What are the matters of expectant mummy to take a bath during pregnancy?Career: Take a bath guide during pregnancy to help

Neighbors Le Jing has been pregnant for six months. Because her husband works abroad, Le Jing has always lived with her mother -in -law.During pregnancy, it was the hottest summer, sweating during the day, Le Jing always took a bath at night, and was more than an hour.Mother Le Jing felt that she was not good in the fetus in her belly, and she could clearly hear the disputes every day.

Mother -in -law: "Wash for more than an hour a day, you don’t move, there are air conditioners at home, what can you wash?"

Le Jing is not willing to show weakness: "I don’t take a bath for children. In case of illness, it will affect the child! Besides, what is the water temperature is not low, what do your elderly worry about?"

Bathing Guide during pregnancy

In fact, pregnant women can take a bath frequently during pregnancy. At that time, I Huai Dabao and Erbao also took a bath every day.Besides, the current conditions are also good, unlike the older generation of warmth, it is difficult to keep work.The room is good, and there are air conditioners and hair dryers to dry their bodies faster.Nevertheless, pregnant mothers still have to be optimistic about this bathing guide during pregnancy.

● The water temperature is appropriate and should not be too high or too low.In the Bible of pregnancy, it is mentioned that during pregnancy, especially the first three months, the hot bath will affect the development of the fetus.Generally speaking, if the pregnant woman is soaked in hot water above 45 ° C for more than 20 minutes, the body temperature will rise to above 38 ° C, which will have harmful effects on the fetus.Especially for the prospective moms during the winter or summer during pregnancy, the water temperature will be high or lower during bathing make them feel comfortable, but if the water temperature exceeds or lower than 37 ° C, it will affect the body temperature of the pregnant womanIt will destroy the balance of the fetus’s growth environment and hinder the development of the fetus.

● Should not be too long in bathing, it is best to control it in 15-30 minutes.If pregnant women take a long bath, because the bathroom is relatively closed, the air is not good, and the temperature of the water is higher than the ambient temperature, which will easily increase the air pressure in the bathroom, and it will cause fatigue and chest tightness.

In addition, pregnant women have a long bathing time and are easy to catch a cold.Therefore, after taking a bath, dry your body in time to avoid being cold.

Meiling was in the early autumn when I was five months pregnant, and the weather was very hot, and there was no air conditioner in her family.Therefore, Meiling has to take a bath several times a day, and in order to cool, she has a very low temperature temperature, especially if she goes to bed at night, she will use cold water for about an hour.When Meiling was almost six months old, she started her stomach pain and was easy to catch a cold. She didn’t care at first, and only noticed that she did not blow after sweating.

It wasn’t until Meiling saw the red hospitalization that the doctor knew the situation that it was why he did not take a bath time and temperature during the pregnancy, but fortunately, the child kept it.

Precautions for bathing during pregnancy

In addition to the bathing guide during pregnancy, it is also recommended that pregnant mothers pay attention to the following matters to ensure that the bathing during pregnancy is carried out normally.

1) Pay attention to non -slip in the bathroom and wear slippers.The floor of the bathroom is generally smooth tiles, which is very easy to slide and can sit on a small bench to wash.And the temperature of the ground is relatively low. If the shower barefoot, the cold will enter the pregnant woman through the ground, and it is prone to stomach pain and other phenomena.

2) Not suitable for pots.Women love cleanly, and they choose to take a bath to better remove the dirt in order to hygiene.However, the dirty water enters Y Road during the pot, causing Y road infection.

Just stand in pregnancy and take a bath, not suitable for pots.

3) Avoid rubbing your stomach for a long time while taking a bath.The fetus also feels a certain pressure, and it is easy to cause breathing difficulties.

4) Use a shower supplies that are harmful.Bathing products with high aroma and high skin irritation can be used anymore. The chemicals inside are very harmful. The skin of the pregnant woman will be absorbed by the fetus, resulting in abnormal development.

Choose bath products suitable for courage, neutral, non -irritating, no strong fragrance, and good moisturizing effect.This can avoid damage to sensitive skin.After bathing, wipe the abdomen and other parts of the body in time, and apply moisturizing cream, olive oil or tea tree oil to the abdomen to prevent the occurrence of RS patterns.

Choose the right skin care products during pregnancy

1. Germany Nenfu

Folic acid is not unfamiliar. Use folic acid internally and outside can reduce the probability of teratogenic.From the special brand of Nenfu in Germany, the biggest feature of folic acid amino acid shampoos is the core ingredient of edible folic acid extracted from organic vegetables and fruits imported from the Netherlands, which has a strong moisturizing effect on hair wires.In addition, the weakly acidic amino acid surface formula is used to be close to the scalp pH value of 5.5, gentle and healthy and clean.

Because it is a dedicated brand, there are sophisticated ingredients, no fragrance, no pigmentation, tasteless, no preservatives, no preservatives, and no addsee without silicon oil.Both shampoo and shower gel are colorless and tasteless. The foam is very dense and comfortable to use.The most important thing is: safe and rest assured!

2. mama & kids

Japanese brands, mothers and newborns can be used.A brand that Japanese hospitals will use, and the price is relatively high.Washing products are known as the closest to amniotic fluid. In Japan, it is the most gentle and high -end washing supplies. It has no pigmentation, no addition, no irritation, no spice, and can be used in a complete set.

3. Clarins

Founded in 1954, Chan Yun Shi is a well -known brand in the French beauty industry.Clarins are known for the production of functional skin care products such as breast enhancement, slimming, and weight loss. Its products are all from plant refinement and have a very unique plant taste.However, it is because of too many products of Clarins, so their pregnant women’s skin care series are professional and the packaging is very exquisite, so it is also better in the audience.

Other skin care brands include: Jingqi, Qin Jing, Kangaroo mother, Bailey, Miao, Mambino Organics, Flower Muscle, Palmer’s, Fancl, Haba, Three, Ke Run.

5) Pay attention to the bathroom ventilation.In general, the ventilation conditions of the bathroom are poor, but in this case, the temperature continues to rise, and the steam is not easy to discharge, which is easy to fainting in the bathroom, which is really dangerous for pregnant women.

Therefore, it is necessary to open the exhaust ventilation before taking a bath, and open the exhaust fan throughout the bathing process.If the pregnant woman entered the bathroom for a long time, the family should also have considerate greetings to avoid accidents.


In short, pregnancy is a "long -lasting war". The "sacrifice" in October will be more meaningful in the first cry of the newborn.In this "long -lasting battle", the suffering of the pregnant mother will also disappear because of the child’s "mother".Do you take a bath every day when you are pregnant?

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