs to supplement iodine, such as metalazole tablets, left thyroxine sodium tablets, etc.(Supply of Chongqing Wuzhou Maternal and Children’s Hospital)

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