What are the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy?What should I do?Real experience sharing

The following content comes from the self -description of "Mother Yun Duo":

Like most pregnant women, there is no response in the first month of pregnancy, but occasionally there will be symptoms like colds, such as physical fatigue, fever, chills, etc.

At this time, the uterus, breasts were almost the same as when I was not pregnant. I didn’t even know that I was pregnant and eat, drink, and play with us. Fortunately, my baby was tenacious enough, haha.

Therefore, women who are married and childcare age must observe their physical conditions. Once you find a sign of pregnancy, use professional tool testing. Do not take medicine casually, do not accept X -ray examinations easily, and do not participate in severe sports activities.

1. When I have symptoms in my body, how do I find that I am pregnant?

2. What are the preparations after I find that I am pregnant?

On May 12, the last menstruation.

On June 5th, I was a little disgusting at night. I asked my husband if she would be pregnant. How could it be a little disgusting?

On June 8th and 9th, the left and right abdomen was a bit sour, and the feeling of feeling when the aunt was about to come. It should be that the holiday is coming soon.

From June 10th to 18th, the appetite is not good during the period, and there is no appetite now.I drank some wine, ate some ice, took two high -speed rail planes, and swept the instrument several times by Miss Security.

On June 19th, my sister -in -law made breakfast in the kitchen. For the first time, I felt nauseous, I wanted to vomit, I couldn’t eat greasy food.

On the evening of June 19th, I saw my husband and told him that my aunt had been postponed for 10 days and frightened my husband.I don’t care, because my menstruation will be postponed every month, and it is a common thing to postpone about ten days a week.I have been waiting for my aunt silently.Because a few days ago, I could feel the soreness of the abdomen, which was the precursor of the aunt’s visit.

On the morning of June 20, my husband asked me to test it, but the two bars were very deep.I was aggressive at the time. Will the pregnancy test stick fail? Will it be not allowed? Is it really pregnant and I can’t believe it.It turns out that being a woman is like this. It turns out that I can bred life. It turns out that I can be a mother.I feel pregnant when I am not pregnant, and I really feel that pregnancy is so simple.Everything is incredible!

On June 20, 21, 22, and 23, it was measured for four consecutive days, all of which were double bars, and they never believed to accept it slowly.I didn’t tell the family that I was uncomfortable.

The feeling of testing on 6.23 is lighter than before, scaring me to quickly pull my husband to the hospital.As a result, HCG and progesterone were very good. It was my glass heart. After all, the first tire, I didn’t understand anything, it was too sensitive.Later, the B -ultrasound, the fetal heart buds were all available.The good news told her in -laws and parents that night.I planned to wait for 3 months before telling them, but I didn’t hold back!

1. Temporarily put on cosmetics and use only skin care products.In principle, pregnant women are only skin care and beauty. Skin care products should choose well -known brands to prevent skin allergies from harming the fetus.

2. Do not choose long -distance business trips and fatigue after pregnancy.In addition, try to keep the working environment in a good ventilation state.

3. Sort out the living environment to facilitate action after pregnancy.Return to the items that may have stumbling frosters and leave the maximum space.

4. The items that are often used are preferably placed when the people stand for convenience, clean up the things on the bed and the wardrobe, and adjust the position of the kitchen supplies.Reduce your drying rack or rope to the rope and lengthen the lights.

5. Pay attention to add anti -slip pads in the bathroom and other places that are easy to slide.Install an armrest near the toilet to make the operation of the third trimester more convenient.

6. Supplement high -quality protein in an appropriate amount.

7. Pay attention to rest. When you are pregnant, you will be more tired than usual and have no spirit.

Usually during pregnancy, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, our body forces us to sleep.Because at this time, all organs must work overtime to cope with new guests in the body. Each part of the body is greatly affected by changes in hormones and physiological functions produced by pregnancy.

At the same time, our body is creating a new organs -placenta for giving birth to the baby; similarly, the baby is also forming his own organs.All of this requires a lot of energy, and the huge physiological changes brought about by pregnancy will inevitably make us exhausted.

Reminder again: Women who prepare for pregnancy should observe more physical conditions. Once you find a sign of pregnancy, use professional tool testing, do not take medicine casually, do not accept X -ray examinations easily, and do not participate in severe sports activities.

I hope everyone has a good "pregnancy"!

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