What are the methods of pregnant women with low progesterone on the fetus and which methods can return to normal

Some pregnant women have low progesterone after pregnancy, so they are very worried about the safety of the fetus in the stomach.It turns out that low progesterone will not only affect the growth and development of the fetus, but also cause fetal stopping.So we need to take measures to prevent accidents.

Some pregnant women will always be informed by the doctor to be informed by the doctor.Welon is a kind of hormone secreted by lutein, mainly to help the fetus can continue to develop in the mother’s uterus.Without its help, the fetus will have slow development or even being excluded by the mother that it is considered a foreign body, which will pose a huge threat to the safety of the fetus.Therefore, the effect of low progesterone on the fetus is self -evident.Most of the pregnant women were scared when they learned of this news.In fact, we can also take some methods to restore the progesterone value to normal.

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the progesterone value appears low on the birth of the pregnant woman, don’t be nervous first.Because some pregnant women have low progesterone but do not appear red, the fetus can continue to develop.However, there are also some pregnant women who are red. Doctors will prescribe some progesterone drugs to supplement.Doctors will take fetal preservation measures at all times.In addition, the use of food supplements can also help progesterone to restore normal levels.

fruit.Supplementary vitamin E is one of the ways to improve progesterone.So we can eat more strawberries, oranges, grapefruit and other fruits.The content of vitamin E in these fruits is more helpful for restoring progesterone than other fruits.In addition, kiwi fruits, bananas can also be eaten appropriately.

Soy products.Mogo ketones contain soybean olitone.So we also need to add a lot of soybean products such as soybeans or tofu.Pregnant women can drink a cup of soy milk or soy milk every morning, and eat some black beans at noon, the effect will be better.

In fact, in addition to the innate factors of pregnant women itself, most of the other people are caused by insufficient qi and blood and endocrine disorders.Therefore, in addition to diet, pregnant women still have to rest, do not stay up late.Only when pregnant women are well conditioned, the baby has more safer living space.

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