What are the projects in the middle of pregnancy?

What are the programs in the middle of pregnancy? This is a healthy topic that many people are focusing on. It is recommended that you have a deep understanding of common sense of pregnancy. You can clearly do related health care during pregnancy.Fundamentally reduce the probability of the disease, what are the specific matters of the disease? Here, we should pay attention to what should be done during the pregnancy in detail.

What are the projects in the middle of pregnancy?

Women’s examination in the middle of pregnancy is generally about 16 weeks of pregnancy, which is the fourth month when you enter pregnancy. At this timeIt is the blood screening of Tang’s in the middle of pregnancy, and it also needs to analyze the first prenatal examination.

Women’s pregnancy cycle should pay attention to do not eat and drink water after the night in the evening of the day in advance, and then check it on an empty stomach. You need to screen out a high -risk population with a certain disease.There will be abnormal development.

Reminder: Pre -birth examinations do not need to perform B -ultrasound every time, but if pregnant women have symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, the number of B -ultrasound is needed. In additionPregnant women should cooperate with the doctor’s arrangement for corresponding examinations!

The above introduces what is the second trimester of testing items. The purpose of each test of women during pregnancy is different, so it is not just a check -up, especially in the middle of pregnancy and late pregnancy checking items.It is recommended that pregnant women do not miss the examination of each stage for their own safety and the health of the baby!

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