What are you doing on the day of pregnancy?The four -stage memory outlines the sweetness and bitterness of the mother and woman

What does pregnancy mean?Is it a surprise, a confusion, a signal of happiness, or the beginning of a painful life?For everyone, the emergence of new life has different significance.Today, let’s talk about this topic through the pregnancy story of four mothers: What are you doing when you know that you are pregnant?What kind of changes do you bring to you?

This is the "sad past" of a post -80s mother.

Just like what I owed him in my life, my husband quarreled with me all day.Before marriage, noisy after marriage, noisy eating, and noisy sleep.I was so loud that I had no energy in the end.

One time we had a small thing for a few days in order to get up without stacking the quilt. In the end, I was hysterical, and everything was subconscious.At this time, my stomach was suddenly uncomfortable, and the pain was to die.I was still scolding at the time, and I fell down before the fight did not quarrel.

After a few days of pain, I feel that things are not right.It is not a way to do pain, and I think of the hospital to see it.On the way to the hospital for a taxi, I was still arguing with my husband.He felt that I was so delicate, and I had to go to the hospital to toss at the hospital.I said I was willing to toss, my feet were on myself, and I wanted to go wherever I want.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was dumbfounded. The doctor said that I might be pregnant. Let’s check it.As soon as the test results came out, I ran to the doctor. The doctor glanced at the list and said, no need to look at it, you are pregnant.

I thought that I wouldn’t come early or not, and I was pregnant when I was having a quarrel.At that time, I didn’t have a little bit of thought in my heart, and I didn’t tell my husband about pregnancy. After returning home, I ignored the damn man and ran to the next room to sleep.

After two days, I told him that I was pregnant, and he had to noisy with me, saying why so big things did not tell himself as soon as possible.What a speechless, can you speak without quarrel?I said this is the case, do you want you to watch it yourself?

Unexpectedly, he was soft and defeated, and he took me to the hospital again that day.Although I didn’t say anything after I came back, I found that after dinner, he obediently washed the bowl.This is an absolutely impossible thing.

There is no need to talk about later things.The appearance of the child changed our husband and wife life.Although he still quarreled, he obviously became more tolerated, and he made me as much as possible.I can feel that he is uncomfortable, but he still does this.In the end, the child was born smoothly. Although the two of us occasionally were fighting, they would no longer be as noisy as before.

To be honest, I really want to thank our children.

The post -90s mother said that the pregnancy of "pure accident" was really amazing and scary.

My husband and I have always had a good relationship with my husband.He took care of me and I love him very much.As for the child, he told me, but he didn’t have any requirements for me.I will be more casual. When I really talk about it, everything will be good.

As a result, I found that I was really overwhelming.One day company went out to build a group building, and the content was mountain climbing and dinner.I followed my colleagues to be crazy and troubled, and I ate a lot at night.In the next few days, I felt a little uncomfortable. The stomach was sour and painful. I couldn’t eat anything and I wanted to vomit.Colleagues teased me, saying whether you were pregnant.

What is possible?I took this as a joke at that time, and I didn’t take it seriously.However, the situation of uncomfortable stomach is not to alleviate, and it is useless to take medicine.I don’t think I will really recruit it. Try it yourself first.Unsurprisingly, it is in China.I went to the hospital to check again.

This surprised me too much, because my husband and I didn’t prepare anything for pregnancy.He still worked overtime every day, and I still live a confused day.Think about the waves of the group two days ago, which is even more scared.Hurry up and asked her husband to ask for a vacation, and went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.Fortunately, the baby’s health is fine, and I have nothing to do.

The accident of pregnancy really made me feel nervous. I didn’t know what to do for a while.However, since the coming, since you are pregnant, let’s do his best to let the baby develop healthily.I didn’t do it before, and there was a chance to remedy.My husband and I were busy like a headless fly, which stabilized the chaotic life.

Needless to say anything later.My child is one year old this year and is very healthy.

A mother who got married in the 1970s recalled this:

I didn’t know at the time, it turned out that this was pregnancy.

I was a rural people who didn’t understand anything at the time.Marriage is dull, and the days are also dull.I have been married for two years later, and I am not pregnant.

I was anxious myself, and my family was in a hurry.Although they don’t say anything to me, I also know their thoughts.A production team also followed the discussion and said, "Is there something sick?", And then said, "It is estimated that something is wrong, I have to find someone to see."

One day I was working in the ground, and suddenly I felt my stomach hurt.I thought it was not much of it. Even forbearing, I couldn’t help it in the end, and the whole person couldn’t stand up.When the people in the production team saw it, I led me to the doctor in the village to see a doctor.

At that time, the medical conditions were poor. The doctor in the village was a two -knife. He said that there seemed to be a pimple in my belly.I thought that the child was not looking forward to it. I was looking forward to a meaty, so don’t mention how uncomfortable it is.Fortunately, my husband still took good care of me and took me to the county to check with me that day.

When I arrived at the county hospital, when I talked about the situation, I almost didn’t laugh at the doctor.The doctor said that there is any tumor, you are pregnant.It ’s not a big deal with stomach pain. Eating bad stomach gastroenteritis, give you some medicine, go back and raise it.

The family members were very happy after I knew that I was pregnant.The father -in -law and mother -in -law made me deliciously every day. I do n’t have to do anything at home, just eat and sleep well.The people in the production team also took good care of me, and the job that I arranged for me was very easy. I was afraid that it would affect me too much.

Now think about it, I was still naive at that time.When I was not pregnant at first, I felt that I might be like this in my life, and I even had a fate.After you were pregnant, he was not only himself, but the people and things around him were getting better.Pregnancy changed me and also changed my life.

A post -90s mother said: A rare day, because it was already ready.

I have been hesitating after marriage.In fact, I want a child myself, but I always feel that I am not ready, and the child may also affect my work.Her husband had no idea, but simply said "listening to me."

Later, the family was urging, and I felt that it was time to have a child.So in order to be able to go to my child smoothly, my husband and I have developed a very detailed "pregnancy plan". When the big time goes to the hospital for examination, what to eat for three meals a day does not eat, we all have carefully.Discussion.

Regardless of the scientific science of this plan, we are executed as planned.Maybe this plan is really useful. After a while, I was pregnant.Considering that the detection of our own test may be inaccurate, we went to the hospital for examination. The doctor’s reply made us convinced that the baby is really coming.

From the idea of pregnancy to the final confirmation of pregnancy, my husband and I were always very calm.Because everything is planned, we are familiar with each link in advance.So when we learned that we were pregnant, the two of us didn’t feel much surprise. Anyway, we planned to plan and follow the plan.

It’s a very common day, not excited, regret, no fear, but really happy.On the contrary, the elderly on both sides were very excited. The father -in -law who was closer to me came to my house to see me on the same day, and brought a lot of nagging and requirements by the way.However, I can also understand that the emergence of new life for the old man may also mean that they will continue in the future. Although this continuation may have nothing to do with them.

There is nothing small in pregnancy, and the couple must always maintain a high degree of attention to pregnancy.What are the interesting things that happened on the day when you were pregnant? Let’s share it with us.

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