What are the nutrition of pigeon meat?Is it better than chicken?

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Author: Gu Zhongyi, a director of the Beijing Nutritionist Association, a master’s degree in public health at Tsinghua University.Weibo 2018 Top Ten Influential Health Medical V, the Top Ten Scientific Communication Characters of the People’s Daily in 2017, Nutritionist experience in the Three -A Hospital in the eight years, and the author of the headline signed by the headlines. The popular science books have sold more than 100,000 copies.

There is a kind of animal symbolizing peace, symbolizing friendship, symbolizing holy, symbolizing deliciousness and nutrition …

That’s a pigeon.

At the same time, there are two old words in our country:

"One pigeon wins nine chickens"

"No Pigeon Meal"

It can be seen that no matter what the meaning, at least from the perspective of food, the pigeon is a very good ingredient …

I like to eat pigeon meat. I think it ’s very good, and the size is right. One person eats one (about 250g), which can make people very satisfied …

Today, let’s talk about the nutritional value of pigeon meat and why it is so tender.

There are all kinds of sayings now, saying that many people cannot eat pigeon meat.

People who cannot eat with pork, eat with hot things, pregnant people cannot eat, fever can not eat, hemorrhoids, and skin diseases cannot eat …

But these have no scientific basis. In fact, these people can eat pigeon meat.

As a poultry

From the analysis of basic common sense, I think the nutritional value of pigeon meat is definitely not low, because poultry meat belongs to high protein and low -fat ingredients.From the perspective of species, pigeon meat should be no essentially different from chicken.

Whether it is like this, I will check the relevant literature carefully.

High protein and low fat!

According to the relevant literature [1], the crude protein content of pigeon meat can reach about 20%, the fat is about 11%, and from the composition of fatty acids, it is about 65%of the unsaturated fatty acids.Oxic acid.

In addition, according to a study in the Journal of Food Safety and Quality Inspection in 2017 [2], the highest protein of European meat pigeons can reach 20.5%, the minimum fat content is only 2.7%.Fall to 1.2%.(Generally peeled pure chicken breast protein 23.1%, fat 1.2%)

I also checked the nutritional component library of the US Department of Agriculture, showing that the pigeon meat with skin was also about 24%of the fat, and the protein was 18%.[3] After peeling, the protein is still 17%, and the fat sharpness is reduced to 8%[4].

It can be seen that the difference between the varieties and parts is not as good as you peel the tube!

Vitamin minerals

As for other vitamins, minerals, etc., such as vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, iron, zinc, copper, and selenium are very rich.

In short, the nutritional value of pigeons is still very high, but there is nothing special, which is not much different from chicken. If you consider the price and consumption factors, eating chicken is good.

Let ’s talk to you, why the pigeon meat is fresh and juicy.


Glutamic acid

Generally speaking of umami, it is mainly related to glutamic acid. Cologne is a kind of amino acid. The content of glutamic acid in various livestock and poultry meat also has a lot of research.

The glutamic acid content in pigeon meat is not low!It can reach 2.5%to 2.9%.[5]

In addition to glutamic acid, its amino acid composition is still ideal. If you add a little salt, the pigeon meat can be relatively fresh.


However, it is generally fresh, and the color is more bright.From this perspective, there are also many factors that will affect the color of the meat. In addition to the differences in the ingredients, especially myoglobin, the processing methods of the variety, gender, age, and slaughtering of livestock and poultry, Temperature, humidity, time, other microorganisms, etc. will affect.

The hydrophilic ability of different proteins is also different, which will make the physical structure of the physical tissue and the refraction effect of light, and some will look bright.


Not hard?So chew?This can be used to evaluate the tenderness, but the tenderness and tenderness generally use the difficulty of cutting the muscle fiber of the meat to judge.

Related studies have shown that the meat of Bai Wangge is very tender. As a variety of meat pigeons that are named with European meat pigeons, the data shear force of Bai Wangge is 1.58 kg per square centimeter.It is 2.45 to 3.91 kg.[6]

Even some elderly weak people can eat.


The concept of juice can reflect the ability to maintain moisture. In professionalism, it can be reflected in "hydraulic power". If high, it is shown in juice, tenderness, and dry surface.It can reach 75.2%, which is also higher than Taihu Goose.[6]

【Meat and PH】

I just mentioned that PH is important because it not only affects the hydrophilic ability of protein, but also affects the quality of meat through many principles.For example, pH will affect the smell of meat. As the pH decreases, the ability to maintain water in the muscles will decrease, and the tenderness will naturally decrease. At the same timeThe length of the meat shelf period.


If livestock and poultry are very fatigue and weak, energy consumption is too much, and less sugar stored in the muscles will make the lactic acid in the muscles after slaughtering less, so the pH will be high, as if the situation of directly slaughtering pH will be too high.If you use electric shocks and other methods, pH may be less than 6.[7]


After slaughtering, the meat will gradually mature, changing from neutral to acidity.Therefore, the pH will be obviously different from cold fresh meat or animal meat.

Of course, the impact of cooking is even greater.

To be honest, many links such as choosing, breeding, slaughtering, transportation, warehousing, sales, etc. are important. There are many knowledge in it, but for consumers, you find a more reliable purchase channel and prepare for it.The money is fine.So you don’t need to learn too many detailed knowledge …

After buying home, it depends on your craftsmanship!

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