What are the high -risk groups of cervical disc herniation?Do these 3 points, or can effectively prevent it

Cervical disc herniation is a relatively common disease in life. Most office workers will have more or less like this, but they have not found them.So, what are the high -risk groups of cervical disc herniation?What method can be used for cervical disc herniation?How can I prevent cervical disc herniation in life?

1. High -risk crowd with cervical disc herniation

Generally speaking, cervical disc herniation occurs mostly in young young people aged 20 to 40.In terms of professional career, people who have maintained a fixed posture for a long time in office staff, accounting, typing, and teachers have been prone to cervical disc herniation.As far as gender is concerned, more patients with disc herniation are obviously more than women. Women are generally prone to cervical disc herniation during pregnancy or after production.

2. Treatment of cervical disc herniation

1. Non -surgical therapy.Non -surgical therapy includes a variety of methods such as traction, massage, physical therapy, exercise, nerve block, and drug treatment.Among them, traction, massage, physiotherapy and exercise are more common treatment methods.It should be noted that the symptoms that these treatments are adapted to each other are different, so they should be used under the guidance of a doctor when using these therapies.

2. Surgical therapy.Surgical therapy is divided into two types: anterior neck road pressure surgery and rear reducing reducing surgery.Among them, neck road pressure decompression is often used in patients with central and central intervertebral disc herniations. It uses a method of cyclical sawing decompression to remove damage.The rear reducing cervical pathway is suitable for patients with lateral cervical disc herniation. For patients with pure intervertebral discs, this treatment method can directly remove the disc herniation tissue.If it is accompanied by spinal stenosis and posterior longitudinal ligament osteomanization, it needs to be performed.

Third, prevent cervical disc herniation

1. Do not sleep when you take a car, so as not to cause the driver to sudden brakes and cause cervical disc.

2. Usually exercise, ensure the correct posture, and do not excessively extend your neck.

3. Correct bad posture and reduce strain. Every time you bow your head or your head for 1-2 hours, you need to do neck activity to reduce muscle tension.

In general, the treatment method of cervical disc herniation is divided into two types: non -surgical therapy and surgical therapy according to different diseases.Non -surgical therapy also has a variety of therapies such as traction, massage, physical therapy, and exercise.As far as these therapies are concerned, there is no obvious difference in good or bad, and they can only choose the healing that suits them according to the actual condition.Therefore, the cervical disc herniation must go to the hospital in time, and then take the right medicine.

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