What are the symptoms of toothache of pregnant women?

Pregnant women’s wisdom tooth inflammation is manifested as facial swelling and toothache. If it appears as jumping pain and pain at night, it should have acute pulpitis.

1. Smart dental inflammation

Smart dental inflammation is called crown inflammation. If it is the last tooth pain, symptoms such as swollen face and opening difficulty occur.If the age of pregnant women is 20-30 years old, they can generally go to the hospital for local rinse of the teeth, clean the dirt there, and use the correct brushing method and ruling liquid to maintain oral hygiene. You can wait for childbirth to take after childbirth to take after childbirth.The teeth were pulled out.

2. Acute pulpitis

The symptoms of acute pulpitis show that it is extremely painful at night, painful pain, and burning sensation. This place where pain has always been rotten.This kind of situation is acute pulpitis, and even acute perturbic inflammation. The treatment is very troublesome and requires root canal treatment. It is often referred to as Duya roots "and killing nerves.Large is that it takes a long time and the hemp medicine may be used.You need to follow the doctor’s order.

3. Pregnancy tumor in the gingival part

After some women are pregnant, there is a small tumor -like thing on the head of the gums between the two teeth.Some colors are particularly red, easy to bleed, and soft; some are similar to normal gums, which are not easy to bleed and harder.But there is a small Ti Lian on the gums.The occurrence of this small tumor is related to pregnancy and gradually increases with the development of pregnancy, but it is not unlimited. When it grows to about 1 cm in diameter, it will no longer increase.If this happens, it is suffering from pregnancy tumors in the tooth.

Toothache of pregnant women generally has the following reasons

1. Smart teeth inflammation

Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, the original inflammation of the gums can be aggravated and acute.In this case, it can only be used in the dental specialist, and the mouthwash (with Chinese medicine ingredients) can be used.

2. Portitis or periarthritis

Generally speaking, dental caries are developed.This situation requires drilling, which is emergency treatment, and analgesic relieving is immediate.Physical operations, local medicine, have no effect on the fetus.

3. Pathotin influence

During pregnancy, due to the increased estrogen and progesterone in the body, the endocrine system has changed a lot, causing the capillaries of the gums to expand, bend, and weaken the elasticity of the gums, which leads to the increase in blood stasis and the transparency of the vascular wall.Swelling, bad breath, causing gingivitis.

4. Pregnancy tumor in the gingival part

After 3-4 months of pregnancy, pregnancy tumors are prone to occur on the nipples of the gums. They are hyperplasia of tumor -like, which is susceptible to bleeding. It is called gingival pregnancy tumor. "After childbirth, the gingivitis can heal itself. The pregnancy tumor can be reduced or stopped after pregnancy.

5. Eating habit

The amount and number of pregnant women in pregnancy have increased significantly, and they are preferred to acidic and sweet foods, so they hurt their teeth.In addition, some pregnant women often feel tired and inconvenient, and they are negligent in oral hygiene, which leads to an increase in dental rate.These are unique changes during pregnancy, so they are called gingivitis during pregnancy. "

Recommended recipes for toothache in pregnant women

1. Pork liver tomato soup

Step 1: Wash the tomatoes and soak them in boiling water for two minutes.

Step 2: Rinse the pork liver under the flowing water and soak in the water for half an hour.Then take out the thin slices and rinse the water until there is no blood water, drain, cook the wine, ginger, onion section, and mix a little starch.

Step 3: Peel the tomato and cut a small piece.

Step 4: Pour the tomatoes into the pot and stir fry a few times, put half a tablespoon of white sugar, stir -fry the sand repeatedly, pour a large bowl of water, boil and cover it with low heat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes.Essence

Step 5: Open the lid and add salt and chicken essence.Open the fire, put the pork liver in, wait about half a minute. When you see the color of the pork liver white, you can turn off the heat and sprinkle the green onion.

Tomato is rich in vitamin C, which tastes sweet and sour, helping pregnant women digest and swelling.

2. Kiwi Simi Lulu

Prepare ingredients: 2 kiwi, 2 pears, a moderate amount of sago, and an appropriate amount of water.

Step 1: Bubble with water in advance.

Step 2: Kiwi peel and cut into pieces.

Step 3: Boil a pot of water, the amount of water is not over Simi.After putting the sago, stir up after boiling water to prevent the bottom of the bottom, cook until most of the sago start to become transparent, and rinse the water.

Step 4: The pear was washed and peeled, and the pear head was cut into a small round cover.Then use the digging knife to dig out the pulp in the middle of the pear into a cup.

Step 5: Put the kiwi into the mixer and squeeze into the juice.

Step 6: Then put the cooked small sago and stir well.

Step 7: Pour into the raw pear cup.

Kiwi is known as the fruit with the highest nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium ions, which can help pregnant women digest, anti -inflammatory and swelling, and reduce the symptoms of toothache.

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