What are the symptoms of pregnancy?Why can others see that they are pregnant at a glance?

A Baoma once told me that she didn’t know when she was pregnant, but a elder sister of the company suddenly asked her if she was pregnant.She was startled, but she didn’t care too much.Later, the elder sister asked several times in a row, and he was a little angry.As a result, the holiday was not late, and it was really pregnant after pregnancy.

Why did the eldest sister see at a glance?After asking, I learned that the eldest sister saw that she went to the toilet more frequently and was a bit tired, and it was seen according to experience.

In fact, some plots we often see on TV dramas, women vomit the inexplicable nausea at the dining table, and then sitting on the side of the mother -in -law secretly, I found that it was a misunderstanding after knocking on the side, and suddenly fell from heaven to hell.However, it can be seen from this example that sometimes experience is deceiving.Sometimes you can guess right, sometimes you guess wrong.So at a glance, when you see that you are pregnant, you may often be your own body hint, or or the guess of others, and it cannot be said that it really can be seen.

However, after pregnancy, the body really changes, which is the basis for the so -called people who come to speculate.

1. frequent urination

Frequent urination is a common physiological phenomenon after pregnancy. The increase in metabolites in the mother and the increasing uterine compressive bladder will naturally lead to increasing urine and frequent urination.

2. Sleamed

It is easy to feel tired in the early stages of pregnancy and often want to sleep.Sometimes you may feel weak. Many women think that they are too tired, have no rest, and do not think about pregnancy.If the drowsiness is obvious after the same room, then it is best to test it first.

3. Temperature

Some of them feel irritable after pregnancy, just like menstrual light, inexplicable irritability. In this case, the mood is more affected due to the disorders of the body.However, most people do not think of this mood and pregnancy, after all, the relationship is more subtle.

4. Nausea, loss of appetite

Some women show nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.But because of person, not all pregnant women will have a reaction of pregnancy, some are very serious, and some are mild.However, if there is serious vomiting, no matter whether it is pregnant or not, you should seek medical treatment in time.

5. Taste changes

Women suddenly have a big change, they like sour and spicy, and they may be pregnant.

6. Example holiday

The regular holiday is the most direct expression. In the case of normal holidays, if the same room is postponed for more than 10 days, then it is time to doubt whether he is pregnant. Many women know if they are pregnant through the holiday.

7. Breast discomfort, abdominal pain

There may be pre -menstrual syndrome in the early stages of pregnancy. You will feel abdominal pain and breast pain. The vagina may also flow out of a small amount of light powder or brown secretions, making you feel like "old friends" are coming.

In addition, some experienced people will "look at the phase."There is a saying that after a woman is pregnant, there will be some small changes in their bodies, so experienced people can see if you are pregnant at a glance.Legend has it that after a woman is pregnant, her face will show a pregnant woman different from others, so it is easy to distinguish whether it is a pregnant woman.As for what is a pregnant woman, few people can say clearly. Probably after having a baby in the belly, the pregnant woman’s face will unconsciously show the peaceful peace and peace of mind.In addition, in order to protect the babies in the belly, expectant mothers will become brave and fearless, so they will look more confident as a whole.

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